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Bought these a size too small. I wore them around the house for 4-5 hours but decided on going a size up. Willing to trade for a size 34.
Yeah unfortunately those pictures make the PS look like shit on me. I actually have a PS in a 34 that I bought less than a month ago that just no longer fit me due to weight loss. I actually love the fit as it doesn't look out of proportion as these pictures make it look but unfortunately they are about 1-2 inches too big along the waist.
double post...
I just have a question. I just posted something in the apc thread but I got a message that it had to be approved by a moderator before it actually posts due to being new. How long with that take?
First 3 photos are of the Standards and last 4 of the petits.   Selling my APC Petit Jeans due to weight loss. They have been worn roughly 20 times. They are a size 34 x 36 but of course as with all APC denim, they've stretched a little. New measurements listed below. NEVER WASHED, NEVER SOAKED.   Waist: 18 1/2  Inseam: 36  Leg Opening: 7 1/2 Thigh: 12 1/2   also, on...
anyone know if apc still has a trade in program? I heard that trading your old pair in can get you up to 50% off a new pair.
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