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 No kidding. It's something like $1500-1700 + tax in the USA depending on the model, and if I recall correctly around 1200-1400€ when in Paris (including VAT).  
For the Americans among us, prices in Europe for european brands right now are crazy cheap due to the extremely strong dollar. For example, you can can get a 16" Hermes Sac a Depeche for $9100 + tax or ~$10,000 in NYC. But in Paris, it's only €5750 which after VAT refund & currency exchange comes to even less in dollars: about $5500.   Literally a 45% discount. You could fly to Paris, have a really awesome vacation, buy the Hermes bag, and still be in the black.    The...
The red suede + yellow piping is amazing. I just got grey suede arcas, and am waiting for the salt to disappear from the NYC sidewalks before venturing out with them. 
Oh man, I got a refund and now I'm sort of regretting that.
Though I thought I'd like the MMM gradient better in black, after seeing the pic, I think it's better in blue.
Really digging these MMM, but kind of wish they came in black.  
I'm not sure why I would need my jacket to transform into a bag, but as a bag in and of itself, it looks pretty cool. 
The Black Reversed Oiled Horse ones. I'm still in the market for my first pair of A1923, so while oiled horse is no longer in the running because of the dye transfer, I'm wondering if his other shoes are also as bad. 
What are people's experiences with stain transfer on their A1923s? I tried on a pair of the black oiled zips the other day, and my fingers were black from just putting them on and off.
I think brown & black clash more-so with the shoe/bag combo than the shoe/belt combo because the bag is so much bigger and in your face. A belt is fairly small, and often covered by a jacket. Much like black shoes aren't as versatile as brown shoes, the same goes for black bags.
New Posts  All Forums: