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 If there's a single person that would be able to get a vendor to make it, it would be mdubs 
I think the cognac LWB was snagged even before I received the newsletter.
Whoa. I wasn't on the original pre-order but emailed Alden NY a couple days ago. Just got an email from them and secured the ravello WT boot. Second shell pair, following a cigar LWB from Alden SF which I got 2 years ago.
+1. Also curious to know what's due to drop in the nearest couple weeks.
 I was just looking at sizes listed in your classifieds and it didn't seem their site showed any sizes close to those. So it made me wonder whether their online inventory accurately reflects what's in stock.
 Do they still have your size in store?
PSA: Jasper Dover back in 8D at Unionmade.
Sigh. If anyone doesn't want their Unionmade dover in 9D, PM me.
All 4 pairs of the #8 dover in 9D were sold over the weekend at UM. I was out of SF and wanted to see it in store after @sacafotos commented on them being too blobby. Of course I should have acted faster because it's an ideal makeup for me right now. I got disoriented by the fact that no pairs in my size were sold for a couple days before then. Did anyone here pull the trigger on those?
Yeah, I'm intrigued by those dovers at Unionmade too. Please excuse a (probably) stupid question from a non-local: if I walk to their SF store, purchase a pair there and ask them to ship to another state, I won't escape the sales tax?
New Posts  All Forums: