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PM sent
Anyone wanting a 10% discount on Ralph Lauren on line might want to use code BZR8233   I believe the code will work for Marlows as well     I NEEEEEEEEED a pair of 9.5 Marlows  Pleeeeez!   So, if anyone knows of a pair going at a reasonable price PM me please  :-)
And I have not slept for over 16 hours WAITING for a price drop!  -  I am so EXHAUSTED!!  
Malford, those Ballys are f_-cking bargain!!!   UK size 9F though.   Where do you find all this stuff?
Give us a price Drop!!!
Right Size!!!!!!!!!   Whoooott!!     Right Price!!!!!!    Whoooot!!!!!     Oh dear, wrong style   Darn!!!   Beauty shoes though!!  Good luck to the lucky buyer
Yes, they are     speak to Mark or Craig or Jonathon and they will get you any lasted shoe tree from EG which you need.
So, when you say US10, do you have the box? The box will indicate the UK size.   I might be quite interested depending on confirmation of size
Where? Where!
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