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Watched "Thief" From 1981 staring James Caan, noticed Giorgio Armani was credited as Costume designer.   But any way, as mentioned in the thread, it was the relaxed/drapy look he brought back. 
Love the ivory linen jacket/suit with peak lapels, tuxedo and some of the shirts.    Looks more like a Ralph Lauren collection than Brooks. 
Those ties from the tie bar look decent. Anyone know what their thickness is like?   My only problem with the local "low-end" silk ties is that they're usually very thick, and create some pretty ugly tie knots...hard to get a good looking dimple too. 
How do you like the suit? Any words on how the shoulders are on those? 
I'm currently looking for a bunch of beater ties, that hopefully look decent and are somewhat durable. Which brands and where to buy?  
Could be that they measure from mid of back (and not from shoulder seam), like a lot of companies do when giving shirt measurements. Subtract 10 inches, which will probably give more correct and SF friendly numbers. 
The E.Zegna cloth Saks suits are made by Joseph Abboud. I'm kinda guessing that they're fused, vaguely remember someone here stating that after some testing. Can't comment much on the general construction though...   If it fits great, buy it. That's my opinion.    Most people here will probably tell you to keep lurking and look around for better deals, but to be honest, finding a solid navy suit in normal sizing WITH that styling is not so easy. They're the first...
If they're not totally ruined, I just donate them to the local goodwill.   Though I have to say, I see a lot of big name "rags" on Ebay these days, often with holes and stains at ridiculous prices. Wonder if there's actually anything to make on that kind of stuff. 
Yes I know, was mostly just to point out that it's new ;-) (or NOS/New old stock? Not sure which it is)    Either way, at that price I'm pretty much limited to poly/wool blended fuse suits where I live, so it's better than my other options.
Here's what I've found    "Sand" = Isaia  "Ermenegildo Zegna cloth" = Joseph Abboud  "Napoli", "Nordic" = Jack Victor    And a couple of other I haven't identified yet. You have to look at the make label, and search around 'til you find a match. 
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