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Can anyone help me identify this belt? Either maker or material. Seems to say LOTREC maybe, but google draws a blank. Thanks.          
Many thanks.
I have the following tag in a Gieves and Hawkes suit. Does this mean it's made by anyone in particular? Thanks
The seven-fold seems a more standard length, which I'm happy with as I usually tie a four-in-hand. The other three are indeed longer (so perhaps a special order?), so I had to revise the half-windsor knot, which still gives a nice dimple. The double-four-in-hand is an option as well.
Photos of the Kilgour ties. I'm keeping the Spotty Burgundy and the Seven-fold, so the Green and the Red/Blue textured are available. Both are 62" in length.          
I'll pop home later and measure (and photograph).
@Purplelabel Yes, I got all four. It was actually the burgundy spot that I really wanted (and love it!). The green was actually the one I was least interested in, and am still mulling over the other two. Let me know if you want the green, or any more photos.
Could I have a gren check on this please? Thanks    
Couple of items I'm moving on because they are a bit big, so I'll be putting on ebay unless anyone wants them.   J Crew Large Slim Fit Blue Check, £10 posted.       Hugo Boss Black Label Navy Blue Movie Suit in Super 110s. Labelled a 38 Long, but I'd say 38-40. £75 posted.              
Any of you brits 16.5" and after a white shirt? The following is Chester Barrie mainline (not the cheaper diffusion) with Thomas Mason fabric. Looks immaculate for a bargain £21 posted:   Not my listing.
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