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  I'm looking for the exact same thing aswell! I'm going to NYC next week, where would I have the best chance of finding pants like this? I am on some kind of budget, but I'm grateful for all the information I get.
I’m going to New York for the first time next week, will be there from next Saturday (27/10) to the Sunday the week after (4/11). Clothing wise, I’m looking for trousers made of sturdy black wool in somewhat special cuts (think Yohji/CDG) for a price that I as a student can afford. Second hand is an option but I don’t want to go through thrift shops all day, I would like to know some consignment shops or (a few) thrift shops with a good reputation of having good stufff...
  Would you care to elaborate?
  you shouldn't. where do I find these?
  eagerly awaiting a picture of you wearing it! stunning pattern and colours, it looks so animated in the photos
Yep, I did. Never got a clear answer though, he just mumbled on about Hugo Boss...
I actually acted as Yukio M during a "writer's club"-thing in school, was a lot of fun. I was seated next to Hitler though.
Looked up "leder clothing" on google...     first link, "Leder Deluxe". forgot that leder is leather in German
I just want to thank all the posters in this thread - the inspiration, aspirations and knowledge you all spread are invaluable (or at least very highly valued)! I hope I will be able to contribute to this thread in the future, at least in some little way.     I would like to know this as well. Anyone got a source for vintage silk hakamas (preferably black)?
  Sure, it may be quite disturbing, but I actually find it pretty enjoyable. Even if the music isn't top notch, he/she has understood what it means to put on a show.
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