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I'd go for it, definitely think a blazer.
 Isn't that a blazer and not an orphan with buttons like that?
Was dropping off an old desk at lunch, so just a quick stop, but got three really different items:   Old Harris Tweed. No name, made in England, confusingly has Italian writing on.     Massive lump of Italian Leather from Pal Zileri. Don't know if it will flip for much, but couldn't resist.       And something for me for next summer:
My guess is completely unknown maker without any value, but posting here for the expert opinion anyway!
Well here's a market I never knew about. Guess I'll look more closely at the Hi-Viz stuff I see in charity shops from now on, if this can be achieved with the typos in his title.  
No, only just ordered two from Sam Hober, one of which is Slate Blue, and I already have a burgundy, so sadly the Jaeger ones are no good for me. Would have loved a slim black one for £30, but never mind.
Hi UK and possibly also EU thrifters. Jaeger has a small range of 7cm grenadines at £30 at the moment:   Enjoy!   Edward
Thanks Fueco
Any chance of help with these Brooks Brothers..
I'd get a navy wool peacoat. Looks good with jeans but can be dressy enough to go out in. You can get away with it with a suit, especially as: 1. you don't wear a suit every day; 2. you sometimes won't need a coat as well as suit jacket; and 3. you'll generally wear a suit to go somewhere and then immediately take your coat off.
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