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which show are you looking at?
 picked a fav look that looks like margaret howell and dare to give such a comments? the collection was on point again loads of beautiful external bias binding finishings, good contrast with very raw finishings from the last season. i'm sure the prints have some sort of process behind and not just digital. looked fantastic when the boys walked by. the casting brief of the show was "young", not many typical old guys in this season too. i think it was fresh and good for the...
 they stopped updating this years ago. this is Kubo-san's desk, Yohji's right hand for decades. 
 I wasn't rude, I was just honest. I did fuck off long time ago but your post was just embarrassing and plainly stupid. I wish you can process it in your head and understand that no everything is based on retail price and codes. Don't worry I'm not here to spoil your parade. 
Thanks. Sorry to disturb your fanboy Yohji kingdom, where only the retail price and difference between Japan and Western prices matters.
the stupidest thing written in this thread. 
some of the knits are made in china because the japanese factory have limits in production. they use the best chinese factories to complete their runs of production. the yarns and the machines are the same. visvim uses chinese factories too. made in china can be very expensive. 
the starting point for the collection is "tokyo story" by ozu. missing and forgetting are two key words. yohji keeps trying to forget his status in the industry, also the garments have missing elements. they made the jackets and yohji started slashing the shoulders, the backs etc. some of them are patched up with fabric, some of them just left as they are.
Irene and Franca still there and still care.
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