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  That makes sense. I feel like that would off-balance the picture I'm trying to set with this attire. I'll do the white PS and white flower (but with some blue accent under it) since it is neutral as well. I'll be getting my date a white corsage too, that should bring it together nicely.     Tie is mainly blue with white and grey diagonal stripes, all of them in the same direction. I can take a picture of that and upload it! Gimme a little bit.
  I came in here expecting this response, but it's not without its points. I came into this trying to reinvent the wheel and trying to pursue black on black, and I have been explained otherwise and completely agree.   Considering my situation, I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm going to match her because that would make her happy, therefore I would be happy in response and I'm willing to make that concession on my part of style if it will do so. I understand your...
I do have a boutonniere hole in the jacket label, so it would be well fitted. My concern then is the PS. I like the idea of a white flower with a light blue accent, but then shouldn't I have a PS to offset that as well rather than making it lopsided? I would figure the gray/silver PS at this point, red doesn't sit well with me.
Really? You think no flower is the way to go?   What would you suggest then? Would rather than matching her dress, would complementing with a different color be better? Seems tough to not do so given the setting. Then again, I don't have nearly as much experience in this, so that's why I'm asking.
Alright guys, it's been finals week and the date is fast approaching, this Friday. I'm sorry I never got the pics up but I've already sent them to the tailor for the last fitting and I think it all came out great. What I have right now is...   Calvin Klein suit from Lord and Taylor, Black with very light grey pinstripes that are not very distinct Alfani shoes (Getting from Kohl's...last minute since I decided against all my previous choices) White French Cuff...
      For a white shirt? Ideally $50 down, but if it's amazing for under $100, I'll consider it.     My family is coming by this weekend with all my clothes for my birthday! Monday at latest. Sorry for the wait.   Bespoke?
Then I'm inclined to ask another question. Since I've narrowed it down to a white shirt, where/what type would be best? I'm sure a white shirt is simple and just that and I know not to get one with stripes since my suit has pinstripes, but where should I start?
  I figured as much. The less the better. Hahaa, should I ask what Mt. Spiffy is? Don't worry, it was just a question as to when/if these accessories are ever applicable in situations in general. A wristwatch isn't that bad though.  
Now I have another question actually. 2 actually.   So is it right to assume that in the evening, navy blue to grey suits are more acceptable? Black tending to only suit formals (wear)? I assume lighter suits are meant for daytime.   Also, what is the rule of thumb concerning accessories? (Pocket watch, sunglasses, etc)
Sounds like a good plan given the budget. I'll keep Oxfords in mind for my next shoes. Thank you for bringing it up to me.
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