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Really cool three piece from Gianluca Isaia, in the Vincent model. Softer shoulders with roped sleeve heads.-3-roll-2 -Slight hacking pockets + ticket pocket -Dual vent -Flat front pants w/cuffs -Vest with lapel  It's a dark blue/grey striped, looks nice and the fabric feels AMAZING.  Marked size 42R, but it fits true to a 40R IMO.  Shoulders, seam to seam on back: 18"Chest P2P: 22"Waist (middle button):20" Sleeves: 25.5"Length BOC: 30.5" Vest p2p 21"Vest shoulders:...
@ theprorules    Try emailing suitsupply if you find something cool that's not available in your country.  I once did that, and got a reply 3 weeks later where they asked what size I'd be interested in (This was some Washington model that they did not sell to us here, I just sent them the US link/model number).   I had found something else by then though.  
What Meermin last would be most similar to the Vass U last, anyone here know?    Got a pair of Vass cap-toes in U, and they fit me pretty damn good. I'm also in the need of a pair of dark brown cap-toes, so I'm thinking about Meermin. 
Your chest, traps and shoulders are too muscular for the SS cut. You get shoulder divots...What you need is jacket/suit with much larger chest dimensions. I have the same problem myself. However, the Havana looks best. 
Light blue.  A bit darker, and you get Sky blue and powder blue. 
How I wish they could make the Lazio in more staple and CBD fabrics, I'd be all over one.    edit: Nevermind, they actually have some! And available here in Europe too   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_NO/suits/lazio-blue-plain/P3783.html?start=5&cgid=Suits&prefn1=basicDessinSuits&prefn2=color&prefv2=Blue&prefv1=Plain http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_NO/suits/lazio-blue-plain/P3786.html?start=23&cgid=Suits&prefn1=basicDessinSuits&prefn2=color&prefv2=Blue&prefv1=Plain
Everything I know about menswear, I pretty much learned here. I used to think that shirt-like soft shoulders were the be-all and end-all to suit/coat aesthetics. The past year I've grown to love the more structured look, classic Brioni, Zegna, some English cuts, etc....and with a slight rope to it.  It looks clean, powerful and masculine.    I've noticed that a lot of guys that post in the WAYWRN have pretty sloped shoulders, and that natural shoulders doesn't look...
People hate Hugo Boss around here, but I've always liked their dress pants. Very modern and tapered fit, and sometimes they come in pretty nice fabrics. Usually see them go for 100$-130$.    Suitsupply is around 150$   If you could stretch your budget a bit more, you could also pick up brand new Incotex on Ebay and forums...but I can't vouch for the cuts on those.    Lastly, Zegna Milano and Torino fit dress pants are very tapered. But again, brand new they go for...
They look like normal loafers to me. See people in the business wear 'em every day. Though not with black/metallic bits. 
Can the limitations be bypassed if you open up a store?
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