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Not erect. How high should they be? right now they're like 2 or 3 inches below my belly button
this sounds really ugly but post a pic, maybe i am wrong.
If you have the money for it, a nice watch is an incredible gift.
clothes look good you should really work on your posture though.Anyway I decided to trade teh 30s in for 29s, It was a good decision. I'm glad I didn't go down to 28s, even though I probably could have if I wanted that jegging look lol. I'm happy with the fit now. Although I swear you can see my cock in the first pic xD
Forgive my ignorance, but what does 'slubby' or 'slub' mean in reference to denim? I tried googling it but still don't really have a clear picture
makes sense, thanks!
I just bought some Weird guy Grey Selvedge, there's no reason I need to avoid washing them, is there? It's not like they're gonna fade, right?
I decided to trade 'em in for a size down (29's), they should be here early next week. I'm not really expecting to win the contest, but I will try I suppose
Hey guys, just got these N&F red core's, I'm not sure whether I wanna keep them. They are a size 30, my true waist (narrowest point) is ~a 32-33 depending on whether i'm flexing or relaxed or whatever, and my hips, where the jeans sit, measures about a 33. I wanted to get these in a 29, but they only had 28s or 30s, I went with the 30s. Opinions?Note: I like my jeans to have a skinny silhouette but not actually be skin tight. Also I'm hella skinny. [[SPOILER]]
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