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Perhaps because being able to empathize is the most underestimated human capacity and the most needed. Though, IMO, it's more simple than that: it pleases clothing nerds.
 It depends on the shade of red, in my opinion. Bright colors are tough to pull off in "good taste". Bellow are some picture of Mark Cho, which, in mi opinion, has worn a red blazer in good taste. It looks so good to me that I actually almost fooled myself into commissioning one, in spite of having a lot of traditional shades in different materials to catch up with Mark. 
That sharkskin is the best I've seen so far from Paone (2). Thanks for sharing. Any differences you noted from your first order? Also, any new orders?
Thank you for your report and looking forward to your photos!
You mean ethnically? I'm not familiar with ethnic Iranians, but I'm a common Brazilian, as far as I know.I think that it's a fussing. Can't ask more than fit, style and the process paying the equivalent to us$ 250,00 for a suit.
 No and they were only that big at the fitting, though I make sure to have some shoulder extension while keeping a curve on the sleeve fall. My tailors likes to decide about the shoulder length at the fittings. Also, while having some shoulder pads, the shoulder has a pretty natural line to it.  This particular coat was quarter lined (shoulders and sleeves) with silk (acquired by me, btw).
Forward fitting for a linen suit. Already took delivery, but did not have a chance to photograph it.  
Thank you. 
The donegal tweed seems to have gained a lot of traction lately. I love mine and intend to commission another one, but I'm undecided between W Bill's 34582 (perhaps 34592, after seeing Benedik's suit) and the P&H's Thornproof 62261. Anyone would like to give me your 2 cents?  
I partially agree with you. Yes, we can make a point today that the fit is the main asset of bespoke, given that there is RTW on par with bespoke (cloth wise and handcraft wise) and made to order on the same standards (which gives you more flexibility with the cloth choice and a better fit, in theory). However, is the difference (which we assume, for the sake of an argument, that favours a bespoke garment) worth the price difference? Honestly, I do not think so. That's...
New Posts  All Forums: