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Not the most spectacular bargain, but I'm pretty happy with the price for such a staple:
Went to a shop in the slightly bigger town near me that I haven't been to before, as it's a bit further out and there are plenty to keep me busy in the centre, but was definitely worth the visit.
Had my first 'back room' experience this week. Went to a little shop I'd never knew existed before. It was all a bit over-crowded so didn't hold out much hope, but was checking one suit that looked OK. The lady then asked my size, because she had plenty more in the back that they didn't have room for in the shop. I offered to look myself and was welcomed into the back. Found the BB and TML suits, and the AR jacket below, plus some shirts not photographed yet. Suits were £8...
OP - perhaps you need to consider your suit choice more carefully. And while the shirt is plain white, is it double- or single-cuff, and is the collar point or spread? 
Velomatt's first suggestion is a good one for you, the light blue one. You've said that you worry that blue looks business-like, but if you wear a blue with some sort of floral motif it takes it away from the business look. Finally, when you narrow down your choices, let your wife decide. She'll like that you're asking her opinion, and don't we all want to look good for the other people in our lives?
Thrifting was poor where I was on holiday, in Keswick in the Lake District. Had success there before, but this time I only got there in the afternoon on a public holiday, so the cupboards were nearly bare. Just picked up one item which always has sleeves too short for me, but sells well:
  Bit late, but been on holiday
Thanks. Sadly it's too small for me (Italian size 48 Slim Fit), and it was an e-thrift from Italy, so not going back. I'll just have to list it and see how it goes, but some you win some you lose. Hopefully post some pics of winners tomorrow if I can find my camera.
Thanks guys, the knowledge on this thread is quite remarkable!
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