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Do anyone here know how they measure the suits? For example shoulder and chest.   Picture indicates that they measure shoulders by going up by the shoulder seam, across the collar, and down the other shoulder seam. But not straight across, from seam to seam?    Also, chest picture indicates that they've taken a tape around the suit? Not pit to pit, and then doubled.  Customer service didn't help. 
A friend of mine decided (late) to buy some clothes for Christmas, and has to do this within two weeks.  Average sized guy all over (38R-40R, 9-10 shoes)    Already laid down the colors and patterns for him, but what are the best options?  What would you buy? 
Economy isn't the best, and since it's Christmas, people need more cash.   Also, for what it's worth, there's not a whole lot of people that have access to try these out in stores..and with no returns, it's a 400$ gamble.Since they've been up so long, it's potentially a bad gamble too.   It's a buyers market.  
  So I've narrowed it down to two models: London and La Spalla    Obviously they're in a completely different price-range, but that's the two only I can find which match my measurements...the napoli just seems to have too wide shoulders, unless the numbers on their website is wrong. They never answered my email on that question.    What's the opinion on those two models? I know the london has structured shoulders, and the la spalla soft.
Returned suit to seller because he shipped out wrong, USPS says it was delivered 3 days ago...sent him a message 2 days ago, haven't heard a thing from him yet. 3 Days 'til the dispute window closes, what would you do? Send him another message, or fire up a dispute right away to get things rolling?     (fwiw he's a big-ish seller on Ebay with good feedback.) 
So apparently Hugo Boss recently stepped up their game, and have started offering MTM suits which are fully-canvassed- I think they start around 2k$. This is something they haven't done since the days of Baldessarini...   Have anyone seen or been to one of their stores? Any idea on who's making the suits?    (I know there's a lot of hate towards HB here on SF, but like it or not, their cuts do fit some people really well. And with the upgrade in construction, who knows...
suits and two coats for sale. These are from their MTM/Su Misura program, so there's an extra set of trousers with each suit. They are marked 50R EU (40R), and fit such, please read the measurements. Coats:-Single breasted -Working cuffs -Full canvass construction -Super 120s to 150s fabric -4 x Two button, 1 x Three button. Trousers -Single reverse pleat -One is uncuffed, other have 1.5" cuffs. -Lined to knees  All suits are located in Norway, but I'll cover half of...
Does this rule apply for other "non-casual" events where a suit is worn? And is it still used today? 
Do the Napoli models have wider shoulders? I see that a 40R in napoli will be 19", while most other models will be around 18"...better get the measurements double checked.    And, are there any fans of the London model? I kinda like the look of the Solid Navy, but unsure just how stuctured the shoulders are. 
I'm going to buy my GF a watch for Christmas, all I know is that she would like a chrome, non-bling watch. Round, and not too big.    Any ideas? No need for automatic. I have 200$ bucks. 
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