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  Shirt - Tyrwhitt Tie - Austin Reed "Cut" Suit - M&S Sartorial Belt - Bexley Watch - Longines Handwound. Used to be my Grandad's, so don't know a lot about it. It think my Dad bought it for my Grandad in the 80s when his eyesight was fading.
Yes, I agree I'm struggling to get a great amount of detail into my pictures at the moment. I'll try some different angles and lighting, but I may have to resort to a better camera at some point.
I have a feeling that white shirts aren't the forum's favourite fodder, but here goes anyway, I like 'em. Maybe next time I'll be back in blue (like a toned-down AC/DC).   Suit - Austin Reed (Dark Navy) Shirt - Kamakura Tie - Lewin Links - Stolen from a pirate!
This is more my everyday look, white shirt and blue tie. Kamakura shirt is on it's first wear, and I'm really pleased with it, but was too impatient to wash it before wearing. Do they shrink a little after the first wash? I could do with the sleeves coming up half an inch (I 'manually adjusted' for this pic).       Suit - M&S Sartorial with Alfred Brown fabric - dark grey herringbone Tie - Lewin Shirt - Kamakura Links - Dalvey Belt - Bexley
My favourite thing at the moment is patterns that look like solids from a distance, in particular ties. All my favourite ones have small patterms that are much less noticeable from more than a few metres. Suit - M&S Sartorial with Alfred Brown fabric Tie - Lewin Shirt - Harvie and Hudson micro gingham Links - Austin Reed Belt - Bexley
Thanks to all for your kind comments, tips and thumbs. Not sure whether I'll be more or less nervous when I do my second post now!
First ever attempt from me after lots of deep breaths! Pics still need a bit of practice. Be gentle....     Suit - Gieves and Hawkes Shirt - Tyrwhitt Tie - Maison de la Cravate Belt - Bexley
Tried a new area this weekend and was treated to a few personal pops. Shirt at the back that you can't read the label of is a Common People one, which I think is fairly OK, esp. new.
Not the most spectacular bargain, but I'm pretty happy with the price for such a staple:
Went to a shop in the slightly bigger town near me that I haven't been to before, as it's a bit further out and there are plenty to keep me busy in the centre, but was definitely worth the visit.
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