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I was just wondering if anyone knew of other forum marketplaces that sold high end leather goods like Hermes and Chanel purses? Besides eBay prices are not that great anyways. Just wanting to cut the middle man.   Thanks!
My pistols
Thats a hell of a deal my friend. I feel your pain the U last did not fit me either.
GLWS If only they were 10.5US...
$300 shipped. I sent you a pm
Enough with the bickering its getting annoying, Snedley, I have already made it quite clear the shoes where not used. If you dont believe me then fine, go troll elsewhere. This is the styleforum, are we here to talk finance and laugh about people less fortunate than us? You did make a interesting point though Snedley if we where here trying to impress teenyboppers I dont think we would be talking about Vass shoes would we? I think Kayne West LV sneakers would get a more...
  Thank you for defending young guys like me, but this is the internet everyone can say whatever and I take no offense. You guys dont know me and I dont know you. What I do know is that we all like up scale fashion. Anyone can brag about anything online, shoes as much as I love them, is childs play. They really are. It is ignorant to think that someone who buys a pair of thousand dollar shoes is "living outside their means" these shoes regardless how nice is not out of...
Well gents I think I made up my mind. I think I got to break the pattern and just get out there. Seriously I havent had a vacation since 2007. EVEN THOUGH every fiber in my body still says to go buy something. It has not made me any happier in the past 5 years...well shopping had its moments...but I just want to get the hell out of here. The "grind" is getting unbearable.
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