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# 6 is indeed brand new. http://www.hardandsmart.net/2015/04/new-stunning-womens-suit-by.html
Haha they don't let me delete posts what else can I do?
Scala is made by Dorfman Pacific as of recently anyway not sure if this has always been the case, Goorin Bros is a very old brand as well but you are correct that they are trying to bring back the neighborhood hat shop, you can find a nice hat by most of the bigger hat brands if you are willing to pay up for them such as New Era,Stetson and Kangol, I suppose it's more of a problem of being able to try on all the styles which is clearly not always gonna happen.
I never knew it was pronounced "davis".
I doubt many of us would wanna fight hippie tom the big guy to the right especially in his younger years. 
Hey hey now I'm from California those are all a must have.
That would be what it means in the council estates for sure.
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