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Bold check, but a nice Hugo Boss overcoat here for not a lot of money (not my listing):   Listed as 50% wool 50% viscose, but label says it's pure wool. Size 54 (euro) so sadly too big for me.
An unpopular question I know, but I'm hoping for a happy ending. Is this gren?  
Would be grateful for help with this one:
You'll find a wealth of experience here I'm sure (sadly not me!), but you need to give more background, e.g.: - budget - purpose of suit (wedding, work, etc.) - personal style (classic / formal / bit more up to date / flashy, etc.) - what makes you think you want a Savile Row suit - have you had Made to Measure or Bespoke before   And things like age and build might be useful.
Only slightly off-topic, but I'm onto my third bottle of this after-shave, which is an absolute bargain:   About to list an Amanda Christensen tie BNWT, but will leave it here first if anyone's interested:     Edward
Can anyone help me identify this belt? Either maker or material. Seems to say LOTREC maybe, but google draws a blank. Thanks.          
Many thanks.
I have the following tag in a Gieves and Hawkes suit. Does this mean it's made by anyone in particular? Thanks
The seven-fold seems a more standard length, which I'm happy with as I usually tie a four-in-hand. The other three are indeed longer (so perhaps a special order?), so I had to revise the half-windsor knot, which still gives a nice dimple. The double-four-in-hand is an option as well.
Photos of the Kilgour ties. I'm keeping the Spotty Burgundy and the Seven-fold, so the Green and the Red/Blue textured are available. Both are 62" in length.          
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