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Ha thanks. Yeah they fit a little bit tighter than pictured on Dylan. Waist and everything is good, but it's the seat that is too tight. I will size up to the Rudy. Thanks!
Bit of a gamble to take the Walt then. The chinos fit me like girlfriend pants. My ass was all feminine.
Being a lifter, I am glad I wasn't the first one to be surprised by the very tight seat of the Rivet Chino's. Glad my brother fit right into them.Are the Walt the same as the chino's?
Ears are differently shaped. Hard to imagine they are the same.
Indeed. Can't wait .
The CWU looks a lot better in the fitpic then it does in the other one. Nice.
I don't know if there even is one. You can look at their Tumblr:
I did get a mail within let's say a week, but contacting their stores in Barcelona and Paris per e-mail has proven to be ineffective.
Yep. Cordovan is not from Horween, but from some tannery in Argentina. Hard to tell if the quality will be up par, but I will try to find out.
50 EUR on top of the normal price. Normal price is 250 EUR for calf and suede and 290 EUR for cordovan.
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