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  Thought you guys might enjoy some pictures of a vintage wrangler jacket I picked up recently.
That list reminded me of a strange shirt I saw today a Baracuta made by Van Heusen in Hong Kong but it was definitely vintage It was rather stained so I passed on it but I probably should have got it as it was only a dollar ever saw such a variation?
I'm thoroughly convinced most western governments didn't really care what Hitler was doing until they realized hey this guy may be a real threat to our power and we can't have that.
My Great Uncle was in the Korean War he refused to talk about it as well word is he had to kill a child solider or be killed himself.
Your fathers picture always brings to mind MiG Alley.
Brings to mind the saying "Pack for an English summer".
I thought this guy's playlists would be of interest.   http://jimzplaylists.blogspot.com/search/label/MOTOWN%20AND%20SOUL%20NIGHT   http://jimzplaylists.blogspot.com/search/label/60%27s%20SOULTIME   http://jimzplaylists.blogspot.com/search/label/RUDE
Hell I may have read it but forgot the details, I remember one where you said you were fighting people up and down the stairs when they tried to invade a club but that may have been in your bouncer days.
What about the classic movies The Warriors and The Outsiders, The Outsiders sort of outlines the darker side of those who wear the Ivy look that yankmod and I know all too well of the rich snobs and the jocks, have you guys ever had run-in's with outlaw motorcycle gangs and other street gangs when you were skinheads, I witnessed some just the other night when at a friends birthday show at a bar in a somewhat shady part of town, one of the few places in town that books the...
Very much looks like a Wrangler Cowboy Cut clone or like the cheaper Rustler boot cut also by wrangler but i believe they were their own company at one time.
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