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I got my reverse denim dopp kit a couple days ago.  I'm a big fan of it.  Simple and elegant.  
I love my black at cost belt.  I'm amazed how often I end up choosing it over a fairly similar brooks brothers belt.  The narrow belts aren't bad, but I love the 1.25in width.
Rather than just stretching, look at the shoes you're wearing.  Especially for posture, fixing shoes will likely do the trick.  Other than that, rather than just stretching the areas you talked about, look at mobilizing those same areas.  
Haha, maybe.  But thats just it.  Sweaters are great.  I fail to see the advantage of cardigans.  Instead, they present the very significant risk of looking like you wake up at 4am, have a hearty dinner around 5pm, tell a few racist jokes, and head off to bed at the late ole hour of 8pm.
  With the leather patches its a bit better, but I fail to see a situation where a cardigan looks less old man-y than a normal sweater.
Am I the only person that still thinks cardigans look like old man clothes?  
Yea, I'm happy the color I got of crew neck is grey, as they're no longer even listed on the website.  
  I'm a huge fan of them.  They don't feel like cashmere (as they're not, they're merino,) but they're still very sfot.  I like them a lot.  The wine one seems a touch boring, but still high quality.  The Peat color I am in love with. 
  Yes, because clearly I was trying to look nice in this picture?  Pajamas are the new charcoal, ya know...
My original sweater was a M. Wayy too big. I exchanged for a s.
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