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Gaudy white buttons are go.      
    Hello SF.   Suit: Marubishi (cheapo MTO) Shirt: The Suit Company Tie: Sum Japanese make Socks: Uniqlo Shoos: Joseph Cheaney for Gives & Hawkes
The answer is that it depends.   Wearing a black captoe oxford (what you call "balmoral" in America), one of the most formal mens shoes, with a pair of jeans, one of the most casual mens pants, is not a coherent look, and yes bad taste if you ask me.   However, something like a lighter brown full-brouge oxford can work with jeans if that is absolutely what you want to wear.   Short answer:   Formal shoes with jeans: Bad idea  Fancy shoes with jeans:  Better idea
 I thought black watch and solid green seamed like I neat combo until I tried to wear it the other day and I decided I don't like it. Looks much better here tough - I would consider a navy knit but perhaps the contrast with the coat would to harsh.I do find the square a bit too busy for the busy coat tough, but otherwise I find the look enjoyable.
Newish navy sportcoat - not sure if this shoulder is for me, but it was cheap and worth trying out.             Bathroom lightning vastly superior.  
Majestic pair of Stefano Bemer split-toe tassels. They are either a MTO or bespoke pair, being marked "Per il sig David Laws" and the date 24-9-98, which would make them almost exactly 15 years old. They are however in pristine condition, clearly having received all the care such a pair deserves and show no signs of age or heavy wear. The leather lining is clean and unsoiled, the uppers are without a single noticeable scuff mark.  The heels show slight wear, as do the...
Crockett and Jones for Gordon Scott penny loafers sized UK 8.   Soles have about 2 years of un-frequent wear. One light scuff mark on the toe of the right shoe, not visible from above (circled in the last picture). Uppers in otherwise perfect condition.   Shoes reside in Sweden, shipping to Europe is roughly +25 euros, shipping to US is not really advised but possible. Cost estimated at 35 USD. Try-on and pickup in Stockholm possible and welcome.
  Today's lesson for me personally is that the above also holds true to shirts. While trying to learn how to wear a tan cotton suit, the bright red gingham check I bought for use with it turned out to be a lot louder then I had hoped. A burgundy candy stripe that I already owned turned out to work much better.   Bright red:           Burgundy stripe:          
Successful rule break? (I'll admit colors are bit off season)  
Security guarding in gingham check...  
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