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Arriving in JFK this Thursday for an overnight layover in a 8000-mile trip to SF. With a 6pm arrival, a visit to EP doesn't look to be in the cards. Hoping I can figure out the timing on the way back. Also, I'm still determined to swing into Santa Monica some time 
Did anyone see the G&L online? Am I too late or it hasn't been put up?
Mike, what about the ETA for burnished jumpers? 
I think according to Mike that's as close as we can get to the previously released cramerton cloth, which was getting rave reviews here. I know that doesn't say a lot, but that's all I know  
I'm seeing a Carmina MTO balance up. How long till the burnished jumpers from last year drop?
 Man now I'm scared to try things on in that store Can we have a swatch/sample? Is that something along the lines of the RRL selvedge officer chino? Those look fine but I'm hesitated by the thigh measurements.I would probably get in line for the G&L too.
A bit OT: does anyone have an idea if it's allowed to put a can of Nano protector into checked in baggage on international flights? I know aerosols are prohibited by postal services.
I don't know how I would look in that blue windowpane, but Dylan definitely wears it like a boss. 
This thread is turning 5 years old in 10 days. Wow. ETA: an anniversary sale would be welcome. j/k 
Those suede PTBs at BB, are they Aldens? TTS?
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