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Does staple stuff sell much faster on Ebay than here?    Seems like nothing is moving here right now, so I'm thinking I'll just try Ebay. The only thing I'm worried about is getting scammed, but I don't know how frequent that happens with suits and such. 
St. Andrew looks like this       The Caruso will have a Purple colored tag, and the standard "Ralph Lauren Hand Tailored" + Name + Date tag
From personal experience, St. Andrews can have a bit more structured shoulders.  I own, and have owned a few from each, but never bothered to go through the fine details. I just like the styling of RLPL.    Some will say that St. Andrews has a bit more handwork and details. 
I had custom sized peak lapels (3.5"), and button stance lowered with 1"    If/when you order, you can shoot them an email regarding extra customization, and they'll guide you through any questions.    I think their slim notch lapels are 2" or 2.5", and normal width are 3". Not too much difference, but I'm a fan of wider lapels. 
Well, I got the cheapest option. Solid Navy for 449$, and it honestly feels and looks great. I now own a bunch of suits in very nice fabrics, and the blacklapel holds up pretty good. Doesn't wrinkle easy, has a soft hand, not too lightweight. I prefer it over my RLPL suit that's 10 times more expensive.    Here's a poor picture on how it turned out, after the jacket was remade (I screwed up on shoulder measurements the first time)      
You could check out online MTM, since you have a difficult size.   Personally I've only tried Black Lapel(www.blacklapel.com) but the results were good, keeping in mind that I took the measurements myself.    They offer half-canvass suits in staple colors from 450$ and up, and you can customize the suit any way you like. I ordered my suit two years ago, and they've grown a lot since then.    But then again, when is the wedding? 
Check out suitsupply. They have nice return policies, and offer slimmer fitting suits. 
For 500$-600$ I'd probably get Caruso. 
Measurements added.
Selling a solid navy Hickey Freeman suit. The suit has only been worn once, so no tears,marks or anything.  -Madison cut -Fully canvassed construction -Loro Piana S130 fabric -Single vent -Double pleats  Suit is located in Norway, shipping outside EU is 30$, inside 25$.  Chest P2P: 56 cm / 22" Shoulders: 48 cm / 19" Length BOC: 78 cm / 30.7"Sleeve length: 63 cm / 24.8" (Can get them lengthened for you, no extra charge) Trouser inseam: 30" with 1.5" cuffs, and 1" folded...
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