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You haven't just been limiting yourself to menswear shops have you?
  "theSufferfest" - you a fan or the great DMcQ himself?
I was mulling over getting this grey tie to wear with a grey suit (prob. mid-grey worsted, but also have dark grey flannel) and a white shirt.  Would this be the very stylish and modern look I have in my mind's eye, or a dull disaster?
While I was nosying round I found what looks to be a Stuhrling Original Cuvette 44, new with tags, £50, no bids yet (probably because the main photo is of the case and not the watch!).  Might end up a decent buy for someone in the UK. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/stuhrling-original-mens-wristwatch-/321019476639?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches_GL&hash=item4abe407a9f
I love the style of the Junkers Bauhaus watches, but have skinny wrists, so worry the 40mm dial would be a little too large for me.  Any recommendations for a similar watch with a 35mm-ish dial.  I am after a very plain looking face (but which still has the style of the Bauhaus), with a brown strap ideally.  Face to be white or cream.  Budget up to about £400 ($700).  As a further reference, I also like the Meistersinger Neo's design, and that has a 36mm case, but that's...
A fascinating observation, and I was just worried about my eyes.
Guy second from the right has his DB done up like a girl as well!
First chap has got his fly down as well hasn't he?  (edit - oh, already pointed out above, never mind)   [[SPOILER]]
I don't think it's down to quality of shirts at all. I stretch the collar straight and flat when I hang it up to dry and have been fine with all types of shirt.  If you're tumble-drying, well that's a different matter!
Now you're a person who has a pair of Church's as their everyday pair.  You therefore look like a serious player, as opposed to someone who saved up for months for them and has a small pedestal they put their shoes on every night before worshipping them.   I'm now going to go and do the same to mine.  Maybe we can nod knowingly if we pass each other in the street.   Lucan   PS. being slightly more serious, I'd just accept it as a bit of character, they really...
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