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Because of illness and lack of time, today was the first day I could go thrift on for two weeks time. It is pleasant to find so much new stock, however, there was not much worth buying for me.   Passed on a vintage Burberry sports coat, made in England and apparently of pretty high quality. Too bad it was a 40L. Also found an ugly green, windowpaned, double-breasted sport coat by Yves Saint Laurent, odd big size. Would probably have bought it if it weren't for the...
That paisley tie with a green base, second from the right on the second group photo, is it gone?
    This is pretty much perfect if you ask me. As single pieces of clothing they are all pretty bold but together they harmonize very well. The one thing I would change would be to rotate the pocket square to let more of the blue show instead of letting the red get too much of the focus. Well done!
    OP is, in this case, an acronym for 'original post', the first post in the thread.   I do not really know what is considered appropiate, wearing the brim up or down. My tip is to do whatever you feel the most comfortable in, people tend to look their best when they are comfortable.
There is a Yohji Yamamoto thread in the Streetwear and Denim section of the forum, you are definitely going to get more help over there. Find it here.   And wow, finding a piece by Yohji Yamamoto in a thrift shop is insane, would love to find something like that myself!   Welcome to Style Forum!
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