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Royal collection uses finer fabrics, that's about it. Kinda like Canali and Canali Exclusive...same item, only that the later uses more expensive fabrics.    I own regular Borrelli, but have tried on Royal Collection in stores...personally, I wouldn't pay the 150$-300$ markup. Sure, it's very fine, but that too has its price. 
I have two suits from Isaia, and a bunch of Loro Piana suits which were made by Isaia.    Base Vincent (black label)  3-roll-2, classic button-stance  Roped shoulders, light padding  Slim-ish cut, I'm usually a 50EU, this one was 52.  Normal length jacket  Classic sized lapels  Normal FF trousers    Base Gregory (red label)  3-roll-2, slightly higher button-stance than the Vincent  Narrow Roped shoulders, light padding  Very slim cut. This one is a 52, which...
Found a couple of Carmina shoes on sale, ranging from 200$ (penny loafer) to 250$ for boots. Good price? I have no experience with this brand
Lots of high-end brands make sport coats which could easily pass off as orphaned suit jackets...don't worry about it, if it's marked as a SC, most likely is.    For example, here's a 4700$ RLPL SC. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=37973316
If you really like either of them, just swap the buttons to something more sport coatish. 
Yes, that one.    The Auction had like 6-7 days to go, and the seller didn't want to end the auction early. I was desperate as I needed it for NYE, and would never get it in time If I were to put a bid and wait... but at least I wouldn't have been in this mess If I did it the right way. 20/20 hindsight, and all that.    The money isn't really the issue here, what sucks is that the seller continues to ignore everything, and gets to do business as usual. 
I needed a tux before NYE, and this was a week before Christmas. Seller wrote in the auction that he/she could end it earlier if the item was needed for a certain date/event. I send a message asking for the BIN price, and we agree. Seller then sends me paypal address on a attached picture, and requested money as a gift/paypal (hence why I'm screwed).    Did a search for the seller, and couldn't really find anything that screamed scammer. Good feedback, has been flipping...
Hello all Torontonians,    It seems that I've been scammed by a store/Ebay flipper that is based in Toronto (From what I can gather). Since I'm in Europe, and pretty much SOL, is there anything one can do, like reporting the fraud to local Police? Or will that go straight in the bin?   Said scammer seems to have 30-60 items (suits) on Ebay at any given moment, so I'm sure some of you have seen the seller before. Even a member here on SF (I won't go into user name right...
Why are there certain auctions that I can't view or find?    I'm located in Norway, and follow some sellers from US and Canada. By pure coincidence, I came over one auction (via Ebay frontpage) that one of the sellers put out a few days ago. However, If I search for that auction, nothing shows up. Nor does it if I click on "See other items" or "items for sale" in his profile. I just get an empty list with "Your search returned 0 items."    They also come up If I do a...
From what I've heard, they're made in Italy, some are goodyear welted and with decent looking leather.    Have no idea how much they're going for, but I'm Imagining somewhere along Corneliani, Canali, Zegna and such shoes.    Anyone here that own, or have owned a pair? (Just as a reminder, we're NOT talking about regular HB shoes)   Just stumbled over them while plowing through Ebay, and I think this pair looks pretty sleek.  
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