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I apologize if this has already been posted here or elsewhere but for anyone looking for Cordovan Chukka size 13. Club Monaco in Canada has them at 30% off.
I think you've hit at an essential point here. I seem to be an outlier in that I that I think he's guilty and don't really question the conviction. Most people at least from anecdotal info think Adnan is innocent or if they're not sure do not think that he ought to have been convicted. It is hard for me to get past a few things, viz:   Adnan wrote a letter to Hae where clearly he is having a hard time getting over the breakup Wrote "I will kill" I believe on the same...
Any strong feelings as to the innocence or guilt of Adnan and Jay? Been following the podcast and reading some of the Reddit discussion sites; it's very interesting to me the number of people who think Adnan is innocent. I'm convinced he's guilty for a variety of reasons. What do you think?
Anyone heard of or is familiar with a Japanese brand called Manual Alphabet? Local store has some shirts by them (which are not cheap $200ish) that seem interesting but wasn't sure I could justify the cost.
Currently obsessed with Eno's 'pop' albums from the mid 70s:  
Electronic new wave music - bringing back some memories.    
Been obsessed lately with Talking Heads, esp. first 4 albums. Impossible not to groove to the last bit on this song:
Don't suppose anyone has a pair of SL-100 size 31 they'd like to trade for a size 32? Just got a pair last week and hemmed to 31" and I probably should have sized down 1.
Does anyone know whether AE uses the same laces for their Independence line versus their main line shoes? The brown laces on my Williams are really fantastic and I think I'd like to purchase more for my other pairs. Appreciate your help.
I think they are the same guy. Philosophy professor is obviously sick and extremely alienated. His colleague seemed to be trying to help him when he steered him toward the film recommendation in which he played a bit part. There was also that scene where his mom (Isabella Rossellini!) tells him he has to discard his fantasy of becoming an actor. Same guy. The spiders somehow symbolized his sickness? This film is overdetermined - I'm going with his being sick and there...
New Posts  All Forums: