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Oh man, snagged the size S natural leather jacket from the stock sale.  Hopefully it fits.  I wear S in their classic fit shirts, although a M in their trucker jacket.  Also more than I've spent on I think all my other jackets combined? :-D
Chromexcel #8 high tops just arrived.  Wow!  This is my first pair of very serious sneakers, and I am definitely happy with them!
Hmm, I love chromatic, but I normally don't think of it as the best.  Perhaps I'm wrong in feelings that way.  I've had many GREAT drinks from them, but also a number of forgettable ones.
Corvus. It's truely great.  Its one of m top 5 coffee shops in the country. 1: Sump, St Louis2:  Intellegentsia Venice Beach3:  Corvus, Denver4:  Stumptown, Portland5, Sightglass, San Fransisco.
Got my shoes.  SO gorgeous, but I can't entirely decide if they're too big.  Any suggestions for knowing whether they're too big or not?
Backed the #8 low tops.  It says production complete, queued for shipping.  WANT THEM NOW!!!
Absolutely hate the boxers.  The fit just doesn't work for me.  For lack of a better word, ball crushing...  I like meundies MUCH more.
I was a HUGE fan of them early on, and then gradually lost interest.  It seems like as the price of things went up, the quality went down, and it stopped being a radically better value than competitors.  Combined with a number of customer service snaffus, and quality control, I just stopped being pumped up about everlane.  Now I get all my stuff from Gustin.   My at cost belt and my vegetable tanned leather belt are still amazing from them.  Wear them all the time.  
Keep Cups are fucking great.  Cork banded ones are the best.   16. I have 16 coffee related devices in my apartment right now.
If you're looking for great companies that do a subscription:   Intellegentsia, Verve, Klatch, Stumptown (I bet they do?)   Although I would actually recommend Corvus.  Its a tiny little place in Denver that is bonkers good.  One of the top 2 coffee shops I've ever been to, and I have driven hours to visit coffee shops...
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