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I have to admit, I have little to no knowledge on the subject of buttonholes. Mostly because I don't really care, as they're pretty tiny and obscure details in the big picture.    But over here people seem to have a fetish for handsewn buttonholes, and the various styles.   So, to start with: Can someone post pictures, and maybe point out the differences between handsewn and machine sewn buttonholes? 
Only have experience with Rive Gauche, which are/were made by Zegna. The ones I had were fantastic, really nice fabric, LOTS of handwork. Designed by Tom Ford, but not sure how they hold up against his own brand. I've read people say Rice Gauche are up there with Zegna Couture, but I've never owned anything from the later, so I don't know.    But with that said, the cuts were not for everyone. Strong shoulders, lots of waist suppression, tight and almsot bootcut...
Wear an unlined linen summer suit(In conservative colors) on your way to work, with your wool work suit in a garment bag.  Change to your work suit in the toilet/stall.  Keep your summer suit in the garment bag, tucked under your desk.   Should be pretty easy and painless?  
Well, regarding the stained suit I bought on the 'bay: Seller says that lining is indeed bad, but he can't see the exterior stain (hard to get on picture). He also says he stated no-returns in the description, although I can't find that.    He then says he doesn't have money to refund, even though I offered to pay for return shipping.     This should be an open-and-shut shut case for me, right? 
For me it's Ralph Lauren Purple Label, although their collections can sometimes look a bit archaic, even costume like...
Bought a light gray suit on Ebay, and it arrived with piss-yellow stains all over the crotch on inside, and a good 2" x 2" sized yellow stain on the outside. Other than that the buttonhole on front was pretty beat up.    None of this was mentioned in the auction, what would you do? The auction states that the suit was recently cleaned, so I'm thinking that the stain probably won't come off. It's very visible, and I can only assume the worst on where it came...
I'm completely unfamiliar with Canali, other than their "Kei" line.    How are the shoulders on recent Canali suits? They seem to offer a good line of staple business suits, but unfortunately not available here where I live.    (I've read that they're pretty built up and padded, but those threads/posts are 5-10 years old.)
Chesterfield suit? (I know Chesterfield coats have that same contrast) 
PM me if you're interested in throwing away more cash on "distressed" stuff. My old Prada clubbing suit is genuinely beat to shit, none of that relic/pre-aged BS. 
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