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My Barrie size is 9D, it's usually a pretty solid fit.The first sneakers I tried in US9.5/EU42, I remember them feeling just a bit too big overall, probably mostly in length. Sized down to a US9/EU41.5 and it's almost perfect after a bit of a break-in.The trainers in US9.5 were narrow in the ball of the foot. When I sized up to a US10, it got much better and I didn't really feel them being too long, so I went with that size.HTH
I'm really weird with the sneakers sizing, so glad I had a chance to try them on. For the first sneakers series, I sized down a half from what's recommended. For the new trainers, I sized up a half - going with the recommended size resulted in what @kwanon described, not enough width.
Cigar chukkas for 2k anyone? (not my auction)
Haha, @El Argentino, I ended up following the previously mentioned SF strategy. That, and having an amusing conversation with Mike today on my first visit to the store which was awesome (I happened to be the only visitor at that time). There's so much going on in the EP world now and so much to discuss I wished I'd come earlier (although I'd imagine there would be more customers too). I'll see if I can make good use of those trainers. Man, this is really common knowledge...
Another OT note: I'm so so happy with the RX100m2, it has served me perfectly throughout my stay here. I've just spent a day with a NEX-6; I have no complaints except that it's bulkier and the battery life could definitely be longer. I'm reading that the kit lens might be one cause of that; I basically have to turn off the LCD to get it to not die in the middle of the day. Mike, thanks for the suggestion 
Just booked myself a place to stay in East Village. Going to cut out time for a visit   Either on Sunday evening after arriving, or Tuesday afternoon before actually leaving the country. I'll see if I can make it to the Brooklyn store too, but Mike, y u no work on Mondays  
So true. I blame EP for me having to ship some of my stuff back home instead of taking it with me. I even had to throw away the beautiful Carmina box  
Yes, please! What last though?Except I'd prefer speedhooks.
How could I possibly forget the navy longwing combo. I have a pair too 
On the fence about the snuff trainers. A gum sole would make it an instakop for me. Need to think about how it would fit into my wardrobe 
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