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Sigh. If anyone doesn't want their Unionmade dover in 9D, PM me.
All 4 pairs of the #8 dover in 9D were sold over the weekend at UM. I was out of SF and wanted to see it in store after @sacafotos commented on them being too blobby. Of course I should have acted faster because it's an ideal makeup for me right now. I got disoriented by the fact that no pairs in my size were sold for a couple days before then. Did anyone here pull the trigger on those?
Yeah, I'm intrigued by those dovers at Unionmade too. Please excuse a (probably) stupid question from a non-local: if I walk to their SF store, purchase a pair there and ask them to ship to another state, I won't escape the sales tax?
 I counted 5 
Surprised to find out about LS closing its BH location.
Thanks for the feedback on the milkshake shoe! Is the snuff suede dover on the Barrie too?
Does anyone know if BB's suede dovers are the same as the stock Alden model? Otherwise, what last? Same question about their milkshake "indy" shoe.
Got a message from Dylan that my 2 pairs of FF chinos (cloud & tan canvas) didn't make the cut. That stings because I was hoping to wear them during my last month in CA; don't really have a lot of lightweight pants with me. Let's see if I can have them before going back to Europe. I wonder how many guys are in that boat as well.
@wj4, this was posted on IG and FB. Apart from what Mike said in his post here, I only know it's due in next month.
Dat camo camigata.. Should be right up wj's alley   
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