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What would my best choice here be? I want something sleek, but at the same time I'll need a wide/E width last...already own a bunch of AE (Strand, PA) oxfords, but I'm tired of those right now.     Need them within 9 days, so Meermin won't do it. 
Yeah I'm curently 15-20 lbs over my usual weight, most which sits on my hips and butt. Gonna see how it fits 2-3 months from now....but is the button stance really that high?
I absolutely love ticket pockets. There's no returns, but i got them very cheap, so no biggie. Edit: the isaia is in normal s120 four season wool. Cut is base V..I'm usually a 40R, but both suits are 42R
Found these two used suits today, the Isaia is actually a 3 piece. Anyway, here's some pics, no alterations made yet.  Borrelli   [[SPOILER]]   Isaia  [[SPOILER]]
bump Sent it to the tailorsleeves .75" shorter take out jacket sides by .4" on each side Slim the pants from knees and down a bit...they're currently 9.5" over the hem, which is too wide for my taste. 
Never ordered Meermin shoes before, so here's a couple of questions:    1. Is there any wait time for the classic line?  2. Do they exclude VAT ?  3. Who do they use for shipping?    I need some new shoes before the 17th of May, and their classic line looks decent. 
I guess the Aldwych looks like my best choice. 
In Allen Edmonds Strands I'm US 10E, what would that roughly translate into in Loake? I'm looking for a couple of sleek and affordable looking oxfords, Loake 1880 series seems like a good choice, but I have no way to test them. 
From my experience: Flashy watch, well tailored suit or blazer, sleek (bit) loafers.    If you look like a banker, many will notice. (Depending on where you live...) 
pictures are thumbnail sized. 
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