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Kamakura would fall into that price range as well.
Barely worn Made in Spain Magnanni shoes. Selling for £40 / $60 plus shipping. Shipping to be £5 UK, £20 USA (unless you can help me find a better price!). I also have a pair of Ferragamos for sale, so shipping could be combined. http://www.styleforum.net/t/514121/salvatore-ferragamo-lavorazione-originale-black-shoes-size-10-d-worn-twice
Worn twice Ferragamo shoes, they are just too narrow for me. Selling for £75 / $115 plus shipping. Shipping to be £5 UK, £20 USA (unless you can help me find a better price!).
Ooh, you may be right! This tag looks the same... I did briefly think about Marinella when I first saw them.  
Any chance of some help with the following ties? I got them as I liked the patterns and they felt great, but there's no labels. Thanks.
Here's an amusing story from ebay for you.   I bought a pair of Tyrwhitt trousers from ebay. BNWT, unfiinished hems, 32" waist. The seller had 30" and 32" trousers available. When they arrived they looked great, but as soon as I put them I knew I had problems, they had a big fold of excess material on the back below the waistband.   So I opened a return to send them back, suggesting they may be seconds at best. I then got an email from the seller saying I should have...
You probably need to wash just one shirt 2 or 3 times to test the shrinkage before you make a final decision. Also bear in mind that we in desk jobs spend most of the day with our arms bent!
Two shirts from Kamakura, classic check OCBDs, in the Tokyo Slim Fit Cut. These are New Without Tags, never worn, just remove from pack and ironed.   £25 per shirt, or £45 for the pair. £5 P&P in UK, £12 to the US.   Will be on holiday after 12 August.  
  Shirt - Tyrwhitt Tie - Austin Reed "Cut" Suit - M&S Sartorial Belt - Bexley Watch - Longines Handwound. Used to be my Grandad's, so don't know a lot about it. It think my Dad bought it for my Grandad in the 80s when his eyesight was fading.
Yes, I agree I'm struggling to get a great amount of detail into my pictures at the moment. I'll try some different angles and lighting, but I may have to resort to a better camera at some point.
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