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@tricky not up or not down?  I'm around a 39, I think you were too. Did you get a 38?   EDIT: ah not reading attentively enough, got it.
Should I size up or down in the Veneto raincoat if I'm between EP sizes?
Curious about that too :)
Hey Mike, I'm really waiting on a PM there 
Looking at the handgrade brogues - stunning. I'm reading they fit on the narrower side. What size would a 9D Barrie wearer get?
That chambray looks good. Although I have the baby blue flecked FF shirt, so it would probably be overkill (definitely not the thread to be saying this in ) 
Congrats! I know that feel, have to forward everything to Europe.
It's 1am here, so I'll have to sit around until 2am 
Yeah, wait and they're gone  
Loden green shell jumpers for 325, 10uk
New Posts  All Forums: