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The one time I tried a pair on, I felt that they ran a little too slim for my feet. Does anybody know if they stretch and become just a little bit wider after wear?
Whoa , shame they only ship to Germany (not srs).  
  Holy crap, what a beautiful trench. I want to see it in action, any pictures coming?
Voted, good luck guys!
  Eton shirts are regarded as high quality shirts here in Sweden, but they aren't really comparable to real quality shirts. I would agree with that Eton shirts are on the same quality level as Brooks Brothers (Eton shirts are just slightly better), haven't handled much Brooks Brothers though.
  As I live in Sweden, I find at least 10 Eton shirts every time I go thrifting. Too bad they're priced very high (somewhere around 30 dollars each). Found a sport coat by Corneliani last week for half the price of an Eton shirt,
I am. The lasts are so beautiful.
  Let us just hope this is not a troll. If not, I do very much look forward to photos of your outfits.     This is disturbing. Not only accused of accessing child pornography, but making it too. Did Kevin ever tell the forum what the purposes of the black tie meetings were?
Kind of a crosspost     The blazer I showed you guys earlier. The only thing you can see in the picture which are bought for full price are my glasses. The shirt is an OCBD made in USA by a maker I can't remember now, the pocket square is made by myself. I will need to shorten the sleeves, maybe slim them down too?
  Thrifted both the blazer and the shirt yesterday. I am rather happy with the fit as it is, but I will need to alter the sleeves, shorten them down one inch or so. Not pictured is a pair of grey flannel trousers and shoes not worthy of being named on this forum. The eyeglasses are the model Miltzen, made by Moscot.
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