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Not exactly to period but I thought some of you guys would enjoy them anyway.  
A Sweater Vest or as many of you would call it a Sleeveless Jumper I've had in my archives for a long time seems to period of the Originals.    
I am considerably younger than most here, but it has gone so far that it seems to me though atleast in the states a single man can't even go to a park to relax without of accusations of being a pervert lurking to snatch up children.
A recent fish tail parka pick up.  
Everytime I find a pair of MIE Dr. Martens on the second hand market they pretty much are this style and look to be in this condition usually with off the wall laces never the ones that came with them.
I suppose you could say New Old Stock Is the same as Deadstock, New Old Stock is more of a modern term I would say, if you do look for such items it's helpful to know both terms.
I do remember that line Botolph I got a pair of their work boots for christmas one year I believe they were steel toed.
It's still atleast 34 years old if it says sears and roebuck.
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