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One thing I've noticed about his dressing is that the ties are impeccable. Perfect width, knot size and dimple. Nice conservative patterns and colors(I especially like the lighter blue tie he seems to be wearing a lot.)    Any idea who makes them? 
Bought it here a couple of weeks ago, but shoulders are too soft for my build, so couldn't get it to work. Nice suit though, with all the SF approved details. Dark Navy 90% wool, 10% silk.Fully canvassed construction Working buttonholes Flatfront pants Soft shoulders 3-roll-2  Chest: P2P: 21.45" Shoulders seam to seam: 18.3" Length BOC: 30" Sleeve Length: 25.5 (+1)Trouser Inseam: 32" (+2)Trouser Width: 34.5 (+1)  Suit is located in Norway, shipping is 25$ If you're located...
Selling a RLBL in 40R, drop 7. It's darker gray, with very fine dotted stripes. Nice suit and fabrics, but trousers are just too tight for me. It's used.(used the askandy guide)CoatChest P2P: 21.25" Shoulder seam to seam: 18-7/8" Length BOC: 30.3"Sleeves: 25.5" Trousers Inseam: 34 unhemmed, but I can have trousers hemmed for you. I guess this works better for you who already have RLBL, and know your measurements. Waist: 33.5" (16,75 and doubled)Rise: 10.2" The suit is...
Well, at least they're now a direct competitor to Hugo Boss and the likes, in terms of price. PRL used to be 40-50% more expensive than those brands, but their new prices are very competitive. I think a HB retails for the same.    If they still have the soft construction, good fabrics and decent quality (half-canvassed, or very high fusing), I guess it's good.   I wish they could just move all production to Caruso though...I mean, they're making RLBL, RLPL and RRL...
This must be a fake, or? Not interested in it, but I've seen it for a long time on the local classified  
brand new Loro Piana suit in EU50L / 49L, made by St. Andrews. It's a navy blue, with very faint stripes. Looks solid from a few feet away.Soft shoulders, high armholes, gorgeous S130 fabric. It's marked long, but could also work as regular(It's same length as my Regular sized Hickey Freeman, Borrelli and RLPL suits...).  With it I'd offer a free size 40 / 15.75" Loro Piana shirt in either plain white or blue/white striped (NWT, retails around 500-600$) and Blue w/white...
You tried on the pants with basketball shorts?    I can't tell if you're a troll or not. 
I'll never understand sellers that feel the need to model clothes that are 10 sizes too large.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samuelsohn-Mens-suit-Grey-Lavender-100-wool-thin-rope-stripe-2-button-US-48XL-/291177356846?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item43cb85de2e  
Started watching this show called "Halt and Catch Fire", where one of the main characters seems to only wear tab collar shirts (set in the early 80s...), but I also remember Daniel Craig sporting tab collar shirts. Too dated looking, or just fine? What about collar pins?   [[SPOILER]]
Solid and shiny black satin tie = no  Most else textures, weaves and patterns = sure    I've seen some pretty good navy suit/white shirt/black grenadine or knit tie combos.    Also depends on the navy/black contrast. Is it "True" navy that is almost black, or a brighter shade? A light blue shirt could also make that combo more interesting.    edit: A couple of pics.   
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