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Hi,   I was wondering what an MTM shirt starts at?
Thanks! I noticed the pants size disparity and I'm hoping my tailor can alter them enough (I'm a 34 waist), otherwise I'll just buy buy separate pants.
Hi everyone,   In order to avoid the disaster that is rented tuxedos, I just purchased this Zegna tuxedo on ebay (my first black tie wedding is coming up in April):   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221365207179     I would have preferred something new, but it was near impossible to find a new tuxedo under $400 that was single button with peak lapels. So if you guys could take a look and let me know if you think it's real, that'd be very much...
Thinking I'll show up on Saturday. Can't wait!
  That was my main concern. The tie is burgundy and the dots are white. All the colors I have there seem complimentary to me, but I was worried that each piece of clothing still looked a little disconnected because the ps/tie don't pick up any of each other's colors.
  It's absolutely worth investing a little extra into a good suit. If you get one that fits right and looks good on you, you'll probably end up wearing a suit more than you have in the past. Also, if you have a relatively normal body shape and find a suit that fits you well off the rack, alterations shouldn't be too costly.
  Thanks and I agree about the tie knot size. I don't really want to look like one of the commentators from Monday Night Football.
Ok, lets try to forget about the above pictures and tell me what you think about this combo. Shirt is Canali (solid light blue) I picked up on Ebay for $50 and had tailored (thanks to Put This On's excellent Ebay search thing). Thanks!      
Considering you live in Chicago, I would give the Suitsupply store a visit.
  Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you mentioned that because I was in a hurry to buy a shirt (ended up with that one) and get to a party. When I first put it on I thought the same thing about the fit but it went out of my mind a few seconds later. I might keep the shirt just to wear with jeans since it fits me well and was only $40, but I'll retire it from suit duty.
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