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Are the Molloy & Sons' donegals suitable for a suit, in your opinion? I'm concerned about the trousers durability. 
What do you think? BTW, the Cho's picture is great, in my opinion.    
 I really don't see any of this in Matt's photos. His shoulder lines are well fitting, there's nothing similar to the ill fitting shoulder line above (which you've explained to us that does not account for a forward shoulder). What I see is probably a bit of excess length on the right quarter, combined with cloth's idiosyncrasies (notice that his tweed examples do not exhibit the issue) and a poor stance.  
If I had read this years before, my earlier commissions (started at the age of 20, btw) would be much better.
kind of disappointed to know that manton is a right wing dude, but it did make sense when I saw Machiavelli's name on his book
Always fun to view fittings! Looks very nice, which cloth have you used for the tweed suit? Also, which cloth as used for the coat bellow? Looking forward for more contributions. Going to drop some lengths at my tailor this week, hope to contribute to this thread.  
 Great coat, SL. Raw silk? Great texture and taste. The guy next to you looks like a common pitti guy. Could spot those pick stitchings 10 meters aways, not a fan.
That's great report, foo! Please keep them coming, if possible with photos.
Great response. Fit is the bare minimum to expect from a good bespoke tailor. Style, however (which is, in my opinion, what lordsuperb was really trying to convey), is really an ever developing matter.
Nice blog post by Gennaro (well, probably by his son Andrea). Apparently, Gennaro draws his patterns directly on the fabric. Also, it was interesting too see that, while the chest darts were extended, he did not work with a side body, using only a fish cut (something that my tailor, for example, reserves only for "large" customers).  
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