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I think they are the same guy. Philosophy professor is obviously sick and extremely alienated. His colleague seemed to be trying to help him when he steered him toward the film recommendation in which he played a bit part. There was also that scene where his mom (Isabella Rossellini!) tells him he has to discard his fantasy of becoming an actor. Same guy. The spiders somehow symbolized his sickness? This film is overdetermined - I'm going with his being sick and there...
I'm not so sure. There was a lot of talk of totalitarianism in the film and how subtle and insidious it manifests itself. I assumed the spiders were symbolic but there is no reason to take them more literally as a colonizing force. 
This is very persuasive:    http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2014/03/14/enemy_movie_ending_explained_the_meaning_of_the_jake_gyllenhaal_and_denis.html
A little overwrought, a lot epic.   
LVC 1967 505? Taper isn't quite as extreme or narrow as you might want but quite close. 
 +1 on the Smartwool recommendation. Almost exclusively wear wool socks with my boots and Medium and Large gauge thickness Smartwool is getting me through our very cold Cdn winter. 
Been wearing LVC 1967 505 for the past couple of months and am really digging the fit and moderately high rise. Can anyone recommend raw denim fits? Would like another pair in the rotation. Thanks! 
Still trying to figure out my size on an Epaulet shirt. I'm between a small and medium in GV and size 38 Taylor Stitch and normally wear a Large in BoO. Think i may be slightly smaller for most of those fittings (stopped weights 6 mths back). I think that TS at 38 would be the best guage -  anyone familiar with that size? Also a medium in WvG BD. My feeling is that i'm a small but wonder if anyone has the same sizing as me. thanks!
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