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Yes I've heard such stories before, I guess you could say the building of the world renown aquarium brought new life to the area a sort of renaissance.
You were on holiday in Monterey? Did it remind you of some of the english seaside towns of the time? I guess the guy went through 10 different monkeys over the years.
Haha they did the same thing here in the states, I'm sure you've heard of the city Monterey,California, a man operated there on Fisherman's Wharf from 1970 until as recently as 2006, i've attached an era appropriate photo. 
There is also these charts.
Vintage my ass those tags are just about as modern as it gets, Made in Sri Lanka.
Yes he was I just let it go at the time because It would have been a 5 page flame war otherwise.
What can I say I was drunk hahaha.
The size of it is the U.S. Government is always looking for the best possible deal whoever did it cheapest that year got the contract, I've saw some BDU's contracted out Wrangler before.
  Thought you guys might enjoy some pictures of a vintage wrangler jacket I picked up recently.
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