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Are there any pictures of the wide peak lapels? 
Haven't read the whole thread, but could anyone post links to some medium-high quality staple ties, in the most essential colors and patterns?    The problem over here in Norway is that silk ties tend to start at 50$, and that's piss poor silk ties that might as well have been poly...and I've yet to find any that dimples nicely (or even dimple at all, in some cases)    3.0-3.5" wide and normal length. price between 0 and 80$ 
KendallAndKendall here on SF, seems like he went on a scamming spree this summer. Luckily I only lost 30 bucks, but some members lost waaay more when buying shoes, I reported him about 1 month ago.    http://www.styleforum.net/u/73413/kendallandkendall   I'm not sure if his account has been hacked, but he basically wanted payment via amazon gift card or WU (I know, should have been a red flag from the start)...I fell for it because I forgot to look at  his feedback,...
I think used clothes are a very difficult area to calculate, mainly because the price variance is very large. You can for example see the same suits routinely go for 150$ and 600$ on ebay, difference is that when they go for 100$ they move very fast, and when they go for 600$ they can be listed for many, many months.   Should the buyer (or seller for that matter) use the high priced, slow selling items as basis for "average market price", or should he take both into...
Would it really be low-balling if you know what the seller paid for the item he's selling?    Sometimes you see various buyers snag up items at one-tenth of their selling price, and still get fired up when someone bids 2-3 times of what they actually paid, scoffing it off as a "ridiculous low-balling".    Not sure if the bidder is low-balling, or the seller is asking too much/greedy.  (This is probably a sore spot for the guys that base their Ebay shops on thrift-shop...
TF was my first thought yes, but the prices are pretty high, and their shoulders tend to run a bit wide and well structured.    After some searching, I found out that Hackett ares selling just what I'm looking for. Any experience with suiting from them ?  
Awesome, sounds like I'll be placing an order not too long from now then.    Which of your available fabrics would look most like this? I'm basically looking for a staple Navy suit, which is a bit more blue than dark...and not too dull. Have enough of dark-dark navy suits.   
I watched "Once upon a time in America" the other day, and man those tuxedos they wore looked good. Without going bespoke or vintage hunting on Ebay and thrift shops, where can one actually find those?    -Generously sized peak lapels (4-4.5" inches it seemed like), with a nice bow/belly to them  -Low-ish button stance  -Low-cut/U-cut vest     Couldn't find any screencaps from the movie, but something like this:   
Ok, thanks. Over here shoes are tax-free, but there's a 25% standard import VAT...plus whatever the shipping company they're using takes for customs work and handling.    What company are they using for shipping? 
Hi, after ordering a and trying the trial suit, what exactly can be modified for your last suit?    Can the button stance be lowered/heightened?  Can one shoulder be made shorter/wider than the other?  Can the back/shoulder section be adjusted for hunching, sloping or squaring of shoulders, collar gap/back bunching.  etc.    Or are there just minor modification made to a new stock suit, like adjusting sleeve length, taking in  waist.   Thanks
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