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It fits alright. The one I hoped to get was 50 Drop 8, this is Drop 6. I'll probably have to flip it here for a loss, and pick up a suitsupply tux. Thought I'd be in good time for the season this year, but obviously things can go wrong.    Where the hell do those guys pick up these pieces to begin with? He's selling brand new Belvest suits for 160-200 Euro. Some look really good, some look terrible. He's also flipping some Canali, Corneliani and Armani stuff from time to...
God damnit, I'm having some serious problems with an Ebay seller. FWIW, it's one of those Italian Ebay shops that are selling hundreds of Belvest items...   But here it goes:    On Sep 22 I bought a plain single-breasted, one button Belvest tuxedo in 50.  3 weeks later I receive a striped on, in short. Wrong tux...If I return it, he'll send out the correct one. So I spend 50$ on shipping, and send it back.   After lots of mailing, he then sends out the "correct"...
Selling a pair of incredibly staple Vass shoes. I picked them up here two months ago, but have only tried them on for one hour at home, on a floor with carpets. They're just too narrow for my feet.    Comes with a pair of shoe trees and shoe bags.    They were BNIB when I bought them, and and had a small imperfection on the right shoe. Unnoticable, but I'll take a pic later...can't find anything else. As I said, I've only worn/tried them on carpet for one...
measurements added. 
It'd be easier to make a list over allowed/acceptable items    -Plain black oxxfords  -White or light blue shirt. Collar can range from point and up to semi-spread, but nothing more than that. Solid or very subtle stripe pattern. Barrel cuffs, or cuff-links if you're higher in the system. -Single or Double-Breasted suits in Navy, Charcoal or Grey. Solid or pinstriped pattern.  -Full cut trousers with break.  -Socks that match the trousers.  -Darker and subtle...
Awesome. What was the turnaround time?    And did you guys ship them a fitting suit/jacket, or just feed them measurements? Any remakes? 
Just wondering, from your experience, can you customize or request things like:    -Shoulder shape (natural, roped, structure, spalla camicia, etc.)  -Button stance  -Lapel width and shape    I've mailed them about those points, but figured I'd ask you guys too (I'm guessing you've inquired on stuff like that before me). 
Shanghai C&G replied me quite fast with a price list, and a bunch of other pictures.     At those prices, I think I'll give it a try. 
How much for a suit there? Also, how's construction?  Website looks like it's from 1998, and the I can't seem to find a single price list there. 
 This looks as good as any of the online-MTM suits. Nice suit.  Where I live, one will get a 100% Polyester monstrosity for 300$. How are the shoulders on that suit of yours? 
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