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Hey Mike, I'd like to order that Doyle instead of that G&L pre-order that never happened, is there anything special I need to do?
Just curious about 9.5D situation.
I'm probably a 39R, and having tried both 38 and 40 in the Doyle, I would say 39 would be ideal for me.
I don't know if it is of any help, but I tried on a New Peter medallion cap toe during the Santa Monica closing (albeit in shell) and it was a very good fit: Alden Barrie 9 = 42.5 in New Peter for me.
Those Southwick suits have 34 waist trousers with 40R, I suppose? I'd need a 32..
Just recalled it being mentioned last year about a restock of Alden alt wiens in snuff suede and #8 shell scheduled for this Spring, is that still to be expected?
I'm on the tighter side of medium in shirts, and a 38 Doyle was a bit uncomfortable in the shoulders, so I went for a 40. It's a bit more relaxed in the waist area, but whatever. Also, there were samples of the private label boots and shoes mentioned earlier, and they were bonkers. Bison/bull(?) leathers, vibram soles, really tough.
Mike did at least one of Oisin. Badass as always.
El', I know that feel. First store visit after two years of online orders.
Totally enjoyed my visit. So cool talking to Mike and Adele, as well as guys (and gals) coming to the store. Hung out there till about 4pm, almost got late to the event in DTLA - the traffic was pretty heavy. Found myself buying a pair of Hawthornes, grey Wilshires, camo chinos, grey sneakers, a couple tees (thanks Mike!), a scarf, a Lunchino, and an olive Doyle. Carmina was such a deal, holy cow.
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