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I wear boots year around.  If they are good enough for farmers and construction workers, they're good enough for me.
Not as inexpensive as the deal quoted, but Allen Edmonds does sell second quality shoe trees at a discount at the factory store--if not other places as well.
I refreshed and they were $399.00.  Or maybe they always were.  Maybe I just wished they were.
There is a pair of 12E burgundy shell Dundees for $299.00 at the shoe bank.  Somebody grab them before they figure out it's a mistake.  
Then I'll just say that the Jomocs fit relatively big with lots of room in the toes but not sloppy in the heel area.  My feet don't slide around in them but I have room to wiggle my toes.  
The Leeds are the 5 last, right?  I have the Leeds and they fit really well.  The Jomocs are roomier than the Leeds in the toe area.  You might want to try a pair of Jomocs a half size shorter than your usual size.  The toes on the Jomocs are long and roomy so they might give you a little room to play with compared to the Leeds which have more of a round, compact toe box.
Here are a couple pictures of my new Jomocs that I bought during the last seconds sale.  One pic is of just the Jomocs and the other is a side by side with my Alden chukkas.They fit me kind of like Asics running shoes--snug around the heel with a roomy toe box.  I'm a 12E and they fit slightly loose compared to other styles.  You might want to size down.  I like them better than my pair of Leeds.  The laces tend to drift to one side or the other since there are so few...
I went with my regular size.  They do feel kind of roomy, but not quite what I'd call loose.  You might want to try a pair on before buying.
And you'll have to remember to be quick.  There were two pairs in my size on shoebank when the sale started and now they are all gone--somebody else must have got the other pair.  That seemed strange since every time I go to the shoebank, it seems like it's all the same shoes day after day.
 They are the tan.  The fit is similar to my McTavish--snug heel, roomy toe box.  But it feels like they have better arch support than the McTavish.  I thought they looked like the Alden chukkas with the two eyelets, only chopped down low in the back.  They do have kind of the same shape as the Kenilworth, but the same flap closure as the chukkas and they have the double thick soles and the split reverse welt.  Two thumbs up in my book.
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