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I've been recently obsessed with Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock -- Talk Talk's final 2 albums. They are both masterpieces.   This is I Believe in You from Spirit of Eden; song was also cut into a shorter single and video which Mark Hollis has disavowed (unfairly i think).          New Grass from Laughing Stock:  
Thanks to Somatoform and to everyone else who responded. Definitely some useful advice, one thing I will mention is that I visited downtown Holt Renfrew recently and they have moved most of their men's clothing into the old Roots store just went of the Bloor Street location. An associate mentioned that they completely got rid of all their Ralph Lauren clothing and a few other streetwear labels. I didn't go into the new store so couldn't actually verify. Cheers to everyone;...
Does anyone know whether there is any store in Canada where one can pickup RRL? I don't even believe we can order form their online site. Holt Renfrew in downtown Toronto used to have an RL boutique where they sold some PRL and i think some black label and purple label. Nevertheless they closed that down very recently. Select Bay sells some PRL but it's very slim pickens.
I have too many sweaters and not enough space. These are simple sweaters that will keep you warm - for reference I'm 5'9" and 150 lbs and all of these fit pretty well unless otherwise noted. I will also post some details below. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.   Wings + Horns, Blue L/S Moto Crewneck Sweatshirt (M); S:16.5, P2P: 20, L: 25.5 - Very good condition, have worn it less than 5 times. $85     Levis Made and Crafted, Striped Varsity...
I apologize if this has already been posted here or elsewhere but for anyone looking for Cordovan Chukka size 13. Club Monaco in Canada has them at 30% off.
I think you've hit at an essential point here. I seem to be an outlier in that I that I think he's guilty and don't really question the conviction. Most people at least from anecdotal info think Adnan is innocent or if they're not sure do not think that he ought to have been convicted. It is hard for me to get past a few things, viz:   Adnan wrote a letter to Hae where clearly he is having a hard time getting over the breakup Wrote "I will kill" I believe on the same...
Any strong feelings as to the innocence or guilt of Adnan and Jay? Been following the podcast and reading some of the Reddit discussion sites; it's very interesting to me the number of people who think Adnan is innocent. I'm convinced he's guilty for a variety of reasons. What do you think?
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