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 Each to their own. IMO Viberg's Apsley is really cool boot pattern and also pretty faithful to the original: I wish they would have done the chamois version in either stitchdown or nail down construction:
@Whirling those markings look like toe tracks to me.   Brian the bootmaker explained toe tracks well at denimbro:    "The indentation you see on the boots is called a toe track. The reason a boot has a toe track is because the vamp went through the crimping process. It is used to get all the stretch out of the vamp because when a bootmaker needs to turn something that's 2D into 3D it is more work if the vamp is not crimped. Another benefit when a vamp is crimped is it...
@metranger8694 Pantherella makes pretty thin merino wool socks (actual composition is 90 % merino,10 % nylon).
Being 0,5 size smaller has probably more to do with the size difference than construction...
black calf DR1 after some wear, feels more pliable and the grain is starting to show a little more. Very satisfied with it.   
Hi,    I have for sale my GF's TOJ Women's Diesel Blue Heavy Calf Suede QBCDR, channel quilting.    Stunning jacket, but unfortunately it was slightly too small for her, hence she's only worn it couple of times.    Size is ~ XS. The color is most accurate in detail shots.    The measurements are approximately:    shoulders 15.0" chest (p2p) 17,8" midsection 15,5" waist 17.0" body length, front 17,3" body length, back 19,3" sleeve length, from shoulder...
the last is same (320) in both Apsley models., I agree that the toe shape looks a bit different.
And the upcoming natural shell boots are supposed to be on "the new last".
IIRC the eyelet issue had something to do with eyelets being too far apart from each others. Anyway, at least for me, 5 eyelets have worked very well in my size 8 1940's service boots. A lot easier/faster to get on and off compared to 7 eyelet boondockers and 8 eyelet service boots.
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