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Those boots are pretty interesting.
The red chair is an Arne Jacobsen egg chair which appears to be in a red fabric. The back of the white chair on the left side of the frame is probably an eames fiberglass chair. Not sure about the blue one with armrests though.
Fuuma forgive me for asking but is your LC2 3-seater legit or a replica?
The listed price is actually for a 12 pack. It just looks like it's 84 euro for 1 beer because of the picture.
Anyone use shoe trees for their CCP footwear?
Yeah I guess on the plus side I got my shoes back in one day and only spent $55 instead of the ~3 weeks and $150 it would've taken to ship my shoes to and from Willies. The grass is always greener though.
 Something about still seeing the nails through the sole is really appealing to me.
  What are some good pants with narrow hems? My Acne Max jeans have a 7" hem.
Got my derbies vibrammed. If only I went to Willies instead. I guess the only solution is to get tornadoes and U-soles and send them to Willies.          
Jil Sander 5 panel sidezips. US 9. Fits like 10-10.5. Outsole measures 12.5 inches. Upper has beautiful leather that will last years to come. Slight wear on inside lining by heel but easily fixed. Boots may need resoling. Made in Italy. $110 shipped CONUS. PM with any and all questions.
New Posts  All Forums: