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The majority of executives I've seen the past years have usually worn very anonymous ties(solids/geometrics/stripes), or typical hermes/ferragamo with cartoon-like prints. All depending on which industry they're working in...    Almost always red or blue, and sometimes colors close to those.(maroon,burgundy,purple,etc.)
Wow, those shoes. Just wow. 
The standard AE Strand/PA/etc. lasts are incredibly boring, no doubt there. You don't need to be a menswear expert to see that those shoes targeted against conservative 40-50 year old Lloyds that enjoy wearing BB and Southwick sack suits.   AE do have some sleeker lasts named Rutledge and Harrison, a bit more expensive than ones mentioned above, but also better made (Independence collection).    But for the same price you have lots of other options too. Loake, Meermin,...
Found a BNWT Loro Piana suit(From the brand, not some random suit made in LP cloth). No idea what they're going for new, made by St. Andrews.   
It's a brand called "Moods of Norway", really popular over here( in Norway).  They're basically 1k$ fused designer suits with gaudy designs and wool-blendfabrics. They come with a golden tractor pin, if you take it off the same tractor motive is embroidered into the chest-pocket welt.    www.moodsofnorway.com     
Well, In my ad I stated that I would not take any returns, unless the item was damaged or not as described.    I then gave him detailed measurements, which he said looked good. Also informed him that one usually has to get some work done, before the fit is good.    Now two weeks later I get a mail stating that it didn't fit AND that it didn't look like pictured, and pointed out that it had to have been pinned on the pictures. So he's using the later as a reason for...
Buyer wants to return a suit (size didn't fit, even though I gave all measurements) because it didn't look like the pictures in my ad. The jacket was pinned, which he says is the main reason he wants to return...he basically thought it was going to be slimmer around the waist.    What would you do? It was a sale done on craigslist, he wired the money to me via bank...   (Practically every big seller seems to pin the jackets on Ebay, didn't know it was a reason for...
Thom Browne.   Good quality? Probably Looks like shit? Definitely.
Man, shill bidding is absolutely rampant over at the UK Ebay. Most Items I've picked up there lately, I've initially lost, only to receive a second chance "Buyer backed out" offer. (It doesn't really mater to me though, as I always place my max bid on auctions)
I have to admit, I have little to no knowledge on the subject of buttonholes. Mostly because I don't really care, as they're pretty tiny and obscure details in the big picture.    But over here people seem to have a fetish for handsewn buttonholes, and the various styles.   So, to start with: Can someone post pictures, and maybe point out the differences between handsewn and machine sewn buttonholes? 
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