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No, only just ordered two from Sam Hober, one of which is Slate Blue, and I already have a burgundy, so sadly the Jaeger ones are no good for me. Would have loved a slim black one for £30, but never mind.
Hi UK and possibly also EU thrifters. Jaeger has a small range of 7cm grenadines at £30 at the moment:   Enjoy!   Edward
Thanks Fueco
Any chance of help with these Brooks Brothers..
I'd get a navy wool peacoat. Looks good with jeans but can be dressy enough to go out in. You can get away with it with a suit, especially as: 1. you don't wear a suit every day; 2. you sometimes won't need a coat as well as suit jacket; and 3. you'll generally wear a suit to go somewhere and then immediately take your coat off.
Been very slow in the UK for a while, but found a visitor to these shores from over the Atlantic, that I recognised from these pages. Any good?     and below is something I've been after a while. Only a cheap pine version, but £4 and I hope all the bits are there!  
Thank you.
Quick question - I believe the initials on Bullock and Jones ties can identify the maker (e.g. CH = Charles Hill). I have one that is HB (poss. MB, def. not MD though!), on a Made in England tag. Any idea who that might be? Thanks.
Selling a few things in the UK, but here are a selection that might be worth the International...
 Surely this isn't a case of something actually being cheaper in the UK is it?!I had one but gave it to my cleaner. You're limited to their pods so get bored very quickly.
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