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I had one suit from them, and it had more handwork than a Kiton from the same period (late 00s). Really nice suit. 
To the guys that are selling ties:    How do you deal with older stuff from the 90s? Where the style is horribly dated...wide ties with tiny knots.    Obviously lots of those ties are high quality, from high-end makers in some staple colors and geometries, but still, the "cut"/styling looks bad.   Do you mark them as vintage? 
They used to have a couple of really nice plain navy Washingtons, and it always sold out really fast. I have absolutely NO idea why they discontinued them.     But then again, the Lazio neither had any staple colors for the longest times, and then suddenly they started pushing that model some months ago.    I'm really not sure why they just can't keep some staple suits for all their models...nice plain navy, charcoal, etc.    Instead we get a boatload of these...
I like the look of camel overcoats, goes great with most suits. 
Usually the only way for us international buyers to get things, as many sellers are afraid to ship things overseas in fear of getting scammed. (Which honestly is too easy, as a buyer) 
Found a nice tux yesterday, and the seller offered to end the auction earlier if a potential buyer needed it before the ending date, with a BIN price. I messaged him, and he sent me his email address (same as his ebay nickname).    Since I was stressed, and needed to have it shipped out ASAP, I sent him the money as a personal payment, like he wanted. 650$(price+ship), which I understand is a huge risk. Even shelled out 150$ in UPS Int'l express shipping.    Haven't...
Depends on the style and maker. I've seen bespoke stuff from the 80s that could easily be worn today, or 40 years ago. Timeless garments.    The are some classic things that never go out of fashion    -Lapel width and shape  -Lapel gorge  -Button Stance  -Shoulders (Partially. This completely depends on who it was made for)  -Fabric -Trouser design/fit   During the late 80s you had a lot of terrible stuff going on. Fabrics could be all over the place (i.e wild...
I'm not a thrifter...how do you guys get time to do this, unless you're thrifting full-time?  I'd imagine that the pro players have already cleaned out the racks within 15 mins.    And regarding the pro guys, when do they get time to take pictures/measurements/post ads/ship items/live, if they're driving from shop to shop and/or hanging out there all day long? Hire other people?    Why don't these thrift shops just cut out the middle-man, and open up Ebay...
Hi, I'm looking for anyone here in SF that can ship a package to Norway.    I'd prefer it if you have any history from here or Ebay.  Thanks,
Pal Zileri   There's no question about it. 
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