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I'm guessing that there's going to be some serious sales in the near future, so I'm wondering, what are some good Russian websites to buy clothes etc. from? 
Also, any good way to block sellers from Ebay search? There's so much junk out there, that only a handful of sellers are responsible for. 
Man, I'm starting to wonder where those Italian ebay sellers are sourcing their stuff. Picked up a really nice charcoal Belvest suit last week. Full-canvass, Super 130s wool, natural shoulders, beautiful 3-roll-2....almost identical to my Isaia, and I only paid 140€ euro for it, BNWT.    It's the same seller I had trouble with earlier regarding a Belvest tux, and from what I could understand from his messages, he only makes 20€-40€ pr. piece he's selling after all...
Shouldn't the sales limit affect all new sellers on Ebay? I got capped almost instantly, with the 500$ spread over 10 items limit.    Today I was browsing through the UK Ebay, and saw some Indian ebay seller with only two feedback ratings and a whopping 430 listings (all xxx$ items). How does that work? 
Hello,    I tried on a Belvest DB (That I'm selling) today. What's your opinion on the styling? And fit for that mater. Pants are not hemmed, so ignore them.    I'm thinking whether I should sell it, or just keep it, as I'm practically giving it away now (considering it's brand new)     Next up:    I have a semi-black tie party coming up on NYE. Last year, I wore a classic SB Peal lapel tux, and I really, really loved that look. It was from Corneliani...SB,...
Well, from my calculations the trousers (inseam) can be lengthened to about 34" excluding the cuffs, dunno how much you guys need. 
Staple grey suit for sale. Corneliani 'Leader', which is a rather slim model. These are usually pretty short suits, so this could probably work as regular too.    -2 Button SB jacket  -Full canvass construction  -Super 110s wool  -Double vent  -Soft/lightly padded shoulders  -Flat front trousers    Suit is used condition, but I can't find any rips, tears or sheen.    Shoulders: 18"  Chest: 21" Sleeves: 26.5"  Length BOC: 31"   Trousers inseam:...
I like how it looks, but I have no idea what would look good with it.      Or plaid like this  
Could anyone estimate ago of this:    90s ?   
Question for those here that own either any of these in size 40R    -Lazio -Tuxedo -Napoli  -Washington    What are the shoulder seam to seam (on back) and chest measurement, when laid flat on a table?  From the measurement list on the SS website, it seems as if they follow the slope of the (left) shoulder from seam to collar, then straight across the back collar, and then the slope down the (right) shoulder.    Compared to normal shoulder measurements (laid flat...
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