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Will do, thanks.
Might anyone be able to identify shoes with writing as follows? There are no markings left on soles or insole. Thanks.
Probably womenswear? Would be fine for a woman's jacket with one in the middle and three on each cuff.
Could I possibly ask the order number of the dark blue shirt please?  I like the collar as a casual one.Thanks.
That's about where I'd got to.  I have a cheap Chinese strap I might try it with, to see if I could make it look neat.Thanks.
Has anyone ever looked into strap alternatives for the Seamasters from the early 90s like this?
Perfect, thanks for that. Edward
More unique? Err...
I've just got a couple of ties from ebay, for £3.50 including postage for the pair!  They are the same design, one pale pink and one light purple.  They are new, but are entirely without tags or labels.  I suspect they must be a discontinued design which are being sold off.  They are 'handmade' in China.I wasn't expecting much, but was really surprised by how nice they were when they arrived, so was wondering whether anyone recognised the design? Thanks.
I have just got some Magnanni shoes (courtesy of ebay) that have a darker toe than the rest of the shoe. I've taken the pictures below, but the effect in real life is slightly more marked.   How do I polish the shoes to maintain this effect?  Do I just use a polish to suit the lighter colour of brown, and the toe will maintain the darker finish due to its treatment?   Apologies if this has already been covered in this thread, my search skills found this thread, but...
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