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I ordered a sale pair of the Academy 2nds in the natural color late Sunday night.  Just arrived this afternoon.  Great shoes.  I can't imagine why they're 2nds, I can't see a thing wrong with them.  I didn't need another pair of Allen Edmonds shoes but I would've been kicking myself if I had let these slip by.  The fit of these 2321 last shoes reminds me of the shoes I have in the 222 last--nice arch support--except there seems to be a little more wiggle room in the toe...
I have a pair of the red, white, and blue web-gems from a few years ago. I wear them when I go to vote and on Veterans Day too.
The black mark on the sole edge or the gap in the welt wouldn't bother me, but the lop-sided misaligned look might.   I just got a pair of 2nd quality Shannon Drives this week.  My pair has a crooked tongue and lop-sided laces on the left shoe--the right hand shoe came out perfect.  I don't know what the problem is, but AE sure seems to have that lop-sided look on a lot of the bluchers and it seems like it's always on only one side.  They are comfortable right out of the...
This is a long dormant thread but I just caught a few episodes of Car 54 Where Are You (1961-1963) on the Decades channel and I can hardly believe what a sharp dresser Fred Gwynne was.  
I got tired of waiting for Allen Edmonds to bring something like this back again so I went ahead and sprang for a pair of Aldens like the one in this picture but I'd rather have Allen Edmonds.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Cherry-Brown-Monk-Strap-Chukka-Boots-9C-St-George-EUC-/281905049297?hash=item41a2d9aed1:g:5WIAAOSwwPhWkWPk   Somebody needs to buy these and send them in for a recraft.  Oh, how I wish they were my size.   Maybe all they need is a good cleaning and polishing but they would look nice with new Dainite soles.
Here's a pair that you don't have to worry about lacing up.  I just got them back from recraft.  
I do the under and up too.  It's the only way that looks right to my eyes.  Maybe because I've been doing it that way my whole life.  It has a nice uniform from top to bottom appearance. 
You are in good company since the fictional character Jack Reacher wears clothes from the Goodwill store but he doesn't skimp on shoes, he wears quality English bench-made. In the Lee Child novel The Hard Way, Reacher wears size 12 brown bench-made semi-brouges in pebbled leather from Cheany with Dainite...
I have three Wide Basic Dress belts--black, brown, and merlot--and I never noticed the Allen Edmonds logo on them before.  When I saw your post I went and checked to see if my buckles had something printed on them, they all did.  I thought it was a nice touch.
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