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Aaargh flight delayed, just landed at LAX.
Hey Mike, a tactless question: the SM discounts are not applicable to sale items, are they? I just picked up some walt shorts from the sale section, they're being shipped from the SM store, so I just got curious if I should have waited till I'm in store to grab them  
Wait... A hundred for a pair of sneakers? That doesn't seem to align with the discount percentage published earlier. Anyway, 2.5 months left before I fly back home and I only have 1 (wearable) pair of sneakers here, so I hope I'll be able to grab a brown and/or grey one. 
Ouch, was there a grey one in a medium? Really wanted to snag one. I wonder how a knit Barena in 40 would fit me, usually being ~39R. Looks like Dylan is wearing a 38 there...   ETA: Looks like somebody just saved me from the hesitation, haha
I've been meaning to travel to the SF store on Powell, anyone know what the stock is like there? Mostly looking for basics
Shit just got real   My plane is landing at LAX at 10.45am; I hope I'm not coming to some empty shelves, hah. Anyway it would be fun to see some of you guys there.
 This whole post is like the story of my life, haha!
^ One in SF in the next 3 months before I'm outta here, please.
 Oh, now I see what you meant. I was wondering what those details were.I'm both sad and happy (more happy though, sorry LA folks!). Like my fav band's song goes, that's a "coincidence I can't believe, as my childhood dreams slowly come true". Also, glad to see it specifically mentioned that one can get sized. I would be a bit shy to ask for this for some reason (probably because I'm not likely to buy much on the spot - it's more for future purchases). I'm certainly getting...
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