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Suit supply?
I'm a recent graduate with a single suit in my inventory, a black hugo boss suit I wore to prom 5 years ago, and some Uniqlo shirts that don't fit properly.   I live in Toronto, and I'm looking at some bespoke tailors for a charcoal and navy, MTM and from a bespoke (Garrison's seems like the ideal choice after some reading). If this is the correct approach, then I'll be booking an appointment at Garrison's Bespoke right away.   If otherwise, what are some lower end...
The jeans, from left to right, and finally the bottom pair April North Wine (worn ~3 times, 12 hours roughly) April Colordrive Black ("matte" finish, worn twice, 3 hours roughly) April North White (never worn) April North Beige (never worn) April Warsaw ("waxy" finish worn one night, 4~5 hours roughly)   They are all size 30 Joeys, exact same measurements/dimensions   Price is 90USD or 110CAD per pair plus shipping charges.   *edit: added a pic me wearing a size 30...
Gentlemen, I am in dire need of assistance.   I'm looking to buy the Barbour Gladwell jacket in a size medium exactly as depicted in the link:   Same colour, the whole shabang. Can't find it anywhere. I'm in Toronto, Ontario, and I want this before fall hits. Help?
  If anyone knows anything about this boot please, do tell! I'm dying to buy them.
I desperate need your help guys.   I've an athletic/ottermode build, and I want to show it off, but I can't find a jacket that is legitimately suited for someone with wide shoulders and a slim waist.   I've looked into peacoats, bombers, parkas, and many brands out there but when the stuff arrives at the door it always looked like they used a barrel when creating the lower dimensions of whatever I happen to buy.   I'm 6ft 155lbs 28 inch waist 39 inch...
Need a wool, very slim fitting bomber for an atheistic build. (swimmer build, not body builder build) Wool because Canada, bomber because it shows off my hard hours put into cardio and gym. I'm totally desperate guys I want to be prepared this winter.
The Jcrew in Yorkdale mall of Toronto is for females only. Makes me rage just thinking about it.Thanks for the Thinsulate tip. Definitely will select it. I'm torn between a medium and a large right now, I'll email Jack to be sure.
After some further thought I sort of agree with your opinion. The leather trim is just excessive and the fact that it's 8 buttons showing also ticks me off.
Need a bit of help with the sizing guys. 6ft, 155 lbs, athletic/swimmer build. 40 inch chest, 28 inch waist, circumference wise. I'm looking to get the Bayswater peacoat after some serious debates between sterlingwear/schott/jcrew. So...medium or large? Also is this warm enough for Toronto winters?
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