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Thomas Pink make shirts in Ivory or Neutral: http://www.thomaspink.com/slimfit_shirts/mens/fcp-category/list#filters=MASTER_COLOUR!neutral&productsPerPage=20
Who is Kent Want? http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENSWEAR-ESSENTIAL-Navy-Blue-Grenadine-Garza-Grossa-Kent-Want-Silk-Tie-NR-STAPLE-/180968678950?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item2a2292e626  
  Is that the standard spread, or a special for a customer?  If a special, is there a way to reference it on an order?
  Think this would look better with a suit: http://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/product/raymond-weil-tradition-gents-automatic-watch-2837stc00659   If I were you, I'd consider getting this watch to wear with a suit, and then buy cheaper watches for casual wear.  You can then maybe have a few cheaper watches which go with different colours and types of casual outfit, and be happy that this watch looks spot on with a suit, and you wouldn't have to wear your 'good' watch on any...
I prefer the look of black with grey suits personally, but will occasionally wear brown for a bit of variety. With dark blue suits, I prefer the look of brown, but will wear black for a bit of variety. This, however, is based on the fact I'm not in the city.  I work at a firm of consultants in a small town who mostly wear jeans and I just wear suits for pleasure, not because the rules say I must.   I voted Yes - but not CBD.  If you want to look smart, black will...
It was a public holiday here in the UK yesterday, so they may still be catching up.   That number's definitely not a Manchester number.  The correct number is 0161 736 4450, so drop the zero and add 44 at the front for the UK.  The company name is Sweeney's Outerwear, I just dialled and they answered. Cheers Edward
I love this: [[SPOILER]]   Never wear a hanky round your neck ever again! [[SPOILER]]   In your Ghana pics you look like you trying to take over the country and make the Black Star all your own!  Love the pics, thanks for sharing.
Sorry to continue a discussion from Friday, but I'm feeling all defensive about my 'bicycle-toed' and 'open-laced' shoes.  Pictured again for reference: I wear these with my shoes formally with a suit and get a lot of compliments about them looking nice and smart (admittedly from the 'general population').  I think that saying you can't imagine them ever looking good is a very extreme view, and would put you in a segment of the population that could hence be described...
OK, one to bear in mind for future improvement then.   Thanks for feedback
  Thought so about the suit, but still none the wiser about how to wear them.  Grey trousers and open neck shirt?  Or chinos?   In terms of 'bluchers', it's not a word I'd ever heard of before coming on this forum.  Would the UK-equivalent be Derby?  The concept of not being able to wear open-laced shoes (if that's the correct term) with suits I suspect would be lost on virtually anyone I'll ever meet in the UK.  I have a pair of closed-lace black shoes for my suit, but...
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