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Thrifting was poor where I was on holiday, in Keswick in the Lake District. Had success there before, but this time I only got there in the afternoon on a public holiday, so the cupboards were nearly bare. Just picked up one item which always has sleeves too short for me, but sells well:
  Bit late, but been on holiday
Thanks. Sadly it's too small for me (Italian size 48 Slim Fit), and it was an e-thrift from Italy, so not going back. I'll just have to list it and see how it goes, but some you win some you lose. Hopefully post some pics of winners tomorrow if I can find my camera.
Thanks guys, the knowledge on this thread is quite remarkable!
This jacket is branded Royal Hem, an Italian brand, it's very casual and slim fit, but feels nice and has working cuffs, might it have more renowned maker?
E-thrift:   true thrift:
Now that prompts a question! What techniques do people use for cleaning ties. For quite grim stains I've had success recently using Isopropyl Alcohol, or Rubbing Alcohol, as follows:- test a small area on rear first- soak a bit of cloth with alcohol and rub onto tie, you want to get the tie quite wet- dry with a hair dryer- repeat 2 and 3, sometimes a lot!This managed to completely remove a pen mark from a tie the other day, which staggered me, but is also pretty good on...
You're probably right for a lot of them.
70% off at Oxfam, so nearly all of these were £2-£3. Lewins, Tyrwhitts, Austin Reeds:   I say nearly all, the top right was more, and I was wondering if this is grenadine?
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