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I think part of the confusion is caused by that Viberg really did use to say that they are UK sized and many retailers still continue to do so. I must admit the newer approach to sizing sounds cooler than just "they are UK sized". http://viberg.com/pages/size-guide Edit:  Though, I also liked the back story about UK sizing:  
I've paid VAT & customs (+200usd) and I know that two of my friends have paid too. We all live in Finland though...
Back to Vibergs.. http://brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/
Thanks that clears the terminology nicely! Though, I'd still be interested if they have blind eyelets or not. IIRC a while back someone here had a pair of Viberg's chukkas that didn't have eyelets at all and he was wondering if he should take them to a local cobbler to add some kind of eyelets.
@bkotsko In your navy shell Viberg's you've got "blind eyelets" but do they still have metal eyelet rings (dunno what is the correct term for them) that just don't show, or are they just holes in leather without any reinforcing?
 That's correct. Those are from Manufactum and the black buffalo/buffalo roughout is from Four Horsemen Shop. 
I've posted pics of these before, but as I was taking pics for a few market place listings I thought that I'd quickly take some pics of my Viberg's as well. Both are on the 2030 last. Black buffalo/buffalo roughout and shell cordovan. Anyway.. here's a bunch of photos. I had a hard time trying to pick which ones to include so I just added... a lot under the spoiler tag.  [[SPOILER]]
Hey,   I got these directly from Tricker's last year, but they are still brand new as can be seen in the pics. I have a fair share of boots and shoes and I've decided to let these go as I've realized that I don't need more than one pair of Tricker's Monkey Boots in Acorn. For some reason in a few of the pics the color looks darker and more orange than it is in person. I believe this make up is quite rare especially outside of Japan & Korea.    Details   Model:...
*SOLD*   Hey,    I bought this from another member last year for my girlfriend. Unfortunately it's slightly too big for her, so I'll have to let this one go. I'd be more than happy to trade this to a slightly smaller size (shorter body length).   It has been used lightly by the previous owner. I noticed that there's two small nicks/scratches in the right sleeve, see the last pic! They don't go through the leather and I wouldn't be worried about them, but I thought...
@sacafotos you should check http://49thparallelblues.tumblr.com/ if you want to see pics of the first version of the #8 leffot service boots, because there's at least 3 pics of them.   and then there's these pics from Viberg's old blog: http://vibergboot.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/factory-11/  
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