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Yes, I think there is enough material. I was just concerned about the bar tack thing. Does that just get cut open, and then replaced after letting the trousers out? Here's a photo to show the available material anyhow.
Could you let me know if it is possible to let out the waist on trousers finished at the back as the picture below shows. I only need about half to three-quarters of an inch and there seems enough spare material, just not sure about the finishing.     Many thanks.
Any chance of help identifying maker of these shoes. A little beat-up but super cheap.   Love the Fred Perry mac @txwoodworker, remember loads of kids used to wear their polos when I was younger and they were just a run-of-the-mill brand. Now they've doubled or trebled their retail and they're one of my fave UK charity shop finds as it's such an easy sell.
Thanks Spoo
Scored some bargain RLPL shoes: which came up lovely:     Can someone interpret sizing for me please, is this 11 US or UK?   Thanks
I'd go for it, definitely think a blazer.
 Isn't that a blazer and not an orphan with buttons like that?
Was dropping off an old desk at lunch, so just a quick stop, but got three really different items:   Old Harris Tweed. No name, made in England, confusingly has Italian writing on.     Massive lump of Italian Leather from Pal Zileri. Don't know if it will flip for much, but couldn't resist.       And something for me for next summer:
My guess is completely unknown maker without any value, but posting here for the expert opinion anyway!
Well here's a market I never knew about. Guess I'll look more closely at the Hi-Viz stuff I see in charity shops from now on, if this can be achieved with the typos in his title.  
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