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 on-line for dirty cheap and resell them to people who want to be cool for xxxxx times. 
sounds like good plan. 
word of advice. never buy anything from 80s. =) worst decade for fashion and those shoulder pads will be impossible to wear, unless you are BIG and TALL.
can you not post Y! links here? 
fuck off. why all you fuckers coming and asking to ID seasons? what difference make? just wear the fucking jumper if you like it. so tired of hype riding IDIOTS.    and if you think this sounds rude, maybe you should try and read the bloody thread first? everything is explained. everything. HOW TO BUY CHEAP, HOW TO KNOW WHAT SEASON IS IT, AND HOW TO FUCKING WEAR IT. and you all STILL don't get it. (well you get the buying part very well). 
very summery fit for Christmas. makes me depress looking at the jacket somehow. no idea why. also does "deep black" means?
this is incredible. absolutely stunning. 
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