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  Found out that one can retract the bid via going to site map -> buying resources -> bid retractions  Apparently one can retract bids there, if there's been a price typo or some other stuff...had to put in my intended bid though. 
was bidding on this ebay auction just now, and accidentally punched an extra zero(6000 instead of 600). Now it's already way higher than I intended to bid, and there's only 3 hours left...What's the best way to get out of this? Obviously I'm going to automatically overbid anyone from now, since unless someone bids over 6k.    edit: nvm, found out.
How does one differentiate between the modern dandies and I-Gents? 
So I've gathered that they have at least one line, called "Sartorial" that's made in China, but supposedly has some pretty nice handwork and construction. Full-canvass, handmade buttonholes, horn buttons, etc.    Are there anyone here that are well schooled on the M&S suits? When did they start with this, are there any other lines/models like the Sartorial?    I've noticed that they can go pretty cheap on sales, and even cheaper on Ebay.
  I have sloping shoulders, and it really depends. I have one Oxxford suit with natural shoulders that sits absolutely beautiful...I also have one Loro Piana suit with more structured shoulders, reminds me off the Steed suits, where the padding is right above the delts...looks really sharp and good.    They look and feel very different, but they both look very good. 
Can the Washington suits be compared to any other brands/collections? I've been looking at one on their website(the plain blue), and it looks pretty damn nice. I noticed that they presented it as one of their slimmest suits, but somehow their measurements lead me to 38R, while their other suits I seem to fit 40R (according to the measurement charts).    Are those charts trustworthy, or should one mail their customer service to double check? 
Polo Ralph Lauren suits have pretty damn soft shoulders.    I've owned one Lardini suit that was totally unstructured and fit like a Cardigan. Also currently own a Prada suit which has extremely soft shoulders 
They're all around 40R, since they're 50R EU
Went through the local classifieds the other day, and stumbled over a whole bunch of Corneliani mainline suits for sale, most pretty recent it seemed like. They all also come with two trousers, so I'm thinking they're from their MTM program. I got them very cheap...problem is though , I don't really have the use of that many suits, as my closet is getting full as it already is. (In case the former owner lurks here, THANKS!) Which one of these would you dump and keep,...
 I'm going to disagree with you on this one, and I've used your strategy for the past 3 years now.  1. Staple high-quality suits in normal sizes rarely (if ever) go on very steep sales. If they do, they're only available for a very short time, and in cities with large stores.  2. Shopping suits online is a hit-and-miss game. You need to know your measurements perfectly, you need to have someone to do alterations. No two suits will fit identically...I've tried and bought...
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