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Never knew they had STP products in England.
Thanks for this definition always wondered what other outside groups may be called, was there others as well? Surely not every youth was either a mod,rocker,square or a mid.
I believe what we call a Safari Jacket here in the states is basically the same thing, you'll notice this one lack's the belt and adds a pocket to one of the arms. 
My shoes ran me about 1 U.S. Dollar, the 2 Burberry custom suits at 5 U.S. Dollars a piece from the same church rummage.
Sounds like you guys would have loved to have some Bostonian Iron age's then haha, steel cap/toe wingtips/longwings I think I mentioned them here a long while ago.
I bought a pair of church's at a church rummage sale of all places how funny is that? so either a rather affluent member attended there or that preacher/pastor was scamming heavy with the collection plate, also picked up some custom burberry suits there as well.
I figured as much they do seem to have that reputation in the states as well or atleast they did.
Forgive my ignorance to your terms but Church's were more high end am I correct? as in most youths could not afford them at the time?
The Church's I have look like this.
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