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30%? Try paying 90% here.
 Agreed. Also, seeing this piece, by Mussela Dembech, makes your point even more reasonable: 
 In my experience, that is true. My commitment and knowledge reflect in the final garment, though I am not directly involved in its production. For example, I have garments where, though the tailor followed my feedback, the result was suboptimal as a result of my inexperience. However, this interpretation could reflect more of my own personality, than the reality. Also, those "experiences" where my earlier ones, so this could be the tailor dialling in the fit and styling.
 Thanks, @EFV, that is just the kind of picture that I was looking for. I have to say, that is a good roll!  Unfortunately, a good roll is not enough for a thrill.  What do you think @luxire, is it possible to achieve a roll like the one bellow? For my untrained eye, the collar bellow seems to have longer leafs and further placed buttons. http://instagram.com/p/nisAmGv54y/
Thanks, guys, that's really great to hear! I'm considering ordering a test shirt and, if everything goes well, turn Luxire into my main OCBD provider. Going to search this thread for some photos, but, if you have any to share, I'd appreciate. Again, thanks!
What is your experience and comments on Luxire's standard button down collar pattern? I understand that this almost a subjective matter, though there seems to be an ideia of what makes a good button down collar, but your experience and comments would still be very useful for me. Thanks.
I'd be interested in a navy or medium brown shade of dupioni or raw silk, especially in a loose weave.
      I was going to say that the quarters are too open (even Liverano makes sure to only open aggressively after the bottom button), but on a second look I saw the diagonal lines on the pattern, which usually indicates a long front balance and would explain why the quarters are so open. Shortcomings of RTW, I guess. So, for possible clients, this could mean that the cut is more balanced than illustrated.      What do you think of this, gdl? I am only seeing a picture, so...
Hope you keep posting the goods!
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