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Here's what I've found    "Sand" = Isaia  "Ermenegildo Zegna cloth" = Joseph Abboud  "Napoli", "Nordic" = Jack Victor    And a couple of other I haven't identified yet. You have to look at the make label, and search around 'til you find a match. 
Can it work? Any good examples? I'm thinking about a navy suit with stripes...two different alternating colors on the stripes. Which colors would look best in your opinion?   edit: Not for business wear, that is. (at least for my part)  
Picked up the suit for 300$, brand new with tags and with bastings still intact. 
What kind of shoulder construction do you like on your coats and suits?    this goes especially for you guys that work out/lift. Traps tend to get more prominent and amplify the sloping. 
Even though most SF'ers hate it, I can gladly use a charcoal suit with a black shirt in more casual settings...even though I prefer white and blue. Some people may live 100% by classic and conservative color combinations, but I don't. 
What kind of styling and fit are you looking for?   Sleeves and lower back/mid section could be fixed, looks decent otherwise. Only people that would notice are those that really care about suiting, and they're a really tiny bracket in the real world...if that's something that would bother you. 
Also, I remember back when I was getting confirmed that EVERYONE wanted black suits. All but me had cheap and generic black suits...grandpa refused to buy me a black suit, as he said to me, "You're not going to a funeral". They ended up buying me a (now) nice tweed or light flannel suit...I was absolutely devastated, in fear of standing out like a sore thumb among all the cool kids with their awesome black suits.    When the day finally came, I refused to wear it....
Found a christmas picture of me at age 4 or 5, they actually dressed me up in a white double-breasted kids suit, cheesy 80s stuff.     Fist suit I can remember though was some hand-down navy herringbone DB suit, which I used for my confirmation. Actually stood out since every other guy was wearing a black suit.    (Over here in Norway we have a slang called "Confirmation-suit", which describes a far too small and ugly/dated suit, hinting that the person wearing...
I actually like my Oxxford 1220 better than my St. Andrews RLPL suit. As far as handwork, they look much alike. Same goes for Construction and feel...slightly different fabric, but that's it. 1220 is probably the best "American made Italian suit" I've encountered.   I've also tried more standard Oxxford suits, and while being much more conservative, they're excellent. So yeah, Oxxford belongs in the highest bracket. 
Thanks for answers, looks great. Picked up this brand new solid Charcoal for a pretty reasonable price.  
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