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Question about 80's jackets   Guys, when I was a young man, single,  fresh out of university in the early 1980's, earning a good salary, I bought what was cool at the time. And what was cool was what I saw on TV and on the big screen....... Miami Vice and Richard Gere in American Gigolo.  Those three men, Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, and Richard Gere defined for me what I needed to look like to be a chick magnet. LOL ! So I bought alot of pieces with that...
OK, thanks for the vote of confidence. It fits me like no other jacket I have, and it feels so regal, for lack of a better term.  I love wearing it,  but I see newer pieces with slightly less wide peaked lapels on DB's. To hell with the trends ! I am not fashion, I am style ! Thanks guys !!
  Guys, Honest opinion please. Does my beloved Canali DB 6X2 look a bit dated? Specifically the lapel width. Thanks.
Well said. - What we don't know doesn't hurt us.   Everytime you set foot into a thrift store, you should take the attitude that it has been not already stripped out. Attack every store as if there are golden Brioni, Zegna, Canali, D&G, Versace, and Paul Smith nuggets of gold to be panned.
The pants rack is where I have found some of my  gems. The reason? The employees usually place BLUE jeans on the Jeans rack. If the jeans are black or grey, then they mistakenly get placed on the pants rack. Good for us because nestled among those polyester flannels from Sears and Hunt Club, I have found Black Versace jeans, black Ermenegildo Zegna jeans, black Diesel jeans, grey Diesel jeans etc. The average guy looking through the pants rack is looking for office...
LOL !!! We jest, but part of this anxiety we all feel is entirely valid. The anxiety arises from the thought that if we are not constantly hitting stores and hitting them hard, then we may be missing on that  Brioni, Prada, Versace, Zegna, Chanel, MaxMara, Canali, Roberto Cavali, Manolo Blahnik, Fendi, True Religion, J Brand, Armani piece, all of which I have found in multiple numbers over the past 9 months.   This addiction is about regularity- you need to go...
I need my Goodwill fix today !!!     Help me guys !!!!
Addiction?? Damn right it is an addiction!! I am at the point now where I need an intervention. If I don't hit Goodwill or Sally Ann at least 4 times a week to troll the racks, I get withdrawal and anxiety symptoms. Now I equate every other purchase of disposable income to what I could have bought at a thrift. For example - If I buy a Big Mac trio for 5 bucks,I tell myself, "Why am I eating this shit?" For the same money, I could have a Zegna SC or a Brioni...
The sequel stunk to fucking high heaven. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Billy Connolly in #1. Absolutely fantastic as Il Duce. 
The original Boondock Saints ! One of the funniest, most original movies ever! Willem Dafoe is incredible!  Ron Jeremy great supporting role.
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