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Import duty is 5%, VAT is 0%  Lots of people seem to mix up ID and VAT.    sauce: http://www.dutycalculator.com/popular-import-items/import-duty-and-taxes-for-shoes/
Thanks.  From time to time, I see some brand new Selection suits in staple colors(solid charcoal, navy) going for 400-500$.    I own two regular HB BL suits, that I paid 200$ for on last minute sale, which I am pleased with. Only gripe is that the lapels can be slim on those, and the shoulders a bit too structured...but the selection suits seems to have more conservative styling, while maintaining the trimmer cuts.    RLBL suits are good, but again, the...
NOT the standard Black label or Hugo label, but the more high-end Selection label. Baldessarini used to make them before, half-canvassed and/or full-canvassed suits(EDIT: HB Baldessarini used to be the top line before, but was phased out by the Selection line). I'm not sure who took over production recently, but this is still their "flagship" models, so I'm guessing they're at least half-canvassed, though not as good as Baldessarini.     I guess they're comparable to...
It's black tie...keep it classic.
Scrolling through the various WAYWN threads, both here and other places, I can't help but to notice that lots and lots of posters are wearing big,hideous(IMO) and shapeless wingtip shoes. Thick soles, very round lasts, big visible welts and overly brogued. In my understanding people just call them gunboats?   Either way, I've almost never seen shoes like that here in Europe, especially not in conservative business settings.    Is it just an North-American thing?
I have a solid navy BBGF, my only grip is that the shoulders are pretty padded/constructed. (compared to my other suits and jackets....RLPL, PRL, etc.) 
Bought on Ebay. Can't remember brand, but it's a wool and mohair mix. Was NWT and retailed for 500$ or something, been packed away since NYE.    Followed with a silk PS, pre-tied bowtie and shirt (not the one in the picture, but it's a normal cotton, hidden placket shirt) Paid 60$...no alterations.   Wish the button stance had been a bit lower, and armholes higher, other than that I'm pleased with it!    
Light gray POW trousers could look nice with those. Or just plain of course. 
I've been looking through pictures, and can't help but to notice that Black herringbone REALLY looks like charcoal. Problem is I haven't seen many(if any) in person.    Anyone here own one(suit, SC, etc), or seen one and can confirm this? 
Looking for a staple navy suit in 38R or 40R    My requirements:    Shoulders no more than 18"  Sleeves must be 25"  Inseam at least 31"    No pleats  No sacks  No skinny lapel or unusually high button-stance.  No heavily padded shoulders    Half-canvassed or Full canvassed would be preferred.     If it's a more slimmer model, even better.    Let me know what you have, I'm interested :-) Could possibly go higher on budget if it's...
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