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Sounds like you have the food thing figure out, but there's a delivery service called Caviar that will deliver Bauhaus (and a number of other good restaurants) anywhere in the city for $10.   Also, I happen to like the pork belly, but anything from there is delicious. 
 hahaha, that would be pretty hysterical. Places I can think of Shake ShackXi'an Famous FoodsNum PangTri Tip GrillKati Roll CompanyCer TeTaim Falafel  I'm not sure they all have great options for eating with your hands, but they're all good places. Treats and coffee I can't help you too much with from personal experience, since I'm not a big treats and coffee person. But this might be...
 Any type of cuisine you specifically had in mind? I'm pretty familiar with the food options in that area.
Had a nice time talking to people last year, so I'll definitely show up for a bit.
 I was there on Sunday and didn't see any sweaters. I did pick up the knit long sleeve polo in white and it's absolutely fantastic. It really is the perfect casual spring/summer shirt, I just wish I had gotten a hold of it earlier!
Hi All,   I'd like to pair my new navy suit with some dark brown longwing bluchers and I'm having a bit of trouble finding good options in my price range. I'm looking to spend between $400 and $500. Thanks for any help!
  That collar is killer!
Just picked up my first Eidos piece from the Haberdash sale. I had tried the green Asym Peacoat on at Bloomingdales and loved it but decided not to go for it. When I found it on Haberdash for a slightly better price I knew I had to grab it. Can't wait until the weather starts to cool down so I can start wearing it! I'll be sure to post pics when it arrives.
Hi,   I was wondering what an MTM shirt starts at?
Thanks! I noticed the pants size disparity and I'm hoping my tailor can alter them enough (I'm a 34 waist), otherwise I'll just buy buy separate pants.
New Posts  All Forums: