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If you're looking for great companies that do a subscription:   Intellegentsia, Verve, Klatch, Stumptown (I bet they do?)   Although I would actually recommend Corvus.  Its a tiny little place in Denver that is bonkers good.  One of the top 2 coffee shops I've ever been to, and I have driven hours to visit coffee shops...
I just got my first set of shirts in the mail.  I wear a small in their button downs which fit me perfectly, but these Ts are pretty huge and billowy on me. Am I the only person that feels like the Ts are pretty big?  I was also kinda disappointed with the fabric, seems very forgettable...
Hey guys, I have a number of gustin pants with a couple of loose threads.  Usually around the button fly.  Is this usual and to be expected?  Seems odd to me.
Does anyone else find there to be a pretty big variation in the same size?  I have 7 pairs of 31 slims, and none of them fit quite the same.  My 101s currently fit the best, and my BlackXBlacks I can still barely wear without feeling like my legs are cast in concrete, and this is 4 or 5 wears in. My naturals almost felt big on me when I first put them on.   Anyone else have similar experience?
Similarly, the only thing I'm really interested would be a cognac satchel.  Black just isn't my thing.  Seems that might eliminate me from backing on kickstarter... :-/
Hurray, I'm finally getting on the grey silks train!
 Is my sarcasm-o-meter miscalibrated?  If not: You're an idiot.
I would love to see them in person. I live down on the peninsula and am in the city all teh time. :-)
I bought a large number of items from Everlane over the past couple of years.  Now, I will only get something if it looks unusually good for them.  Most of their stuff is just a little bit off.   Exceptions I've found: EFM scarves are GREAT and I love them.  My cashmere hoodie is also one of my favorites.
I wear a S in the shirts, but a M in the trucker jacket.  I originally ordered the jacket in small, but it was super tight in the chest, and too short in the sleeves for me.
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