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  I'll keep my eyes open, I'm just finding watches (which are black) and hats for the moment. Thinking of it, a kilt would have been nice for those days when you're at home and not doing anything productive.       Be sure to update with pictures when you've got them altered, I want to see some black watch in action!
Just understood the purpose of the "Multi"-button, I'm sorry.
  Call me crazy, but I really like this. The orange trousers grabs my attention but is not overwhelming. Ordinary khakis or grey trousers would have felt too formal for a party of this sort. Everything from the trousers up look fine, I would not change anything there.   Bra jobbat!
  I must agree with you, black watch is .   With patterned trousers such a rare sight as it is, it would be pretty ballsy to wear black watch trousers. If I find a pair sometime, I will definitely buy them and try to pull it off.
  The first thing I have found in a thrift, except some shirts and trousers, that fit me relatively well from the beginning. Made in Sweden and appears to be pretty high quality, great pattern matching (except just above the pocket).
  It sure looks like it's Corneliani. I really like the spring jacket by Mackintosh. Great finds!   I found some sweaters and a cardigan by Alan Paine yesterday and one of them made me laugh a little, it had the Schwarzkopf logo printed (what do you say?) on it. Does anybody know anything more?
Edward Green penny loafers, 8 1/2E UK   Not exactly cheap but it looks like they have got a lot of wear left.
  Yep, Little Britain U.S.A aired some years ago. Not funny at all from what I can recall. I think there are quite a few people here in Sweden who would have known who he is if he was here.
That's what I wanted to hear, thank you.
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