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Belvest DB   Sleeves 0.5" too long short, but other than that, I'm enjoying it. Best 120 bucks I've spent, for a brand new suit.   
Hello,    I don't have any chances to try out our buy barba shirts locally, so I'll have to use online stores...but I noticed that the measurements seem kinda small for the various sizes.    I'm normally 40 and 41 in shirts like Eton, Eterna, etc. In Corneliani (Slim fit) I'm a 16.5 / 42, if anyone have tried either, or can relate to the sizes.    Do the Barba shirts tend to run very slim? Do you have to size up, and if so, how many sizes? 
Out of curiosity...When you say boxy fit, exactly where do you mean? Waist?  30 bucks at any tailor will fix that. 
Get everything for the asking price.  1. Bespoke Loro Piana suit in a cool blue/gray nailhead pattern. Probably 15 years old, so I'm not sure who made suits for Loro Piana back then, but it's very high quality. Size is roughly 40R...3-roll-2, slim-ish pleated pants. 2. Dark Gray Ermenegildo Zegna suit. Size 38R, but more like a 40R. Older tag, but not sure exactly how old it is. Two button, pleated pants. 3. Solid Navy Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece, originally a 42L, but...
Getting my first real DB suit soon, looking forward to see how it plays out. (Charcoal Belvest) 
When I first started buying neckties I went completely berserk over those $1-$2 silk ties you can find on Ebay (which BTW are fake "Armani", "Hugo Boss," "Zegna", etc.). I think I bought over 100, as shipping was free.   They turned out to be complete and utter garbage, and would last one or two wears before they fell apart.  I ended up giving away two plastic bags of those to the local goodwill...bad move, as they suddenly started selling them as genuine Armani with...
From 2014, but not sure which model it was. It was shorter and slimmer, and with very soft shoulders. Not the Kei line, but normal Canali line (with the new/recent tag) 
The 1220 line/cut looks excellent. Really nice and flattering cut, though not very American looking. It looks very similar to typical Italian suits like Attolini, La Vera Sartoria Napoletana, Isaia, etc.  Although the 1220 line is cheaper and somewhat "lower" quality (still very good), I'm sure they can do some MTM suit based on that cut, which will be at the highest quality.  
Zegna Torino cut is great. Like the Rome, but much slimmer all over.  Caruso usually offers pretty slim cuts, I have to size up 2 sizes.  RLBL is also pretty slim, but the shoulders are hit or miss. I tried a couple of Polo suits from their new line, and they fit me great. Very RLBLish with very slim trousers, roped shoulders and trimmed waist, but they're only half-canvassed though.  Some Isaia cuts can be very slim. Base G(regory) is one of those.  Corneliani Leader...
@HolemanN   I'd go for a 40, maybe even in a Long model. That way you will get a lower button stance, and a bit longer sleeves. The Napoli you posted is too short(just a bit, though), has too short sleeves, and too high button stance. And as mentioned earlier, try the York model too, if you have the chance. 
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