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On the fence about the snuff trainers. A gum sole would make it an instakop for me. Need to think about how it would fit into my wardrobe 
El, what do you find yourself wearing them with? Especially in terms of footwear.
Huge props to Adele for responding to emails on the weekend! 
Wow @tricky you went up? I sized down 0.5
PSA: It looks like EVERYTHING20 might be working on Aldens @ needsupply.com
^ I actually prefer that makeup (barrie, commando, eyelets - yummy) to my pair from Epaulet. But said pair is my first Alden purchase so I still have a soft spot for it.
Speaking of travelling for work... My 3-month stint in the US is coming to an end shortly. It's been a huge experience for me. Of course coming to Santa Monica was one of the highlights - and I'll be leaving with much more EP goodness in my bags than what I've come here with  I'll be visiting Chicago and NYC on my way back - so I should be able to say hello to Dylan, Matt and all other guys in the NY stores (hoping to find time for both). [[SPOILER]]
^ Read the instructions at the top of the page. The code is FIRSTDIBS.
  Yeah I remember it was 50+ last year or so. 
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