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Glad to see all the Vass love. My P2 Budapests are still going strong, almost 10 years after I bought them from Gabor.
One of my many alma maters: There are lots of attractive, fun women at MSU, and even average guys can play way above their league. I'm a bit surprised at the comments that they cover up in the winter; my experience is that they usually don't. They usually dress like it's 30 degrees warmer than it is. In April you'll see them in mini skirts and no coat when it's 50 degrees outside. Yes, it's a fun, fun, place to go to school (and a good Poli Sci dep't too).
If you had a job that gave you some connection it might help a bit, but I concur with those who say that your grades and LSATs far exclipse any but the most extraordinary work experience. Having said that, significant, specialized work experience could help you get hired after law school (think engineering, nursing, executive).
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Definitely some guys here who know their drinks, which I'm quite glad to read. Flatiron and Pegu will be my two stops when next in NYC. Graphx, will try the CRII tomorrow night -- tonight is a Manhattan night. Checks, do get those cherries. No kidding they're unreal. Link for you: I keep my vermouth in the little wine captain under the bar until I buy...
I really wouldn't use CR for any enthusiast pursuit, whether clothes, cars, or music reproduction (my passions). It's kind of like asking them to rate books ("a best value!). The Botany 500 has held up, though.
You should never shop with the aim of being fashionable. I've had people tell me they "hate pleats" and then say "love your suit" (while I was wearing pleats) Really, you ought to be trying stuff on and seeing how it looks on you.
I love the styling, although I wonder if it will age well. The engine is wonderful, but I think we'll be looking at 4/gallon gas soon, and I'm heading in the other direction.
IME all BB shirts are tents. I have one with a 56 inch waist (on a 17 neck). I love everything at BB except the shirts.
No. 2 on the Norelco, but I don't have anything growing in the middle
Thanks. I'll probably pick up a fifth the next time I see it, although I've gotta say that the WT bourbon makes a helluva Manhattan too. I'll have to look into those cherries that Huntsman mentioned. My after work decompression drink would be gin and tonic, with lemon instead of lime. Squeeze fresh lemon quarter over cracked ice. 2 oz plain old Gordon's gin (one of life's great remaining values at 8 bucks a fifth - why would drunks drink anything else?) contra the...
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