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Been very slow in the UK for a while, but found a visitor to these shores from over the Atlantic, that I recognised from these pages. Any good?     and below is something I've been after a while. Only a cheap pine version, but £4 and I hope all the bits are there!  
Thank you.
Quick question - I believe the initials on Bullock and Jones ties can identify the maker (e.g. CH = Charles Hill). I have one that is HB (poss. MB, def. not MD though!), on a Made in England tag. Any idea who that might be? Thanks.
Selling a few things in the UK, but here are a selection that might be worth the International...
 Surely this isn't a case of something actually being cheaper in the UK is it?!I had one but gave it to my cleaner. You're limited to their pods so get bored very quickly.
Bold check, but a nice Hugo Boss overcoat here for not a lot of money (not my listing):   Listed as 50% wool 50% viscose, but label says it's pure wool. Size 54 (euro) so sadly too big for me.
An unpopular question I know, but I'm hoping for a happy ending. Is this gren?  
Would be grateful for help with this one:
You'll find a wealth of experience here I'm sure (sadly not me!), but you need to give more background, e.g.: - budget - purpose of suit (wedding, work, etc.) - personal style (classic / formal / bit more up to date / flashy, etc.) - what makes you think you want a Savile Row suit - have you had Made to Measure or Bespoke before   And things like age and build might be useful.
Only slightly off-topic, but I'm onto my third bottle of this after-shave, which is an absolute bargain:   About to list an Amanda Christensen tie BNWT, but will leave it here first if anyone's interested:     Edward
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