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Get a HEPA air purifier.
Anyone tried African Black Soap? I bought some on Amazon, suppose to do a whole bunch of great stuff, but IMO its just a soap. Good thing about it is that it lathers very easily. There is ash in there also so you dont need to use a scrub to exfoliate your skin your hand will do. After 3 bars I have gone back to using Pre De Provence soap though, they smell great.   Wouldent you want to wash yourself with a brown soap called DuDu?
I am not chronically addicted to cigarettes and I only smoke 1-2 cigars a week. But my co worker goes through a pack a day, he said that he slowly reduced the amount he smoked every week. Took a while but he only smokes 2 cig's a day now.
Prom? Sorry no experience here, nobody ever wanted to go with me so I just sat at home and played World of Warcraft. Anyways, IF I where to have gone to prom, I think I would have worn a black tuxedo with a silk bow tie. If you wanted to look a little more dashing or outstanding maybe a white tux jacket and black pants with shoes that could double for mirrors. But IMO Prom is overrated just go rent a tux. However...since you already bought your clothes then there is no...
Hi guys, I just bought these online. I cant wait to get them. I think their called Vass U Last, or something. I will update with pics when I receive them in the mail (My camera is no near as nice though)
Hello, My names Chris I am 23 years old from Houston, TX. Long time lurker, but with my recent purchase of "big boy" clothes I decided to finally join so I can further learn and expand my wardrobe.   Thanks.
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