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Just recently purchased my first pair of Viberg from Lost & Found, natural CXL with dainite sole. I am somewhat of an extreme pronator and so for most of my shoes the outer edges of the heel get worn out very quickly. I've never owned dainite souled shoes before however for some of my leather soled shoes I've mitigated some of the heel wear by getting rubber taps. Is that something i could do for dainite as well? 
Really digging Deakin's new album.   
[[SPOILER]]  Saw both of these last weekend when I went to pick up my pre order (Natural CXL Service Boot). Both looked very nice. I highly recommend Lost & Found - top notch service and they have some great make ups. 
Wonder if anyone has purchased the new 3321 Weekender? I went into my local store recently with the intention of buying the Hawthorne Muleskin Leather version to replace my sand suede CDBs. However I noticed that some of the threading attached to the welt were completely torn. I figured i would wait to buy a non-defective version however the salesman called me and proposed a 30% discount on the shoes. I could also pay full price once they receive more stock. I guess my...
I've been recently obsessed with Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock -- Talk Talk's final 2 albums. They are both masterpieces.   This is I Believe in You from Spirit of Eden; song was also cut into a shorter single and video which Mark Hollis has disavowed (unfairly i think).          New Grass from Laughing Stock:  
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