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Thanks! I was only looking for some positive feedback before handing over credit card info for some unknown by me mill.
Have any of you bought fabrics at Philips-Boyne? They are asking for my complete credit card information and I'm not comfortable enough to complete the order.
You can button it, but, probably, it will throw off the balance. Except for a paddock coat, you should not button the last button.
 That's really nice suit, Sander! Looking forward to more photos of it. Not trying to nitpick, but have Miyahira-san diagnosed what causes that ill fitting shoulder? One of my coats presents the same problem (different tailor, though), but I have not had the time to send it to the mothership. My guess is a forward shoulder not accounted for.
Post some more pieces, @gusvs! 
Perhaps because being able to empathize is the most underestimated human capacity and the most needed. Though, IMO, it's more simple than that: it pleases clothing nerds.
 It depends on the shade of red, in my opinion. Bright colors are tough to pull off in "good taste". Bellow are some picture of Mark Cho, which, in mi opinion, has worn a red blazer in good taste. It looks so good to me that I actually almost fooled myself into commissioning one, in spite of having a lot of traditional shades in different materials to catch up with Mark. 
That sharkskin is the best I've seen so far from Paone (2). Thanks for sharing. Any differences you noted from your first order? Also, any new orders?
Thank you for your report and looking forward to your photos!
You mean ethnically? I'm not familiar with ethnic Iranians, but I'm a common Brazilian, as far as I know.I think that it's a fussing. Can't ask more than fit, style and the process paying the equivalent to us$ 250,00 for a suit.
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