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I´ve been lusting for another DB suit the last two years or so.   Sadly, the Soho was slightly too big in size 44 (EUR) and slightly too small in 42. The Madison was a decent fit in size 44, but I could never get past those enormous bat-wing lapels that looked totally out of proportion on small sizes (no point in wearing a pocket square, as the lapel would cover 95% of the chest pocket).   Now two years later, DB suits have been showing up at Susu again in limited...
+1  I somehow managed to get away with decent loot from the outlet as well. Posting pics on arrival.
I keep checking their website close to every day, and HELL YEAH, finally new DB suits out!    Or so I thought, my size in the new Madisons sold out on the very first fucking day.   Well, at least the can see there is clear demand for DB suits.
 Is it just me, or has SuSu become very plain and bland the last few seasons? I mean, I didn´t buy those shocking pink plaid velvet jackets or military cosplay uniform jackets back in the days (fall 2014 and earlier), but their very existence gave the brand a certain amount of dash and flavor. Well, new cuts are reportedly around the corner, so let´s hope for those. 
 That´s some pretty awesome news; for a while, it looked liked they´d given up making DB suits altogether. A new DB fit is more then I hoped for! By "less Italian" they hopefully mean something with more normal lapels then the Madison batwing-craziness (could of course also mean more structured in the shoulders, like a DB version of the Washington, that would be cool too, as long as it´s still wearable casually).  
  While you´re at it, ask when we´re getting a plain blue double-breasted wool suit! I mean, they introduced _one_ this season, and it´s pretty much sold out at the pre-order stage, so I really don´t get this talk about DB models not selling enough.   
Most confess that I´m really not impressed with the spring/summer pre-order; too much bland, washed-out colors and funky textures. Too few tasteful bold patterns, and worst of all, NO double-breasted fits.   I mean, come on, just give as us Soho or Madison in plain blue wool - you had 3 or 4 of them last spring and they sold out by end of march.    
I seriously doubt there will be any Europe outlet this winter.   Outlet opening on different days in January and June we´ve seen in the past (it has been both early and late in the months during the last 2 years).   Outlet being restricted to certain markets/countries we´ve also seen in the past (there have Europe-only outlets, so no reason there should not be a US-only one).    What we have not seen in the past is the outlet open to certain markets, close, and then...
Uh, I can give my general impression, I guess:   Soho: Best fit on me, medium-ish height rise, quite a lot of room for hips. Copenhagen (also know as "Porto" trousers). Lower waist, tighter in the hips. Lazio: Higher then Copenhagen, about the the same in the hips. Washington: Somewhere in between in Soho and the others, medium-high rise, but less room then Soho. Napoli, Havana etc: No experience.  
 They are quite different in that York is roomier, and Mercer more close fitting, so if one doesnt fit, chances are the other will. Given SuSu outlet price, you can probably flip the other on the Buy&Sell forum for what you gave.
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