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I've been missing Mike's mega-responses in this thread 
Thanks guys! This was just me running alone around a pond basically. I wasn't even planning to do it, just saw that the weather was nice and felt like that might be the day to try. I can't even fathom what it would feel like to run the whole thing! TBH I'm not nearly good enough to show any decent results on the HM; in fact I'm definitely not doing it again for a while, need far more endurance for it to be safe.
Just wanted to share with you guys the joy of having completed a half-marathon for the first time. To keep this relevant - this is a part of my current routine to help me fit into more of my EP gear - especially with that Wyatt coming soon!  Of course being in a better shape for the wedding is a nice bonus too  
Looks great, RTP.   Your pics got me wondering.. maybe I need to sell off my Leydon natural longwings by EP and grab these. Leydon never fit me really well unfortunately.
@Michigan Planner Mike said the US-made Spiewak parkas were discontinued  It's a shame, I didn't grab one for myself.
I want the camel one badly. Are they any warm? Not as warm as the spiewaks I guess?
 Just add a hundred of them and go to check out, you'll be shown the total number remaining in stock
Almost looks like a glitch to me, still showing 45 pairs in navy available
Mike, remember I had to size up to a 43 in the snuff trainer - 42.5 was fine in length, but a bit narrow. Do I need to do the same for the shell ones? My feet are weird though, sized down to a 41.5 in the sport trainer 
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