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The 1220 line/cut looks excellent. Really nice and flattering cut, though not very American looking. It looks very similar to typical Italian suits like Attolini, La Vera Sartoria Napoletana, Isaia, etc.  Although the 1220 line is cheaper and somewhat "lower" quality (still very good), I'm sure they can do some MTM suit based on that cut, which will be at the highest quality.  
Zegna Torino cut is great. Like the Rome, but much slimmer all over.  Caruso usually offers pretty slim cuts, I have to size up 2 sizes.  RLBL is also pretty slim, but the shoulders are hit or miss. I tried a couple of Polo suits from their new line, and they fit me great. Very RLBLish with very slim trousers, roped shoulders and trimmed waist, but they're only half-canvassed though.  Some Isaia cuts can be very slim. Base G(regory) is one of those.  Corneliani Leader...
@HolemanN   I'd go for a 40, maybe even in a Long model. That way you will get a lower button stance, and a bit longer sleeves. The Napoli you posted is too short(just a bit, though), has too short sleeves, and too high button stance. And as mentioned earlier, try the York model too, if you have the chance. 
Hi, sorry for the late answer, just noticed your question now. Any specific pictures you want? I'm selling a pair of BNWT suits form LP, in the same model, there's some pictures of the pants in that thread.    The pleats are more on the modern side, def. not huge and deep pleats that you'll find on lots of older trousers. 
Nice navy peacoat in cotton from Brioni. Half-lined and perfect for the warmer months. -Metal buttons -Single-vent -Slimmer cut  Not much more to say! Shoulders: 18.5" Chest: 21.5" BOC: 30.25"Sleeves: 24.5" 30$ worldwide shipping from Norway.  [[SPOILER]]
Nice staple RLPL suit in dark gray or charcoal, with a very subtle check pattern and an even more subtle blue overcheck. I honestly can't see the blue overcheck, unless I really look for it. It just seems solid IRL.  The suit is used and in nice condition. Two of the pockets are still sewn shut.  The suit is made by Caruso, and is a "Savile Row" model.  Jacket-Two button -Single breasted -Ticket pocket -Double vents -Functional buttons (In a config of two buttons on each...
Tag from inside pocket, plus two buttons from inside jacket.   [[SPOILER]]
Picked up this NWT Brioni Summer/Cotton Pea Coat from some Italian seller. All his other stuff seemed legit, but I have no experience with Brioni outerwear. Can't really find anything that screams fake about it as I go through it. Fit is really good, and the cotton seems pretty good too.  Buttons seems to be horn, with double "Brioni". The outer buttons are metal. Lining is white with the "Brioni".  [[SPOILER]]
Ah, didn't catch that one. Pretty weird choice, as he's been the Tom Ford (Hollywood) poster boy nr. 1 for the past few years. 
As for Neil Patrick Harris    First grey: Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Second black Shawl Collar: Dunhill Third Burgundy/Marron DJ: Valentino Fourth DB peak lapel tux: Zegna Couture Fifth blue velvet DJ: Tom Ford   I loved the Dunhill and Tom Ford. Brunello Cucinelli also looked great. I'd pass on the two others...didn't like the puny lapels.   edit: Bradley Cooper wore Ferragamo  Chris Pratt wore Tom Ford. The shawl collar tux that Pratt wore looked absolutely...
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