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No more blue fleece pants in medium?..
^ Woot. Definitely missed a lot while on honeymoon with no real internet access.
Getting a refund on the lost MTO wedding suit soon. Bummer. On the brighter side, was quick enough to grab the last black OSC parka in a small. We'll see how it fares in negative fahrenheit temps 
Doesn't it look like an in-store deal only?   Aaaand the link disappeared.
I just took an overall look over the new arrivals section. Trousers, sweaters, leathers, coats, work jackets, trainers, sweats of all kinds, boots, parkas. Holy cow are you killing it this season    I want that grey doyle so hard, but 3 doyles will be hard to explain 
Got a cancellation quickly saying "we have not been able to verify some of your information". Most probably this has to do with the fact that I was trying to ship to a mail forwarder. Didn't have any issue ordering in store with the same shipping address and credit card.
Parkas look awesome. So Mike, the copy says size down, but Dylan is still wearing a medium? I think he's usually a medium across the board
Feels good to be living in UTC+3  What are everyone's tactics for browsing sales like that? Apart from possibly splitting into several checkouts.
Shoot, just when I realized I needed a large 
Considering grabbing one, but that measurements difference worries me. I'm not exactly on the edge of M, but 3/4" in the chest is a lot.. perhaps just need to size up.
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