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They look decent enough, but the toebox lacks the svelte elegance of the S23M.
  Sinnedk, you ought to be ashamed of such an idiotic comment.     You are betraying your total ignorance about artisanal footwear, and undermining a respected and knowledgeable contributor.   For your information, Avantindietro represents the pinnacle of Maurizio Altieri's output, in terms of his purity of vision - an evolutionary step forward from Carpe Diem which the rest of the world has yet to catch up with.  They are exceedingly rare boots, stunning and absolutely...
I just picked up some Avantindietro ankle boots in reverse cordovan from Hide-san.            
  They are truly amazing boots, nice pick up!
Not your typical baller shoes, but I thought they might be of interest - Marvielab 'Suole' shoes.  Black, cotton outer, linen inner, crepe soles.  Very simple and comfy.    
  I have those rubberband derbies in grey Guidi leather and they are my favourite shoes.  I believe the re.porter ones are horse leather.  Amazing shoes at a great price, and a top notch seller too.
Obviously without seeing all the stitching etc it's hard to be sure, but the condition looks fine to me - in my experience from having owned various CDiem footwear including reversed calf and destroyed horse, I would guess the leather probably looked like that or very close to it from new.  I'm not sure about the soles or heels, but I would've thought with TLC they would probably give many years of wear.  $750 seems a decent price to me.
  It depends on the leather.  Some Guidi leather is quite stretchy, and I find sizing up +1 is best, as the leather then stretches to be a perfect fit.  +2 sizes is too big for me after a few months wear, once the leather has stretched.
Just superb.  Me want a pair of the derbiez.
Carpe Diem destroyed horse derbies ;)                
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