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Cigar LWB in 9D is the only exotic shell I do have (albeit dark welt). Le sigh.
The common advice is that you need to measure a pair of trousers that you own instead. I would assume you are better off measuring some trousers that are similar in fit (e.g. more or less same rise so the waist measurement is more reliable)
I think this topic was approved for a slight digression by Mike: I remember he was endorsing the Sony RX100. I'm a noob and just looking for a compact camera. There's a deal on Sony NEX-6 + kit lens on Amazon now, I'd love to get a brief on how it compares against the first make of the RX. It looks like the NEX is heavier, bigger, and more advanced overall. If it's correct, I don't know if I need this.
 Thanks!So the karaoke video did actually help 
Hey Mike, I'd like to order that Doyle instead of that G&L pre-order that never happened, is there anything special I need to do?
Just curious about 9.5D situation.
I'm probably a 39R, and having tried both 38 and 40 in the Doyle, I would say 39 would be ideal for me.
I don't know if it is of any help, but I tried on a New Peter medallion cap toe during the Santa Monica closing (albeit in shell) and it was a very good fit: Alden Barrie 9 = 42.5 in New Peter for me.
Those Southwick suits have 34 waist trousers with 40R, I suppose? I'd need a 32..
Just recalled it being mentioned last year about a restock of Alden alt wiens in snuff suede and #8 shell scheduled for this Spring, is that still to be expected?
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