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Blue striped suit  Light blue shirt  Blue tie  White PS (couldn't find my blue dotted)  Black shoes    Pretty blue all over. Terrible indoor lightning     
I LOVE the Isaia he's selling, but as with almost all Regular length suits today, it's too short :-|    A shame that every manufacturer has jumped on the short jacket trend, and you almost can't find a 40R that's over 30" BOC these days. Regular is too short, Long is too long.  
Brand new shirts from Loro Piana for sale. Two in plain white, two in white/blue stripe.  Spread collar, 1 button rounded barrel cuff, normal fit.    These retail for over 500$ in the LP stores.   Buy 2, get 5% discount  Buy 3, get 10% discount  Buy 4, get 20% discount    Items are located in Norway, flat shipping w/tracking is 10$.    Chest: 23.4- 24 from pit to pit  Waist/mid/narrowest point: 21.5"  Shoulders: 19.25"  Sleeves: 25.5" Cuff(From hole to...
Thinking about selling a navy RLPL suit in 40L. The fit is Savile Row, which has a very typical British Cut, hence the name. Made by Caruso.  Has the standard RLPL details-Double forward pleats-Side adjusters-Ticket pocket -Lightly structured/padded shoulders.  It's in a very classic Navy color, and has been worn once since it was bought brand new. I did however have some work done on it.  -Waist taken in a bit -Trousers slimmed bellow knee, and cuffed. (Nothing drastic,...
Bought it here a couple of days ago, got it today, and realize It's too big for me.  It's marked 52R with a drop 7. I'd say it's true to 42R, though the pants are quite slim.  -S150 Dark Navy, Almost charcoal. Really hard to get on picture. -Two buttons -Flat front pants / cuffs-Functional buttonholes  Nothing much else to say, it's a staple suit. If someone has a staple suit in Navy or Charcoal in 40R that they want to trade, send  me a PM.  shoulders on back, from seam...
Really cool three piece from Gianluca Isaia, in the Vincent model. Softer shoulders with roped sleeve heads.-3-roll-2 -Slight hacking pockets + ticket pocket -Dual vent -Flat front pants w/cuffs -Vest with lapel  It's a dark blue/grey striped, looks nice and the fabric feels AMAZING.  Marked size 42R, but it fits true to a 40R IMO.  Shoulders, seam to seam on back: 18"Chest P2P: 22"Waist (middle button):20" Sleeves: 25.5"Length BOC: 30.5" Vest p2p 21"Vest shoulders:...
@ theprorules    Try emailing suitsupply if you find something cool that's not available in your country.  I once did that, and got a reply 3 weeks later where they asked what size I'd be interested in (This was some Washington model that they did not sell to us here, I just sent them the US link/model number).   I had found something else by then though.  
What Meermin last would be most similar to the Vass U last, anyone here know?    Got a pair of Vass cap-toes in U, and they fit me pretty damn good. I'm also in the need of a pair of dark brown cap-toes, so I'm thinking about Meermin. 
Your chest, traps and shoulders are too muscular for the SS cut. You get shoulder divots...What you need is jacket/suit with much larger chest dimensions. I have the same problem myself. However, the Havana looks best. 
Light blue.  A bit darker, and you get Sky blue and powder blue. 
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