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measurements added. 
It'd be easier to make a list over allowed/acceptable items    -Plain black oxxfords  -White or light blue shirt. Collar can range from point and up to semi-spread, but nothing more than that. Solid or very subtle stripe pattern. Barrel cuffs, or cuff-links if you're higher in the system. -Single or Double-Breasted suits in Navy, Charcoal or Grey. Solid or pinstriped pattern.  -Full cut trousers with break.  -Socks that match the trousers.  -Darker and subtle...
Awesome. What was the turnaround time?    And did you guys ship them a fitting suit/jacket, or just feed them measurements? Any remakes? 
Just wondering, from your experience, can you customize or request things like:    -Shoulder shape (natural, roped, structure, spalla camicia, etc.)  -Button stance  -Lapel width and shape    I've mailed them about those points, but figured I'd ask you guys too (I'm guessing you've inquired on stuff like that before me). 
Shanghai C&G replied me quite fast with a price list, and a bunch of other pictures.     At those prices, I think I'll give it a try. 
How much for a suit there? Also, how's construction?  Website looks like it's from 1998, and the I can't seem to find a single price list there. 
 This looks as good as any of the online-MTM suits. Nice suit.  Where I live, one will get a 100% Polyester monstrosity for 300$. How are the shoulders on that suit of yours? 
I'll give it a try, but at 100$ your best bet would be auctions. All the good BIN stuff will be gone within hours, while some auctions will fly under the radar.   Have you tried a 40 jacket? Seems it would fit you better, based on the measurements you've given us. 
  Suit: RLPL St. Andrews  Shirt: Hugo Boss white/lilac stripe  Tie: Chipp brown grenadine   PS: Blue dot silk (unknown maker) Shoes: Bruno Magli  Watch: Orient 
How are the shoulders, structured and roped? 
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