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To expand on the comments above ... the 'blazer' is casual only, would look nice with jeans and maybe a chunky jumper underneath, but don't think it's ever going to look anything other than a casual coat.   Re black pants and black shirt ... black is not generally liked as a colour on this forum (apart from black tie!) as it lacks versatility, is difficult to match with, and has no warmth/interest.  Maybe these three reasons are not quite right, or there are some...
You haven't just been limiting yourself to menswear shops have you?
  "theSufferfest" - you a fan or the great DMcQ himself?
I was mulling over getting this grey tie to wear with a grey suit (prob. mid-grey worsted, but also have dark grey flannel) and a white shirt.  Would this be the very stylish and modern look I have in my mind's eye, or a dull disaster?
While I was nosying round I found what looks to be a Stuhrling Original Cuvette 44, new with tags, £50, no bids yet (probably because the main photo is of the case and not the watch!).  Might end up a decent buy for someone in the UK. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/stuhrling-original-mens-wristwatch-/321019476639?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches_GL&hash=item4abe407a9f
I love the style of the Junkers Bauhaus watches, but have skinny wrists, so worry the 40mm dial would be a little too large for me.  Any recommendations for a similar watch with a 35mm-ish dial.  I am after a very plain looking face (but which still has the style of the Bauhaus), with a brown strap ideally.  Face to be white or cream.  Budget up to about £400 ($700).  As a further reference, I also like the Meistersinger Neo's design, and that has a 36mm case, but that's...
A fascinating observation, and I was just worried about my eyes.
Guy second from the right has his DB done up like a girl as well!
First chap has got his fly down as well hasn't he?  (edit - oh, already pointed out above, never mind)   [[SPOILER]]
I don't think it's down to quality of shirts at all. I stretch the collar straight and flat when I hang it up to dry and have been fine with all types of shirt.  If you're tumble-drying, well that's a different matter!
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