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I ordered a pair of the Sequoia penny loafers Thursday night at about 10 pm, they were delivered this morning at 10:11 am.  That's fast.  I have never owned a pair of penny loafers in my life and a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted a pair and it had to be the Sequoias.  They were on clearance for $127 but they didn't have my size.  I checked the shoe bank and they didn't have my size either.  I checked back periodically thinking that a pair might turn up and a pair did...
I have a pair of the Ridgeways.  I replaced the orange laces with brown, the orange welt looks fine to my eyes--not at all gaudy, if that's what you're worried about.  With brown laces they don't look flashy.  The orange welt looks very natural--like autumn leaves.
I just bought a pair of the Liverpools in suede on eBay from a seller that sells a lot of AE stuff.  Some of his shoes look pretty rough, but he always seems to point out what is wrong with them--gouges, cuts, rips, etc.  The pair I bought didn't look too bad.  I've got my fingers crossed.
I ordered a sale pair of the Academy 2nds in the natural color late Sunday night.  Just arrived this afternoon.  Great shoes.  I can't imagine why they're 2nds, I can't see a thing wrong with them.  I didn't need another pair of Allen Edmonds shoes but I would've been kicking myself if I had let these slip by.  The fit of these 2321 last shoes reminds me of the shoes I have in the 222 last--nice arch support--except there seems to be a little more wiggle room in the toe...
I have a pair of the red, white, and blue web-gems from a few years ago. I wear them when I go to vote and on Veterans Day too.
The black mark on the sole edge or the gap in the welt wouldn't bother me, but the lop-sided misaligned look might.   I just got a pair of 2nd quality Shannon Drives this week.  My pair has a crooked tongue and lop-sided laces on the left shoe--the right hand shoe came out perfect.  I don't know what the problem is, but AE sure seems to have that lop-sided look on a lot of the bluchers and it seems like it's always on only one side.  They are comfortable right out of the...
This is a long dormant thread but I just caught a few episodes of Car 54 Where Are You (1961-1963) on the Decades channel and I can hardly believe what a sharp dresser Fred Gwynne was.  
I got tired of waiting for Allen Edmonds to bring something like this back again so I went ahead and sprang for a pair of Aldens like the one in this picture but I'd rather have Allen Edmonds.   Somebody needs to buy these and send them in for a recraft.  Oh, how I wish they were my size.   Maybe all they need is a good cleaning and polishing but they would look nice with new Dainite soles.
Here's a pair that you don't have to worry about lacing up.  I just got them back from recraft.  
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