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      Yeah speaking of wonky feet.... There you go! Come one come all, see the legendary sasquatch foot!   Interestingly enough though, prior to wearing them out for the first time they did not do that when I stood up.... I just dont know if its fashionably acceptable to wear anymore. I mean they do look ugly when I stand up the inside liner is tan too so they stick out. I dont know if a cobbler perhaps can do anything?
No they are Vass. I dont think they are large, out of the box they where quite snug, but they are broken in now and more comfortable. I just have no idea what the hell happened last night. I dont remember them being like a few days ago.   edit- I do have a pair of Allen Edmonds they are my every day shoe but they are not lace ups, no problems at all fit like a glove right out of the box.
Hi guys, Just wanted to get some thoughts on the way my new shoes stretched, yesterday I took them out for a night out town really put some miles on them. I had the shoes for a week already, they are semi broke in but yesterday was the first time I really walked around in them. Prior to that I use to just walk around home for a hour or two to get them accustomed to my feet. Well today I tried them on again to see if they feel different, and they do lot more comfortable...
I just bought this sock online, all the no show ones I buy online are low enough so we will see how these go. I think the heel area might be still a tad too high or with some of my loafers exactly the same height as the shoe so the sock might get pulled off when I walk...oh well we sill see.   I dont like the feeling of any part of my naked foot on the leather insole so those "Pump Pouches" wont work for me, but I never had the problem of the top of mtoes rubbing...
Wristwatches is a very broad spectrum. I myself fall under the "Snob" section (Which means only swiss pieces, no ETA movements, all in house, not obnoxiously over sized or jewel encrusted watches) But without getting into that much detail I will say that for new comers the best intro watch is a Omega Speedmaster. It looks great, is stainless steel and black so its easy to wear and has a horological history. Online they run for about 1.4-1.6k. That or you can get a Rolex...
Day at the Spa   I lay there naked She says flip over please A happy ending     -Chris
For the past 2 days I have been pretty ticked off driving. Especially when I am in the China Town area during traffic. Or when there are 4 people each in a lane on the freeway going slow as hell and im stuck there. In general slow drivers tick me off in general. The far left lane is for people that want to go above 65+ if you cant then move.
      I dont think so. Allen Edmond retails for what 250-300? Pre owned I would say....maybe $60 is fair (If they where like 200 new). Clothes dont hold value well regardless of how well taken care of they are. Unless your a celebrity that is.
Look everyone, quit trying to be a smart ass. Are you all here trying to talk about shoes or just trying to dog me? I did my own research into why the soles have no mark and thats what I came up with, since no one can really point out real evidence on why then lets all forget it. And I might be new to Vass but saying that my shoes are worth less than 100 USD is absurd, boarder line insulting. If anyone of you guys want to sell me NIB Vass shoes for <100 USD send me a...
Just got some new AE shoes in. My old ever day loafers finally broke so...     I just slipped them on pretty comfortable. Dont know why some guys hate the brand so much, perhaps like Alden they are American shoes and perhaps cater to the masses? Still for the price they trump any Cole Haan, Kennith Cole or whatever off the rack shoe.
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