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Sorry for the crappy posing and quick/sloppy afternoon shots.  Just doing this in a hurry.   Charles Tyrwhitt tailored fit shirt. Kiton tie (thank you Top Shelf). Calvin Klein navy pants. Allen Edmonds McAllister walnut shoes / AE belt. Marc New York jacket (Moores).   Wondered what the thoughts were on colour combo.  Most people around the office were complimentary, a couple felt there were too many things going on. I wouldn't generally have put the...
Wrangler jeans, Vanucci socks (eBay) and new walnut McAllisters from Allen Edmonds. Casual Friday.
    Good to hear. What colour was the AE paste?  I orderd cognac for my walnut McAllisters based on suggestions here - okay, and some laces, brushes, cloths and a belt that was on sale :-) 
My new walnut McAllisters from AE, Perry Ellis Portfolio socks (part of a 5 set from eBay) and Pronto Uomo pants (ya, I know). I included the shirt (Charles Tyrwhitt) because when I don't go on a more wild tangent I tend to pick socks that have elements of colour from more than one source.
Me too.  Would have had them yesterday, but UPS wanted money for some reason. Wore them for a couple hours at work this afternoon.  Fit great - love them!
Of course there site is down for maintenance at the moment, but they do have a chart.  The grid shows all shoe sizes and widths with the shoe tree that matches.    
Under promise and over deliver. Ordered the walnut calf McAllisters on sale Monday (yesterday) with a 7-10 day expected wait. Naturally, I figured 7-10 business days before shipping. Just received notice that my order is being dispatched with tracking.    
Cold Iron and New Shoes1, Extremely helpful! I'll avoid using the walnut polish.  I'll either get the AE (likely) or Saphir Cognac. I don't mind the original colour changing a bit over time, but I don't want it to darken much and I'd like the tones to remain varied and rich. Thank you very much for the advice.
My order says 7-10 days. Couldn't resist the walnut McAllister's since they were on sale.   I wore the Park Avenues at work today to begin breaking them in.  I like them and they feel great, but they were purchased to fill a wardrobe requirement for (rare) formal occassions.  The McAllister's are a different story.  I REALLY like the colour and style and it was purely a pleasure purchase.   I ordered shoe trees and AE walnut polish.  I'm wondering though - what...
  First picture post.  Hopefully this will work. Shirt (Chales Tywhitt - Green Imperial Oxford) and tie (Bows n' Ties) included for context - next time I'll try to tidy it up a bit. Cheap socks from the Bay - Point Zero.  Not recommended the last pair fell apart after one wear. Shoes, Park Avenue from Allen Edmonds - breaking them in. Pants
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