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One thing I'm glad they're keeping is how awesome of a person the Hound really is. Taking off his white cloak so Sansa can cover herself up? Like a god damned SIR.
New fan of the show. Just marathoned the previous six seasons over the past 3 weeks or so. Matt Smith is the most believable Doctor (having not seen anything prior to 2005), but Tennant is still my favorite. I'm a little saddened by the fact that we only got to meet Sally Sparrow that once, but alas. She's too awesome to be a companion, I guess.  
  And I supposed this caloric deficit is given to us by fairies while we sleep at night? Or am I right in assuming it happens by way of working out? He asked about losing his belly fat AND looking fit. Working core will help achieve both of these goals.
  Do you even read?  
You asked what toning is, I told you what muscle tone is. Do you really need anything else explained?
He actually wrote one of the episodes in season 1. I think he has a relatively active role in the production, compared to what I think other authors have. Also, he used to write for television, so he understands that what works on paper won't necessarily work on film. He talks about it i the commentary of one episode in the season 1 box set, about how in the book, Ghost is completely silent at all times, but they couldn't pull off the effect properly without having him...
None available. I actually feel kinda bad whenever it happens, but if the music tells me to play fucking loud, I'm gonna play fucking loud. She can get ear plugs
Muscle tone is the continuous, passive contraction of a muscle. By itself, it has nothing to do with how you actually look.
Today, I hit a bass drum so hard, a flute player with a form of epilepsy actually blacked out for half a second.
Recently I've become a regular at the only 24 hour diner in my city. I walk in, sit down, and without saying a word, the waitress hands me a Dr Pepper and puts in an order for a bacon cheeseburger, plain, with an over-medium fried egg on it. Whatever is going wrong with my day immediately takes a trip to the back burner once I take that first bite.
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