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Some little wins from the UK:   Short sleeve for summer:     Hackett Linen BNWT     Ted Baker BNWT     Pink Pink Pink   Jigsaw BNWT     And could I get a gren check on this Hackett tie? I have a Charles Tyrwhitt one in pink in exactly the same material that was sold as Grenadine.  
^ p0rn star jeans
After quite a few quiet trips, had a good couple of visits in last few days, so hopefully things picking up in UK..                                 And two bottles of sweet sherry for the ladies..      
You need to leave the bottom button of your jacket unfastened.   For the tie, go darker burgundy than the one you pictured, or a dark navy with a small repeating pattern as a safe choice, e.g. SuitSupply ref D151229.
I recently asked if anyone had experience of Hugh and Crye shirts, and there was no response, so I bit the bullet and went for it, so here is a mini review. This is really part 1, and I'll try and do a part 2 after I've worn the shirt a few times. Apologies in advance for the lack of photography skills, and for my scruffy jeans (working from home today).https://www.hughandcrye.com/ BackgroundI am UK-based, and in the past have worn TM Lewin John Francomb Fully Fitted or...
Has anyone tried Hugh and Crye shirts? They have a different approach to sizing, based on a matrix, as seen here: http://www.hughandcrye.com/pages/fit   I'd be interested in hearing feedback on both size and quality.   For reference, my current favourite shirts are Kamakura New York Slims, and I'm not looking to supplant them as my shirts of choice, but would like another choice.   Thanks.
I'm normally a little too lazy to post, but while there has been a bit more posting from the UK, I thought I'd snap my lunchtime purchases.   Ralph Lauren jacket, £3.59 Labels = Corneliani and Flax = Linen, correct?     Christian Dior Pure Cashmere overcoat, £20 Not a great-selling name and well-used, but thought I'd give it a whirl for pure cashmere.     Charles Tyrwhitt Jacket, £8 Spot on my size. Have a couple of navy jackets already, but tempted to...
My three shirts are below, and sadly I don't think any are keepers. Cream OCBD (I just don't suit cream), White Stripe, Fine Stripe with white collars (would have worn if double-cuff!). New York Slim Fit, 41-92 (16-36). Net Cost $126+$40 Customs and Charges = $166. PM me if interested, or I'll probably ebay them at some point in the future. Am based in UK but will ship to US.  
If your Dad likes Chimay tell him to hunt out some Orval, similar but better IMHO.
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