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 Wasn't it goat that he used for those seats/benches? Updated the spreadsheet with my orders too.I sincerely hope that all of you will eventually receive your jackets. I can't help it, but even with all the red flags up, I'm still tempted to buy a spot and use it for a black calf 2010 DR. 
Thanks and yeah, it's diesel blue heavy calf suede women's channel quilt BCDR (silver zippers). 
I also received today the last jacket I was still missing. Women's BCDR (ordered late June 2013). No tracking email but I did get that shipping confirmation email a week ago.
My GF's DR had mismatch zippers in the sleeves. Contact TOJ and they will sort it out promptly. edit: I got also shipping address confirmation email. (Late June 2013 women's heavy calf suede QBCDR order)
I didn't ask for thin black lamb leather for my GF's DR but it ended up having considerably thinner lamb compared to other TOJ lamb jackets I've owned and handled. On the contrary my MA-1 has pretty thick lamb.
Cool pics @AKang! 
 Sorry, I can't help you with that. I live in Europe (Finland) so I had to pay the VAT. 
Haven't worn them yet, but I posted some pics a few pages back: http://www.styleforum.net/t/224463/viberg-boots/6495#post_7282782
 Yes, that's correct. I have boondockers from Rivet & Hide and their UK size = Viberg size. 
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