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@linafelt and @Kissmyanthia  Based solely on that pic, I'd say they have been at the factory for a heel replacement.    Not quite the same, but pretty close make up anyway: http://van-afferden.com/produkt/viberg-boots-english-tan-essex/
 Hey, that's an easy one! To help others. I've received all my 3 June-July 2013 orders and updated the chart accordingly. 
 Probably true, but you may also end up with thin lamb without asking for it.
Sounds like your jacket was too small even without the liner.Anyway, based on measurements at End and my experiences, it seems that some jackets (like the M65) have pretty narrow chest and others (like the fishtail parka) have plenty of room there. So it would make sense (at least in my mind) that for slimmer jackets the liners in same size fits nicely, and for roomier jackets you might want to size up a little, depending how the jacket fits without the liner. That's of...
That's correct. Size 52 shearling liner buttons perfectly to my size 48 fishtail parka. I took a bigger liner because I think a size 48 liner would have been too tight in the chest for me.
@dieworkwear I'd recommend size 46 in fishtail parka regardless if you want to add liner later or not. I have size 48 fishtail parka and size 52 shearling liner. My chest is ~ 41" and I can wear it very comfortably with or without the liner.
 It's already something like 20 - 40 F / -5 to + 5 C  where I live and I'm wearing it with just a t-shirt and a crew neck wool knit, works fine for me at least. I've found MA-1 and A-2 both warmer than MDR (mostly because ribbings will keep the warmth better compared "open" sleeves/hem). If you plan to wear it when it's colder, you might want to size accordingly / allowing enough room for some extra layer. 
 The inner pockets in the leather MA-1 are huge. You'll definitely going to be able to fit any phone there.
 Wasn't it goat that he used for those seats/benches? Updated the spreadsheet with my orders too.I sincerely hope that all of you will eventually receive your jackets. I can't help it, but even with all the red flags up, I'm still tempted to buy a spot and use it for a black calf 2010 DR. 
Thanks and yeah, it's diesel blue heavy calf suede women's channel quilt BCDR (silver zippers). 
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