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I've been playing for about 13 years now, also had a period where I flipped guitars(side income), so I've probably gone through 500-600 high-end guitars. These days I'm just playing, currently playing a very cheap partscaster strat.    (Kinda ironic...going from 5k-20k boutique and vintage axes, to settling down with a 250$ homebrew. Makes me wonder If I'll ever make a switch from bespoke to JAB suits) 
Can't find the solid Navy Washington suit anymore, did they scrap it?    edit: Can find it on the US site, but not EU
I know Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Zegna and some Ralph Lauren (Garrison models) suits have good roping in their shoulder structure. Anyone else? I really like that look.  
No Allen Edmonds, or other shoes with typical blobby lasts. I usually wear Allen Edmonds strands in 10D, but those are a bit too narrow for me.    I want something classic and sharp/slick looking, tired of the shapeless and blobby AE lasts.  Shoes will probably only be worn 1-4 times a month, so quality is not a huge issue for me.    edit: Price range got screwed up, I meant 200$-300$
-Unvented  -Strong and wide shoulders  -Deep pleats  -Low button-stance  -Older EZ tag    I'd estimate it to be from the 90s. Mid to late 90s.
Two staple black tuxedos for sale. The Adriano Fracassi turned out to be a bit too small for me, and the Corneliani a bit too long. Shipping from Norway is 20$, insured and with tracking. NWT 38R Caruso for Adriano Fracassi349$ Coat:-Full canvass construction-Soft shoulders -Single button-Peak lapels-Unvented-Slit pocket Trousers:-Single pleat-Split waistband MeasurementsCoat:P2P(Laid flat, not stretched) = 21"Shoulders =17.5"Length back BOC = 30"Sleeve = 25.5"Across...
  Found out that one can retract the bid via going to site map -> buying resources -> bid retractions  Apparently one can retract bids there, if there's been a price typo or some other stuff...had to put in my intended bid though. 
was bidding on this ebay auction just now, and accidentally punched an extra zero(6000 instead of 600). Now it's already way higher than I intended to bid, and there's only 3 hours left...What's the best way to get out of this? Obviously I'm going to automatically overbid anyone from now, since unless someone bids over 6k.    edit: nvm, found out.
How does one differentiate between the modern dandies and I-Gents? 
So I've gathered that they have at least one line, called "Sartorial" that's made in China, but supposedly has some pretty nice handwork and construction. Full-canvass, handmade buttonholes, horn buttons, etc.    Are there anyone here that are well schooled on the M&S suits? When did they start with this, are there any other lines/models like the Sartorial?    I've noticed that they can go pretty cheap on sales, and even cheaper on Ebay.
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