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Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Anyone watching the new season. So far nothing but oral sex inuendos. Watched it and far from impressed. Similar to the previous seasons, much drama not much cooking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Foreign and especially minority cultures German autos Extroverted individuals Dining out Vegetarianism Conscious ecologicaly-friendly lifestyle choices The anti-smoking movement Women in the workplace Please elaborate on the German autos. What's not to like?
Arial for me.
I had a test run in a QP around 2007 and I would recommend that you do a proper test of the car before you buy. The transmission was terrible, but as stated earlier in the thread they fixed this.
I recently uninstalled Firefox and went all out on Chrome, but it's still unstable for my part so I have reinstalled Firefox. I really like the idea of Chrome though, and I will keep on testing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Maybe they are more efficient than you. I know plenty of people that pull 12 hrs days and do work I could: a) complete in hour b) spend the next hour automating. That is why I am really fucking good at what I do. How are you pulling that many hours and no lunch break in IT? You are doing it wrong unless you are billing for every hour and that is going directly into your pocket. I sure hope you are. I find...
If they bother me I do remove them.
Walking through the office I always find a bunch of people browsing Facebook, deeply involved in a chat or reading online newspapers. The interesting thing is that they are all doing their job in due time. With the introduction of PCs to the workforce one of the main arguments was to limit the time it took to complete a task, but we still kept the same amount of workers. Personally I don't know if it's more productive to have meetings all day. For most of the time we are...
I have given a compliment or two while drunk at a club or something, haha, never well recieved. I guess it comes off wrong when you're at a big dating scene and you pull the same lines you would to a girl to a man. Well, some om them liked it though... I normally give praise to close friends and collegues. This goes for both men and women though.
I store my keys in my briefcase. I had the retailer of my briefcase attach a key loop and a small pocket in the briefcase for easy storage. Quite nice.
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