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This brown Copenhagen washed cotton suit was among my outlet haul (@ 149 euros), but I'm starting to have serious concerns if it's a good idea to keep. I really like to color and styling, but I'm having some fit issues.             My camera broke down before I had the chance to take any photos of the above one, but the pics below are of me wearing a same size cotton Copenhagen (flap pocket version, but sizing is identical). I´d love it to work for me, but there...
Did you notice them jacking up the jacket prices 100 euros during today? Cashmere and camel jackets where 299 yesterday and 399 today. They probably made a pricing error - congrats to those of you who placed their orders yesterday, I guess.
I have Bleecker fit coat (same as yours above), and it´s a pretty true to size-bordering on generous fit, no problem at all wearing over a same-size suit jacket (even a beefy winter DB).   Quite unlike the Trento fit overcoat, which was so slim I had to size up.   Personal impressions so far:   Jackets are quite nice, orange Hudson is the favorite.   Suits: Lacks a nice solid blue DB (preferably Soho), but I guess it´s coming. Two solid Blue Washingtons are nice, I...
Ever so trend-sensitive, SuSu is comming out with a double front pleated trouser fit, the Brighton: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/pre_order_trousers/grey-trousers/B716.html?cgid=pre_order_trousers   I got a kick of reading the description:   "With their slight double-pleated front, our all-new Brighton fit trousers give a classic detail an updated revival. These aren't your old man's slacks; tailored from pure wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico, these elegantly simple dark...
 I think it´s like this: Suits sell on all 5 continents. Overcoats only sell in northern Europa and America. Less made, less volume in fabric bulk buying, hence higher prices.
  Still no sign of F/W collection? I chatted to a sales rep last week, and they said preorder would be available "by the end of the week". I still got a bunch of outlet items that I can´t really decide on (mainly a Chicago fit pea coat and a cotton velvet Trento overcoat). They´re pretty nice, but would cost about the same together as regular price overcoat, and I figured that I´ll wait for F/W before deciding to return to see if they´ll offer something that I´d rather...
  I was thinking along the same lines, but the problem is that the jacket is too stiff in construction, too buttoned-up, too fitted and uniform-like to really wear casually in a good way. Much like wearing a navy greatcoat with brass anchor-buttons, it moves too far into the realm of military cosplay.
Thanks.   The design is heavily inspired by a 1950´s dutch army uniform jacket, which you still buy at military surplus shops in unissued condition for cheap $$$ if you like it: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-1950s-wool-Dutch-Air-Force-blazer-military-dress-jacket-uniform-army-/131410281367?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_205&var=&hash=item1e98a9c397     All they did was pretty much add peak lapels to the design:  
I got a bunch of items at the outlet this year as well, among them this quite odd Christoffer jacket:       The fit is not too bad, but what exactly is this? How would you wear it?
Well, SuSu outlet has always been the online equivalent to Black Friday riots.
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