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Thanks for the plug, Razl.    I'm not sure who made them, as I understand EZ Couture has been made by Sutor Mantellassi, Tramezza, etc. But I'm not sure who made these though.   edit: These have the 3 nails on each side + front on the sole, so I think they are made by Sutor Mantellassi, at least that's what I've managed to gather from the various threads here on SF.  
Picked these up on Ebay the other day, but I can't even get my feet in these, so off they go. They seem to have been stored without shoe trees, and were shipped to me like that, so there's some creasing, see pictures.  As for use, they seem to have been demo used, or some other indoor use. Def. haven't been taken outside. 250$ shipped (from Norway w/tracking). I don't have original box, trees or shoe bags, sorry. Handmade, either Goodyear or Blake-Rapid construction, I'm...
 From my experience, a decent ballpark figure would be:  Excellent: 5000$ - Sky is the limit Very Good: 3500$ (+/- 500$) Good: 2500$ (+/- 500$)Satisfactory: 1500$ (+/- 500$)Mediocre: 500$ (+ 500$)  As you can see, there's some overlapp going on, and you will have some extreme outliers in each group. But roughly speaking, that's the kind of cash you have to pay on average for a suit in each category, brand new in stores.
Should also add the following:    Lanvin (made by Caruso. I especially like the "15 Faubourg" line)  Prada by Belvest. 
Hi, it's gray. Gray base with charcoal check/plaid, and lighter gray windowpanes. Can't really see any brown in there. 
Are all suit trousers this slim? I bought a SS Tux in 40R, and while the coat fits me, the trousers are FAR too skinny for me. I'd have to go up one or two sizes for the trousers to fit around my thighs and seat. I don't have this problem with Zegna, Corneliani, Canali, Belvest, etc...    Does this also mean that most other SS suit/trousers are out of my range? Which model would be the "least" slim fitting? 
Used 1-2 times, has just recently been dry cleaned.    http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/suits/tuxedo-black-plain/P1109A.html   It's a great tux, but the pants will never fit me. Very slim IMO.  Price includes shipping from Norway, with tracking.    Great deal for those looking after a modern yet classic looking tuxedo! Almost identical to some Caruso tuxedos I've owned, with lightly padded shoulders and some slight roping.    Shoulders: 19"  P2P: 21.5"  Waist:...
Single-pleat, thanks for the plug!
Very gently used Belvest suit for sale. I bought it brand new around christmas, but only got to wear it twice. Too small for me right now.  Lovely gray on gray windowpane, with subtle checked pattern. Soft tailoring with natural shoulders. Trousers have been let out, but are yet too slim for me.  Shipping is 25$ from Norway (with tracking)  Specs  -Super 130's wool, 4-season weight. -3-roll-2, single-breasted. -Double vented -High gorge, high armholes, soft...
Used Corneliani mainline suit for sale. Navy blue with nice check pattern (More muted looking than on most of the pictures, since I had to use flash. See picture number 3 for a more accurate image of how the pattern looks like) in Super 150's wool. Drop 6, so it could probably also work as a 42R.  The 'Life' cut is a bit roomier than their 'Leader' cut, and with slightly roped shoulders.    Has some sheen under the belt loops and and right above back pockets, but can't...
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