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Don't know if it's been posted, but the Loake Rothschild shoes are pretty good looking. Nice chiseled toe. 
New RLPL tag? Hadn't heard of the Hollywood fit before, either.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/PURPLE-LABEL-Ralph-Lauren-Suit-NWT-4995-/201165974039?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item2ed66d2a17  
Bought this Sartorio SC on the 'bay today. What combinations would look good?   
Visited this smaller high-end boutique the other day, and talked a bit with the owner. He used to sell Kiton 10 years ago, but stopped a couple of years later, as he felt that the quality was not "top tier" anymore.    He also noted that makers like Attolini, la vera sartoria napoletana, etc. offered higher quality stuff these days.    Any Kiton owners that have noticed a significant drop in quality? 
Looking for a recent Zegna mainline tux in 40R. Fit Mila or Rome.  Peak lapels  1 button  No vent or double vented    Send me a PM if you have one you're selling. 
What are the rules here? Let's say you're wearing a shirt, maybe tie, sport coat or blazer, and a sweater(V or crew neck) or odd vest.    Also, is it acceptable when wearing a full suit, during the coldest months? (Business)  
And the morale of the story is: Don't order online if you need something the next day, especially not a couple of minutes before deadline. 
Found some Canali products on sale (Suits, Sport coats, shirts, ties, etc.) on 70%, so about 300 bucks for sport coats, and 450 for suits...good price? Or can they be had even cheaper?    It was the new line, with new logo. Sport coats where normal label, and some Canali Kei stuff. 
Here's some nice reading info on the Peak Lapel.    http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/academy/variations-on-the-peak-lapel/
Blue striped suit  Light blue shirt  Blue tie  White PS (couldn't find my blue dotted)  Black shoes    Pretty blue all over. Terrible indoor lightning     
New Posts  All Forums: