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Does anyone else find there to be a pretty big variation in the same size?  I have 7 pairs of 31 slims, and none of them fit quite the same.  My 101s currently fit the best, and my BlackXBlacks I can still barely wear without feeling like my legs are cast in concrete, and this is 4 or 5 wears in. My naturals almost felt big on me when I first put them on.   Anyone else have similar experience?
Similarly, the only thing I'm really interested would be a cognac satchel.  Black just isn't my thing.  Seems that might eliminate me from backing on kickstarter... :-/
Hurray, I'm finally getting on the grey silks train!
 Is my sarcasm-o-meter miscalibrated?  If not: You're an idiot.
I would love to see them in person. I live down on the peninsula and am in the city all teh time. :-)
I bought a large number of items from Everlane over the past couple of years.  Now, I will only get something if it looks unusually good for them.  Most of their stuff is just a little bit off.   Exceptions I've found: EFM scarves are GREAT and I love them.  My cashmere hoodie is also one of my favorites.
I wear a S in the shirts, but a M in the trucker jacket.  I originally ordered the jacket in small, but it was super tight in the chest, and too short in the sleeves for me.
I got my reverse denim dopp kit a couple days ago.  I'm a big fan of it.  Simple and elegant.  
I love my black at cost belt.  I'm amazed how often I end up choosing it over a fairly similar brooks brothers belt.  The narrow belts aren't bad, but I love the 1.25in width.
Rather than just stretching, look at the shoes you're wearing.  Especially for posture, fixing shoes will likely do the trick.  Other than that, rather than just stretching the areas you talked about, look at mobilizing those same areas.  
New Posts  All Forums: