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Parkas look awesome. So Mike, the copy says size down, but Dylan is still wearing a medium? I think he's usually a medium across the board
Feels good to be living in UTC+3  What are everyone's tactics for browsing sales like that? Apart from possibly splitting into several checkouts.
Shoot, just when I realized I needed a large 
Considering grabbing one, but that measurements difference worries me. I'm not exactly on the edge of M, but 3/4" in the chest is a lot.. perhaps just need to size up.
Also, new trainers are up.
+1 @rydenfan. If those Canadian models did come out, I'd probably end up with both the shoe and the boot.
Hey Mike, what about those tough shoes and boots from Canada?
Mike just returned from Portugal and got back to me asap. This hasn't been figured out yet, but he and Adele are both seriously helping. Stand up guys. 
 Thanks Frank for nudging me in that direction. Should have contacted them earlier - they're telling me it's lost and investigation is necessary. Already contacted Adele.             
Anyone else ever got "Scheduled delivery updated" status from UPS? My wedding suit is taking a week to ship from NY to PA, gah 
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