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Finally received my remade shoes. It took around a month to ship 'm, make new ones and ship 'm back, but that is one hell of a service.    Breaking them in right now.  
  I'm with you. In the above pics the jeans look great, but paired with the coat it makes a bit of a bland combo. Like a guy who wears his 15 yo favorite jeans. A darker colour whould solve it, something like Mr. K. 's jeans. 
Also nice, Tricky. I like the stowa. 
  No. I prefer them a tad longer than a regular jacket so that I won't catch any cold wind with it on a bike. Beige scarf is going to be mine as well. I like it. 
*throws money at screen. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!   Is that always the case, btw? That the MTO surchase is dropped with a minimum of six (or so) pairs? 
Is that the simpson last ap10046? Nice. 
During my last visit to the Paris shop in August the MTO 50% pricepoint was the already the case, sadly.
Awesome boot. 
Nice, Tricky. I'm not so sure about the shoes though. They look a bit out of context due to the colour. Love the tie. 
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