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I have used a pair of Sennheiser HD650 for the last few years. It took a while to break them in and the pairing with amp was difficult, but when everything came together I was really pleased. Been looking into HD800. Anyone had any experience with those? $1000 seems a bit steep and I guess I would have to throw even more money at a new amp, so the total would really be high. Is it worth it?
Agree that the first three seasons were good. The last season was terrible, but now they're showing potencial again. Will continue to watch it and hopefully they'll keep it up.
Not that pleased with the season 6 opener. Ari Gold is the only character I really like in the show now and I would have really liked him to take the job at the studio, perferably as a spin off. At least Sloan was back...
I am still happy with XP, but if W7 becomes a success our vendors would probably stop supporting XP and we would be forced to go for W7. It's actually a bit scary how dependent we have become of Microsoft. Eager to see if the release of the Google OS will change things. We are moving in the direction of having all our applications online and interact with them through a browser anyway. Quick access is the keyword here, and even though W7 looks good in that regard I...
Some have been mentioned, some are new: Warm weather: Impossible to get a good nights sleep and a pain when commuting for work. Beer: It just doesn't taste good imo. Newspapers: For most parts needless trivia and I could not care less if someone I did not know died in a part of the world I would never travel to. News that actually matter I get from other sources. Boobs: I just don't get it. Big and fat is good? Give me some small and firm, please RnB and...
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf Isn't this a contradiction? How do you get a boost in self esteem if you don't care about what others think? For example, if you were the only person in the plant, would wearing great clothes still give you better self esteem? Haha, I might have expressed myself poorly. You feel great when you look good and I don't give that credit to what other people might think. Don't you dress up even if you're...
I don't think many care, and I don't care if they don't care. I dress up not to impress, but to feel good about myself. I get a boost in my self esteem and it feels great!
Perhaps not the right thread, but since a suit jacket was mentioned by the OP: What's the big difference between a suit jacket and a blazer? From what I can understand it has to do with the fabric and the cut, but I've seen many suit jackets and blazers cut in the same way and both would be offered in a big variety of material. Are there any rules?
I really like the look and feel of the pairs I bought from Paul Smith, but the quality can not defend their high price. The last few pairs lasted for about 10 wears which brings up the question how long do you keep your socks in rotation? Will definatly check out Effio as mentioned further up in the thread.
Personally I have no problem to fit things in my pockets, but I do not like the look of it so I keep my accessories in my jacket or in my bag.
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