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I have been thinking of getting a pair of those new Macneil 2.0 in the pebbled brown leather with the Dainite soles.  But I am willing to wait for 2nds.
I usually end up kicking myself when I stray from my one size (12E).
I have 20+ pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes and 3 pairs of Alden.  I prefer Allen Edmonds.  I have a pair of brown Alden shell chukkas that I bought before AE came out with the Dundee.  I wish I had a pair of Dundees instead--I think that Barrie last Aldens have sort of a rounded oversized baby shoe look to them but like Kahuna was saying they do use nice looking leather.  My other 2 pairs of Aldens are All Weather Walkers, one of them is a pebbled PTB and the other is...
They have the dainite sole.
Congratulations.  Those are nice boots.  I have a pair in brown that I got as seconds with no discernible flaws.  I didn't pay a lot for them, but nothing like the steal that you made.
I would guard against it by slathering them in Venetian shoe cream.  But that is what I would do--it's probably not a very good idea in many other member's opinions and it would make for a marked change in appearance of the shoes.
That wouldn't bother me if I had paid first quality price.
If that little wrinkle is all that is wrong with them, I'd keep and cherish them.  The flaw that bugs me is when the shoes lace up lopsided because of crooked eyestays or the crooked wingtips.  Wrinkles and color differences between the shoes or the stripe effect never seem to bother me.   I gave a lopsided pair of shell MacNeils to Goodwill because I couldn't stand looking at them anymore and my conscience wouldn't let me put them on ebay.
More poor quality photo booth photos.  A recent ebay score:  new old stock double zipper Kingston boots.  These have got to be at least twenty years old but they are pristine.  I saw the listing and I pounced on the buy-it-now price, I didn't want to take a chance on trying to get them cheaper by bidding and then losing them.  About $105.00, shipped.
My camera isn't working but here is a picture taken with photo booth on my iMac.
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