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Quote:I would venture to say that is still rings true today, why do you think bands started playing in Pubs and other smaller places?
To be fair he was traditionally known for wearing a classic navy blue suit or a pinstriped suit.
Happy St. Patrick's Day my friends.
anyone know this guy he appeared on a show I watch about toys they claim he was a DJ in the Mod Era, his apparently runs a shop with all kind of random collectibles in Reading.   http://www.travelchannel.com/video/stuffed-with-collectibles
I'm one of those lads that would look scruffy even wearing all of that sad but true.
Apparently quite a few older celebs wore Penguin but the only example I can find is of Clint Eastwood and he looked aged a little bit so I venture to say its from probably from the 70's.  
Did originals ever wear the Façonnable and Original Penguin polos?
Well it is the same company obviously by what they were saying it was clearly evident it had more high end stuff than our TJ Maxx stores, I've never found anything good seems its all snatched up by frequent visitors or someone working in the store is giving their friends a heads up on the few good items going on the shelves.
I kept seeing you guys mention T.K. Maxx and it sounded familiar low and behold it is your version of our American chain store T.J. Maxx apparently they used the TK to avoid confusion with TJ Hughes.
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