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Shitty elevator iphone pic, but I'm ecstatic about the Wyatt. Here with the indigo engineer shirt, grey wilshires and EPxAlden cxl indys.  
What to do if I'm a 39 haha 
Looking for general advice on accessories coordination. My suit is a SB, couple shades brighter than navy; white shirt. The boutonniere is most probably going to be a peach color - and I would also like to wear a PS. A safe combo I'm finding would be a standard black-and-white glen plaid tie with a white PS - is that right? How would I go about making it all jive better with that boutonniere. Would the below glen plaid work? Could I add a PS in a related color to that, or...
I sure hope the wingtip boot run from Alden NY looks the same 
NYI, how do you find the sleeve length on the western shirt? I remember trying on the usual medium, the sleeves hit similar to your pic, which is humongous for me personally.
 Holy cow on all of those!  The winter coat might be an instakop for me. Will the FF round feature both first-round fabrics and some new ones?
Sorry to nag, but any ETA on this? There's a wedding coming soon  
A slightly used navy Doyle in a 40 just sold on eBay for $44. Crazy deal but I passed. Mostly because I already got the chambray one (in addition to the olive), and because after I lose a little bit more weight it will definitely need to be tailored. Still not sure this was the right decision 
Another data point: I'm a firm 9D in the Barrie, but a 9.5 in the suede tennis sneakers was too narrow, so I went 10, with a little bit more length than necessary, but still comfortable.
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