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From my experience: Flashy watch, well tailored suit or blazer, sleek (bit) loafers.    If you look like a banker, many will notice. (Depending on where you live...) 
pictures are thumbnail sized. 
Staple navy suit from E. Zegna in size 38S, could maybe work as a 38R and 40S too. Nice suit, but just too short for me, needs a pressing, but no faults that I can find.  JacketChest p2p: 21" Length BOC: 29.5" Sleeves: 24.5" (I can feel 1.5" folded under, so maybe .75"-1" of usable extra?)Shoulders: 18.5" from seam to seam on back Pants (pleated)Waist: 32" (+2")Inseam: 31" (+2") Suit is located in Norway, but I will cover 20-30$ in shipping.   [[SPOILER]]
RLPL suit in 40L (I'm 6'2")           
Nice Zegna trofeo suit in torino fit for sale. Pretty slim Drop 8 suit, the color is gray / blueish gray, see pictures for texture. Haven't seen many Torino models around here, but it's kinda like a slimmer version of Roma. High armholes, roped shoulders...I love the fit, but I've outgrown this one. I used it 4-5 times. 100% wool, full canvass construction.  Asking 399$ Measurements (used the Askandy guide, done on a flat surface): Coat: Chest P2P: 21"Length BOC:...
Bought this brand new a couple of months ago at a local store, never worn. Had it cuffed, and the waist taken out on the pants with 2" or so... really nice suit, but unfortunately too slim for me now.  100% wool, Full canvass construction, soft shoulders, slimmer trousers. Booklet, repair/extra material, etc. that followed with it is included   Measurements (used the Askandy guide, done on a flat surface): Coat: Chest P2P: 21"Length BOC: 29.25" Sleeves: 25.5" Shoulders:...
Realistically speaking, if a regular S100-S120 "workhorse" suit will last you 100 wears, how many wears could you squeeze out of a suit in S200 (and up)? Assuming it's normal weight and made by a good maker/mill. 
Looking for a pair of darker cap-toe oxfords in darker colors. That is, dark brown, black, burgundy, oxblood, etc.    New or used, I'll pay up to 350$  If you have anything cool, contact me. No suedes, pebles, etc though. Just a pair of staple dress shoes. 
Found this older YSL Rive Gauche suit the other day, and I'm really impressed by the details and hand-work, it's up there with the Zegna Couture stuff I've owned.   BUT...    The suit just doesn't look good on me. Shoulders are way too strong/padded for my physique.  I've heard that TF suits are like that too, so I'm wondering If I should just stay away from everything TF altogether? Just by looking at the TF-era Gucci and YSL, they look incredibly similar to his own...
Napoli seems to be their "staple" line right now, but of course it's the one line I don't fit.    Washington, York/London and Lazio in staple/solid colors and normal worsted wool would be great. 
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