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I would guard against it by slathering them in Venetian shoe cream.  But that is what I would do--it's probably not a very good idea in many other member's opinions and it would make for a marked change in appearance of the shoes.
That wouldn't bother me if I had paid first quality price.
If that little wrinkle is all that is wrong with them, I'd keep and cherish them.  The flaw that bugs me is when the shoes lace up lopsided because of crooked eyestays or the crooked wingtips.  Wrinkles and color differences between the shoes or the stripe effect never seem to bother me.   I gave a lopsided pair of shell MacNeils to Goodwill because I couldn't stand looking at them anymore and my conscience wouldn't let me put them on ebay.
More poor quality photo booth photos.  A recent ebay score:  new old stock double zipper Kingston boots.  These have got to be at least twenty years old but they are pristine.  I saw the listing and I pounced on the buy-it-now price, I didn't want to take a chance on trying to get them cheaper by bidding and then losing them.  About $105.00, shipped.
My camera isn't working but here is a picture taken with photo booth on my iMac.
My Long Branches are the regular brown leather, but I have a pair of the Ashbury chelsea boots that are distressed teak, I think that's what they are.  I didn't like the look of them when I got them but I got them real cheap.  Just for fun or out of desperation I used Venetian shoe cream on them--and I didn't put the shoe cream on sparingly the way folks here advocate, I slathered it on.  I slathered it on thick and then I repeated the the slathering.  They drank it up...
What size are they if you don't mind saying?  They look ok to me if the only thing wrong with them is that ripple.
I'm just the opposite.  I like the welts and the double sole clunkiness of the Norwich.  The sleeker looking Franciscan doesn't appeal to me at all.  I will keep an eye out for this new Warwick.   If the 222 last is what most people seem to have a problem with, maybe AE should make a double sole, split reverse welt monk strap on the same last that the Mctavish uses.  The McTavish doesn't seem to get a lot of complaints about the fit.
I have the Norwich in black, brown, and brown shell.  And I have a pair of Lubbocks which are pretty much the same thing as the Norwich except more casual looking.  These are my favorite shoes.  I have wide, flat feet.  I wear them in my normal size of 12E and they fit perfectly in length and width although I do cinch the straps up to the tightest notch--the shells were a little loose and I ended up putting another set of holes in the straps so I could cinch them up a...
Too bad that they couldn't do anything about that kink in the toe.
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