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Greetings from sunny Southern California, where's it's almost never Tweed Time! All pieces $45 shipped (OBO!). Arnie Tagged 44T An interesting 2-roll-1, JFK paddock-style.         Chest: 22 Sleeve: 25 Shoulder: 19 Length: 31.5 ### Jack Runnion Ltd Greenville, SC Union Made in the USA A tradly 3/2 with patch pockets and a Palmetto pedigree. What's not to like?       Chest: 21.5 Sleeve: 24.5 Shoulder: 19.5 Length: 30 ### Frugalman's Harris Tweed Seattle, WA Union...
+1, please please please. I'm sure most of us love that eBay has this functionality, and it would make B&S that much more useful to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos If Manton's diagrams are still around, he explained and posted pics of some of the variables. No need to repeat what he has already explained. Maybe someone will link to the thread. How 'bout this: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/T...anShoulder.htm
That first one is what Beavis & Butthead referred to as a "cock knocker," if I'm not mistaken.
I've had my eye on the EVO for months, and now that it's out, I'm not so sure anymore. Apparently the battery life is not very good at all, and that makes sense, given the monster screen it has to power. Plus, the thing is huge, closer to a tablet than a phone. Also, kind of a bummer that the EVO shipped w/o Froyo, but I guess that's coming soon enough. I'm not sure what to do. I have an upgrade credit on Sprint, but I'm no longer on contract so I can go anywhere... maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Two words for today: Anne Hathaway Go on...
In 2008, thugs killed 12 of his dogs and ran him out of his lavish Downham, Norfolk, home and he has never returned. Instead it stands vandalised and derelict with his pool filled with rubbish. Poetry.
I've found the Flip cameras to be absolutely idiot-proof, down to the software they install when you plug them in. Easy as pie, the images look great for what they are, and the price is right.
Last summer, I visited London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, and spent three weeks in Italy. I know he's a goofball, but the Rick Steves books were really helpful in getting to know what's around, and especially so with regards to museums and other points of interest (operating hours, when/how to visit, associated costs). They have tips regarding public transportation, cultural considerations, and *sometimes* point you in the right direction food-wise. His itineraries are...
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