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It's Fay, not Joy: http://www.fay.com/   Can't see the exact coat though.  It is nice, certainly better than his effort this weekend. This isn't some resolution issue, the jacket genuinely does fade at the bottom:
I got the Visodate for my birthday earlier this year and love it.  The strap was a bit poor that came with it (bit thin and shiny) so I'd recommend getting a new strap for it - which is no great sweat bearing in mind the price.  The silver/white suits brown or black straps so you could get both and have a really versatile watch.
Yes, I'd say H&H are twice as good as H&C, but the slim fit isn't very slim at all.   Have you tried the John Francomb Classics Fully Fitted range at TM Lewin?  They're a very slim fit and I find the material to be generally better than standard Lewins as well.
Church's Salisbury Loafers - Black 9F, recently resoled: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Churchs-Black-Calf-Penny-Loafer-Slip-on-Shoes-UK-9F-Salisbury-full-resole-/221315613982?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item338770451e     Sanders Brown Brogues - Size 9.5 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sanders-Mens-Brown-Brogues-Shoes-Size-9-5-Leather-Sole-Barely-Worn-Like-Loakes-/221312681937?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item33874387d1  
Not that expensive when you see the price of the Fendi Jacket! As a fashion-focussed item I think it's quite nice, would look very nice for an evening out in London. A tailor could probably also advise on how to give you what you want but still classic enough to have a decent lifespan.
Try stretching the placket and seams etc. when the shirt is wet before hanging.  It improves the situation, but this is an inherent problem with most Lewin shirts.  Reckon it must be the tension on the stitching being too high.
100% wool is best for starters.  Wool/linen is for summer, which is something you might experience when you leave Edinburgh for Australia    You can only see whether you suit slim fit or regular fit best by trying on.  There's not a huge difference between the two at Tyrwhitt, and I think 38L Regular and 40L Slim fit me pretty equally from Tyrwhitt.   Whether or not you get reliable recommendations in any shop purely depends on who you end up with.  You could just make...
Colour-wise, navy blue or grey are most versatile.  What jobs are you applying for?  More staid professions might dictate a grey suit, others a navy.  Navy is better for weddings, grey better for funerals.  Not a pinstripe at first.  Two-button single-breasted best bet for most people.   If you're planning to wear the suit most days you should really get at least two.  Or two pairs of trousers for one suit.   £200 or a shade more should be OK for a suit from Lewin or...
Re Tapering and Slimming Down of Suit Pants, it's very easy.  I have a sewing machine and do it myself, just got to make sure you balance the adjustments on each side to maintain the balance of the pants (and make sure the crease is still in the middle!).  A tailor should be able to do it without any problems and fairly cheaply.  At the same time you can adjust the length of the leg if necessary.  Remember that you will want a slightly shorter leg if you're tapering...
In the UK, http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/edwardhalliwell/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=1&_rdc=1   Including:   Duchamp cufflinks with no bids:     a couple of nice Breuer ties:   And a lovely NEW black Alligator strap for deployment clasps (10% off for members on this):
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