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Another tie brand: Have anyone here ever seen "Ga Ga" ties? I thrifted one the other day. Extremly hefty 7-fold tie...Nice silk, though it makes a gigantic knot even with FIH.    "Ga Ga piazza dei mortiri  NAPOLI" 
Anyone familiar with Richel ties? Hand made in Spain.    Thrifted a big lot of various ties, where two of them were Richel. The silk is really outstanding, and the quality seems quite good too. The designs are not for everyone (think Ferragamo and Hermes), but the silk really blew me away. And they go for next to nothing on Ebay too. 
Here's a nut for the label geeks. I'm completely lost in this one:    Found inside a Patrick Hellmann Collection suit. Probably made in Italy.  And what does "Made in UE IVA PT" mean? I know UE means EU in Italian, and IVA means VAT.      From another similar suit  
Have you tried 44S ?    I've been helping a friend that has the exact same stats, and 44S seems to work perfectly with most brands. Maybe even Regular, if the suit has a modern (i.e short) cut. 
 Caruso.  The RLPL timeline looks roughly like this (for suits and sport coats)  1994 - Early 00s = Chester Barrie Early 00s to around 2008 = St. Andrews (Suits and sport coats) and Cantarelli (Some sport coats) 2008 - Today = Caruso  With that said, I've heard that RLPL went back to SA this or last year. 
It's hard to tell what line those suits are. If they're made in Italy, it could be by Lardini. I know some of their stuff is made in Mauritius too.    Their Caruso (and previously SA) retails around £1500-£2200. I think they have one line that's even higher up, Made in England (Not their bespoke  stuff, but RTW. Maybe done in house too?) 
I have two Made in Italy suits by Gieves and Hawkes, one is made by St. Andrews, the other by Caruso. Both are excellent suits. Almost identical to my RLPL suits made by both makers...the SA made G&H actually has more handwork than my SA made RLPL. 
 It's made by Caruso. Caruso made RLPL does not have the caruso tag inside, whereas St. Andrews and Cantarelli included their tags.  As for Burberry, some have been made by Belvest. But again, the only one's I've seen have had the make tag.  
It's just too short and the button-stance is too high. You look like you're wearing a Short suit. 
A bit lighter than normal four season fabric. Probably wouldn't wear it for the coldest months though.    Same weight as my Brioni in S150's, and Attolini in S160's, and Kiton in S180's, and as far as I know, all of those were sold as regular 4-season weight suits. 
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