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This must be a fake, or? Not interested in it, but I've seen it for a long time on the local classified  
brand new Loro Piana suit in EU50L / 49L, made by St. Andrews. Navy blue, with very faint stripes. Looks solid from a few feet away, and various angles.  It's marked long, but could also work as regular(It's same length as my Regular sized Hickey Freeman, Borrelli and RLPL suits...).  First 4 pictures are my, the rest are not, but it's the exact same suit. The first pictures show the color best... Sleeves are undone, and trousers unhemmed.  Jacket: -Loro Piana S130...
You tried on the pants with basketball shorts?    I can't tell if you're a troll or not. 
I'll never understand sellers that feel the need to model clothes that are 10 sizes too large.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samuelsohn-Mens-suit-Grey-Lavender-100-wool-thin-rope-stripe-2-button-US-48XL-/291177356846?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item43cb85de2e  
Started watching this show called "Halt and Catch Fire", where one of the main characters seems to only wear tab collar shirts (set in the early 80s...), but I also remember Daniel Craig sporting tab collar shirts. Too dated looking, or just fine? What about collar pins?   [[SPOILER]]
Solid and shiny black satin tie = no  Most else textures, weaves and patterns = sure    I've seen some pretty good navy suit/white shirt/black grenadine or knit tie combos.    Also depends on the navy/black contrast. Is it "True" navy that is almost black, or a brighter shade? A light blue shirt could also make that combo more interesting.    edit: A couple of pics.   
Napoli shoulders and chest look better, but the London has a nicer button-stance and length.   Either way, I'd try a Long model. Sleeves are too short(seems like you need 1.25"-1.5" longer sleeves), and jackets are also on the shorter side.    I think a 40L Napoli would look nice. The buttoning-stance will probably be a bit lower, sleeves and length will be much better. 
I see RLPL are selling RTW suits/SC again. Thought they phased that out a couple of years ago, for MTM only.  But...almost 5k$ for a Sportcoat? 
Could be that it's been dry-cleaned and pressed to death. 
Suits, Sport Coats, Trousers, etc.    What are the cuts like for their suits and coats?  I know that they're made by St Andrews(or at least were), so quality wise they should be good.    I know they have a shop in London where they sell all above, but then again, I won't be traveling to London anytime soon. Kinda hard to find much info on their RTW stuff, as the data is drowned by other stuff made with LP cloth. 
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