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@rydenfan do you mean they are closed this Sunday? Because usually they're open on Sundays 
 The floral bow tie looks very nice 
In fact, while at Alden SF I was shown the famous last chart by @REguy as an illustration of the lasts' differences.
I got an email from Matt saying they're coming in this week 
Harris Tweeds are up. Those actually look very wearable.
So me and my EP gear flew 5000 miles safely back home this week. On my last day in NYC I went to the LES store and met Matt and Alex. Matt helped me pick a shantung repp tie for a wedding in August and hooked me up with a pocket square and a grey voile scarf - my fiancee was wearing the scarf today  I also picked up a pair of Walts in the old navy hopsack to go with the Caine I'd had (this will be the suit for the wedding) and two pairs of RCs. I used my Doyle discount for...
I'm not really sure I'd want someone to base their sizing on mine, since it's too odd  With the return policy though you might have success.Also, the stores are closed on mondays. I'm heading to the LES store in half an hour 
My Barrie size is 9D, it's usually a pretty solid fit.The first sneakers I tried in US9.5/EU42, I remember them feeling just a bit too big overall, probably mostly in length. Sized down to a US9/EU41.5 and it's almost perfect after a bit of a break-in.The trainers in US9.5 were narrow in the ball of the foot. When I sized up to a US10, it got much better and I didn't really feel them being too long, so I went with that size.HTH
I'm really weird with the sneakers sizing, so glad I had a chance to try them on. For the first sneakers series, I sized down a half from what's recommended. For the new trainers, I sized up a half - going with the recommended size resulted in what @kwanon described, not enough width.
Cigar chukkas for 2k anyone? (not my auction)
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