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Still no notification for me  
Looking for options for a tan/caramel double monk. Considering Meermin in light naturcalf from their Linea Maestro, and Sid Mashburn's autumn brown DM (made by Alfred Sargent). Those differ 2x in price. There are also Carmina models on Inca and Simpson but those aren't available in my size. Any other makers? Is AS worth 600+ for calfskin?
Long shot, but is anyone aware of a caramel calfskin dub monk existing or being restocked in 8.5UK?
I want both of those Aldens, a varsity, a horsehide Wyatt, and that horsehide surprise too. FML.
What's the sleeve length?
Careful with that. My EP "potential kop" list often becomes the "did not kop, sold out" list.
Those do look nice. Would have considered the navy one, but I think my navy eisenhower covers that base. Maybe I'll get a full leather jacket some day 
Hey Mike, any word on this? Also, thinking of ordering an MTO french cuff white shirt for the suit, probably in broadcloth 
Pics please?
Mike, sorry for re-asking the question from the email: any chance of a restock of the caramel Salinger?
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