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Thank you. I still own a Navy BB Golden Fleece Madison suit, but it's more or less unwearable to me because of the very low armholes...it's fine if you're standing still, with arms down. I guess Southwick offer lots of different models, do they have any slimmer line? Or is it mostly trad sack/undarted suits? 
Spotted this solid navy RLPL 42R SC going for 70 bucks.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/RALPH-LAUREN-PURPLE-LABEL-SIZE-42R-NAVY-BLUE-2-BUTTON-SPORTCOAT-/350861863988?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item51b0ff2c34 
I've been checking out more trad suits lately. Like the styling on some, and that a lot of them allegedly have soft shouldering...but something I can't find much info about is the armholes. I personally can't stand low armholes, which I've experienced with lots of Brooks stuff. A total deal-breaker...how are the above brands in that regard? 
When you guys list something as "recent", just how recent are we talking?    I swear, half of the SC and suits that are listed as "recent" look like they're from the 90s, sometimes even older.  
I own one St. Andrews made RLPL suit, and some Oxxford. I like them both, and it's had to distinguish what's "best". I will however say, I like the RLPL fabric better than Oxxfords stock fabric.    My only gripe with RLPL RTW is that they tend to run a bit wide over the shoulders, compared to many of their competitors in the same price class. So if you have a bit narrow shoulders, it can be tricky to find a good fitting RLPL suit/coat. 
I own a Oxxford SC that I really love. The fit is spot on, the construction is just how I like it. (Soft shoulders, wide enough lapels, good button stance, etc.)  I've wanted to get a matching Oxxford suit for a long time now, but since I live in Europe that's out of the question.    Are there any decent and respectable MTM companies that could take this jacket (and perfect fitting trousers from some suit that I own), and basically copy/clone it?    Kent Wang...
Wondering (MTM program); If one already has a perfect fitting suit/jacket/trousers, could it be shipped to you for measurements and "cloning"? 
For the big time Ebay flippers:   I've noticed some decent looking used bespoke suits lately...however, the prices are absolutely ridiculous. We're talking over 4 digits...however, I've noticed that the same sellers also use the "Or best offer" option.    Would it be downright rude to make a 100-200$ offer on a used bespoke suit going for BIN 1000$ or offer? I mean, sure, it's probably a good suit, but then again it's bespoke made for someone else.    Ar...
Two staple suits for sale: Corneliani is BNWT, the other has been worn once. These are slim fitting 40R suits    Copied info from my previous ads:    BNWT 40R charcoal gray Corneliani CC Collection suit   This is a very nice spring/summer weight suit(never worn) that looks and feels like a regular wool suit, but is lighter for the warmer months. There is no sheen on the fabric from the silk blend. It's an overall great and practical suit. Color - Dark Grey...
Navy MV suit with Peak lapels. THE JACKET NEEDS A PRESSING, as you can tell from the pictures.  As far as I know, these (Marco Valentino suits) are either half-canvassed or fully canvassed   JACKET Armpit to Armpit: 20" Shoulder 2 Shoulder across back:18" shoulder 2 cuff: 25.5" length: 31 3/4" Double vents Ticket pocket  Peak lapels  2 Button single-breasted  Pants waist: 32" inseam: 32.5 with 2" hem, no cuff leg opening: 8.5" flat...
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