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Is Minnis fresco 0517 suitable for a blazersuit?
while wandering around Tokyo, I dropped by their store. But it was closed and the sign on the door says that Tanino Crisci went out of business.
I've had several MTM suits and sportcoats and am now thinking about going bespoke . But while trying to find which tailor to choose, I noticed that some tailors provide third option; my own pattern made by tailor but sewn in MTM factory. What do you think about the option? Worth a try or just waste of money?
According to a salesman at a trad shop, German tie maker, ASCOT produces knit ties for Hermes.
One of the most hideous AEs I've ever seen.... Made exclusively for Isetan, Japanese department store. These are insanely expensive. SIGNATURE LOAFER 180 and GOLF DERBY 641 cost 194250 yen and 204750 yen respectively.
^^ I also have low left shoulder. I am a lefty.
Not suitable for trousers. Too weak and fragile and won't last long.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flimsychicken Those look like C&J. Not C&J. Definitely Alfred sargent.
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