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Thanks Dino re the Cartier TF advice, I was just overly worried it wouldn't be good for it.   Video of the JLC Gyrotourbillon here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQJTGPtYtqA Nice for us mere mortals who'll never get to see one!
Is it possible to manually wind a Cartier Tank Francaise when it is 'dead', or am I ok just putting it on in that state and letting the movement get it going again? Thanks
These aren't exactly the same colour as your shirt, but grey appears to work according to Charles Tyrwhitt.  Also a blue with a small repeating motif.
Not sure any of your three really go, I'd say the middle was the best though.  A solid navy would (always!) be a good choice.  Can't see grey working, black wouldn't be popular on this forum, but would probably work for a more fashionable look.
Have heard of a new watch brand - Du Maurier (named after Daphne).  They only have one man's and one woman's at the moment.  The man's is quite steep for a Quartz movement I guess, but is really pretty: http://www.dumaurierwatches.com/the-collection/maxim-mens-watch.html
What do people think of this, which is reduced to £164 on Amazon.co.uk (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mens-Watches-ZEPPELIN-Years-7640M-1/dp/B007CZLDZW/ref=sr_1_2?s=watch&ie=UTF8&qid=1358155346&sr=1-2):   Are Zeppelin Watches OK?  Any idea on how the stopwatch would work, as there doesn't seem a pusher for it.  There are two crowns as it is dual-time obviously.   Thanks
Stick with what Oscar Wilde said: "You can never be over-dressed or over-educated".
Leather is generally waterproof, that's why all the cows you see when you leave London haven't dissolved!   Sounds like you just need new shoes or soles if you have wet socks when it's just light drizzle.  Or just keep your shoes in the office and wear something else to walk in.
Here are my three candidates for this thread.   This one I picked up on ebay for 99p and it turned out to be hallmarked silver:     This one I got free with a credit card many years ago.  I broke the strap's spring pin recently so decided to treat it to a new strap for all of £6.50 from China.     And this one I was left by my Grandad when he passed away.  I think my Mum and Dad bought it for him when his eyesight was fading about 30 years ago, so...
To expand on the comments above ... the 'blazer' is casual only, would look nice with jeans and maybe a chunky jumper underneath, but don't think it's ever going to look anything other than a casual coat.   Re black pants and black shirt ... black is not generally liked as a colour on this forum (apart from black tie!) as it lacks versatility, is difficult to match with, and has no warmth/interest.  Maybe these three reasons are not quite right, or there are some...
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