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Yes, I would complain about the shoes being the wrong color.  I would complain about the shoes having the wrong soles.  But people were going overboard with specifications on stitching, welts, eyelets, piping.  That's not just my opinion, that's why AE cut back on the MTO deal.    
I buy shoes from AE not cakes so a simple yes or no won't do.  I'm satisfied with the shoes that they design and I don't feel the need to express my individuality or vanity by designing the shoes myself.  The only scenario that I can envision where I would commission AE to make a special pair of shoes to my specifications would be something like having a pair made up in my school colors or something like that.
Beach Bum is not a troll.  His observation was right on the money, in my opinion.    I'm growing weary of all the armchair shoe designers and their MTO projects.
I see your pair is just like mine.  I have the Voyager in blue.  On the right shoe, where I tie the knot it just barely catches the top edge of the tongue--just like yours.  I thought about sending them back since it was a little uncomfortable for me but I just ended up not using the top set of eyelets and knotting the shoes farther down on the tongue.  It works for me.
I noticed the jump in price too.  I think they're still cheaper than Aldens.  A lot of people prefer Aldens, not me.  Maybe some people can tell, but I can't tell the difference in the shell between the two brands.  My feet--specifically my arches--can tell the difference between the two brands.  My feet prefer Allen Edmonds.  I have a pair of Alden monkstraps in burgundy shell and I don't like them much.  The buckles are too dainty and the straps don't feed through them...
I never took advantage of the special MTO program.  If I ever have the desire to express my individuality by designing my own shoes, I guess I'll have to wait until I'm famous like J Lo or Jay-Z and start my own line.  That, or go to the Parson Design school and compete with the other students for the nod from AE.  Most likely, I'll let the pros at AE design the shoes and I'll buy the ones that resonate with me.  I think that my next purchase from AE will be a pair of the...
I had my first experience ordering something from the new shoe bank website.  I just got a pair of 12E Ashbury seconds boots in tan that came from the Charleston, SC store.  They look and fit great.  Two thumbs way up for the service provided by the shoebank and the Charleston store.
Great idea and a great looking site.  Saved to my favorites.
I liked Hannah Morgen Smith's ideas most of all.  She seems to have the best understanding of Allen Edmonds mission of all the candidates.  Her single monk strap wingtip was her best idea--make it with cognac Dublin leather and double oak soles and a split-reverse welt and a much bigger buckle and I'll buy a full retail price first quality pair.  Hannah gets my vote. 
Either send them back for a refund or keep them for $125.00 and learn to like them.  It's too late to chisel the seller down now.
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