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If you're concerned that the Strands are too "busy" I'd look into the Sanfords.   Personally, the Strand is my favorite shoe and I have them in Walnut, burnished brown, and black. My walnut Sanfords were the first pair of Allen Edmonds I ever owned and (in my opinion) look good with a suit all the way down to a pair of jeans.
Spread collars, ties with minimal padding, and a half winsor is what I do.   I'm not unusually short, but at 5'9" I occasionally have this issue when utilizing a 4-in-hand.   The reason I buy ties with minimal padding is to keep the size of my tie knot in check.   Of note: I'm a former college baseball player and built like a catcher so the half winsor looks very proportional on me. If you're 120 pounds, I can't help you.
Everything on the right side of the hook is Charles Tyrwhitt. I suppose I'm a CT Fanboy. I wanted to reply to this thread in hopes that it may help others. Shirts: I've noticed that their shirts have changed at some point over the last 3 years. My more recent poplin weave shirts are much easier to iron. I personally prefer the herringbone weave because of it's durability but it's not the best for hot climates (like here in Texas) Modern luxury: I've ultimately been...
All shoes are in their original box unless specified. I realize these aren't $500 shoes, but there may be some people who are interested in them. They are all in excellent condition and most retail for $150/pair. I rarely wore all of these and they all still smell new.   Johnston and Murphy Minzer (Black)-11.5D oxford Brand new. Rubber Soles Stricklin (Black)- 11.5D oxford Excellent Used Condition. Rubber Soles Gillum (Black)- 12D oxford Excellent used....
I agree Lisa! If I carried a cheap BIC in my pocket, I'd feel like an engineer. However, these days, I keep a small Sterling Silver Solitaire 163 Rollerball in my suit or shirt pocket.
In my opinion, you can hire someone to handle your accounting and finances. It may be more expensive in the short run, but you should be devoting as little of your personal time as possible to the profitability of your company in the first few years.   Obviously, it first depends what kind of company you plan to have and if you'll have a service or product. My advice:   1.) Learn how to sell. You need to learn how to advertise, prospect, and bring in new...
I hope my computer isn't acting up today, but forgive me if my post comes out weird.  Sailor makes excellent pens. I personally have been looking around for the right deal on a Limited Edition 1911 with a Fine 14k Nib. It's almost identical to my Mont Blanc 149, but they can be had for much much cheaper.As far as Pelikan pens. It depends which ones you are interested in. Generally speaking, their mid level and above pens are excellent. They made some very cheap pens in the...
I apologize for not embedding the image and for the poor responses. My computer is acting up and it keeps saying "Please enter something before you submit your post" or "this post could not be found to be edited." With that said, I'll check out that thread rach2jlc. I always like new excuses to come to this forum. Thanks
Your diplomats are very nice as well. I actualy just sold a Special Edition Diplomat Fountain Pen about a month ago. It was extremely well made and honestly nicer than the cheaper Mont Blanc classiques that I've owned in the past. They're very underrated pens.
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