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 Tungsten is super cheap (dollar-wise, not quality-wise). But it is a good gold substitute. 
Do people like or prefer non-hacking movements? I learned recently that the Patek Aquanaut is non-hacking, and I'm surprised that a new(-ish), modern watch would come out with a non-hacking movement, especially at Patek's price point. I get it if it's a historical movement of importance, but if not, why then?
So discounting the actual value of gold, that's a ~20k premium for the new GMT. ouch. 
So, what would the melt value of a gold Rolex (+bracelet) be these days? platinum?
Apparently there were pink vagielas @ Bergdorf that I entirely missed.   
Well, polish them with what?
So I got a scratch right on the front of my Aubergine Corthays. Anyone got a suggestion on what to do with it?
Sizing on the Corthay might vary by last though. I sized a 10 for the 001 Arca, but ended up buying a 10.5 for the Pullman last. 
 I don't understand it either, but my guess is that no one wants to leave their watch in the locker where it can be stolen.
I really dig these orange Corthay shoes more than the crocs, but not sure what I could wear them with.       Last year, I found some python cowboy boots in a thrift store that fit me perfectly, and they're awesome. A little hard to wear in NYC, though.
New Posts  All Forums: